36 Inch Sterling Silver Chain

Top-Notch Quality

Italy has always been a step ahead with their silverworks, owing to their specialized, secret methods in designing beautiful pieces of silver that are unique compared to the rest of the world.

The Italian government has complemented this by requiring all silver jewelry pieces made in Italy to meet specific standards and then have an approved hallmark of fine silver. Our sterling silver chain collection is all Italian-made, and this makes our pieces reliable due to them having been under strict quality control. 

Silver chains are so versatile, designed to be worn every day. Therefore, invest in a piece from our collection, with various and adjustable lengths available to choose from, from chains at 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, and 30 inches to plunging 36-inch Sterling Silver Chains. 

Tarnish Resistant 

All our chains are premium quality, solid sterling silver, and to give further protection, we’ve overlaid them with Rhodium. This overlay enhances the silver, giving a richer metallic finish and protecting it from the tarnish that you get with silver jewelry used for a while. 

We’ve ensured that you can continue wearing your 36-inch sterling silver chain for years to come without the need to worry about wear and tear. 

Sensitive Skin

For a piece of jewelry that’s designed to be worn every day, we’ve ensured that it’s comfortable to all wearers, including those with sensitive skin. 

With cheaper chains, you tend to feel roughness against the skin. That’s because many cheaper knock-offs are made in factories, where time hasn’t been put into molding the links on the chain with the correct method. This results in a piece that’s itchy on the skin.

Though these knock-offs are sterling silver and cheaper, the quality simply isn’t there, and when compared to the premium silver chains offered at Roma, you’ll see for yourself how the look and the feel against the skin are far superior. 

You’re unlikely to want to repeatedly wear a piece of jewelry that leaves your skin irritated, so why bother buying it! All our silver chains are nickel-free, perfect for those with nickel allergies or easily irritated skin. 

Chain Styles 

At Roma, we have the most archetypal Italian sterling silver chain styles for a 36-inch silver chain or any length. 

Choose from the Specchio mirror designs with their delicacy, subtleness, and glittering appeal that make them beautiful even when worn alone. Or choose a Grafetta paperclip design with its contemporary, modernist appeal thanks to its repetitive paperclip-like links - perfect for formal occasions and could be part of your everyday wardrobe. 

Longer Chains 

You might be someone requiring a 36-inch sterling silver chain or a chain that’s suitable to wear at a longer length. Some designs can work better with a longer style. Let us introduce you to the 36-inch sterling silver snake chain, coated in Rhodium, to prevent tarnishing and to retain a brand-new look for years to come. 

The snake chain has a stunning, ultra-modern appeal that, when worn, hangs like a ribbon of silk around the neck. Mimicking smooth snake scales, it’s pretty different from your regular chain. Its subtle nature makes it super versatile across all clothing and all occasions. 

If you’re after something heavier, for a statement look, opt for the 36-inch sterling silver wheat chain. Crafted using a quartet of strands woven together into twisted oval links, it’s exceptionally sturdy (perfect for daily wear), has a wow factor, and is an epitome of Italian craftsmanship at its best.

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No matter what your style, at Roma Designer jewelry, there is a perfect 36-inch sterling silver chain waiting for you. Choose between a range of styles to match your individuality and style, and rest assured that you’re promised an item of lifetime quality and exquisite Italian craftsmanship. 

Each of our pieces is lovingly designed by Italian, Milan-based artisans, so you’re getting the real deal here with guaranteed authenticity. Our chains deliver in their stunning appeal, reliable, lasting quality, and of course, affordability, matching any budget. 


What is an adjustable chain?

An adjustable necklace is a pretty simple concept. Instead of a necklace staying around the same length, adjustable chains let you go from a collar to a matinee length all on the same chain. But for such a simple concept, it's actually pretty revolutionary. Think about it.

How do you adjust an adjustable chain necklace?

All you do is pinch down on the bead the pull the chain though to the desired length. Once the bead is released the necklace length holds right where you left it. 

Is it okay for sterling silver to get wet?

The short answer to this question is yes, you can (if you know it's sterling silver). Water generally does not damage sterling silver.

What is meant by sterling silver?

Sterling silver is an alloy of silver containing 92.5% by weight of silver and 7.5% by weight of other metals, usually copper. The sterling silver standard has a minimum millesimal fineness of 925.

What is 925 sterling silver?

The stamp 925 is used to identify genuine sterling silver jewelry, which contains 92.5% silver. Sterling silver is an alloy, or combination of metal types.


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