8 Pieces of Unique Silver Jewelry to Help You Stand out from the Crowd

8 Pieces of Unique Silver Jewelry to Help You Stand out from the Crowd

How Unique Silver Jewelry Can Help You Stand Out

Are you looking for classy jewelry that's a bit different from what everyone else is wearing? Here are 8 pieces of unique silver jewelry to help you stand out.

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First impressions matter. When people first meet you, they instantly make certain judgments about you, including your status, personality, and even orientation.

Your overall appearance can help form that image. If you want to get noticed, wearing unique silver jewelry can help you.

If it catches people's attention, they'll be likely to pay you compliments and ask questions about it, which means' they'll be more likely to remember you. This can often be a way to start friendships.

In this article, we'll show you eight pieces of jewelry that are like nothing else you've ever seen.

Our Favorite Pieces of Unique Silver Jewelry

These pieces can't be found in just any old store. Add some of these to your outfits for a look that's your own.

1. Mystic Quartz Earrings

Mystic quartz is a stunning gem because it creates colors that no other precious stone can. Its gorgeous, kaleidoscopic appearance has been likened to oil on water.

No matter how you wear it, it's sure to turn heads, but we recommend a pair of sterling silver mystic quartz earrings. They're overlaid with rhodium, which means they have an even richer color.

When these earrings catch the light, they'll reflect shades of green, blue, and pink, changing every time you move. Show them off by wearing them with your hair in an updo, and you're sure to turn heads.

2. An Amber Necklace

Amber is interesting because of its rich history. It takes millions of years just to create one piece of amber, and it's formation has resulted in the discovery of several extinct species.

As well as being fun to learn about, it's also beautiful to look at. That's why it's such a popular gem for unique silver jewelry. One such piece is our tassel style honey amber necklace.

A lot of amber jewelry is rather chunky, but this piece has a more subtle appearance. Three leaf-shaped gems dangle from a delicate silver snake chain, like feathers hanging from a dreamcatcher.

If you really like it, you could even combine it with a pair of matching earrings.

3. A Marcasite Bracelet

Marcasite was Queen Victoria's gemstone of choice when she was in periods of mourning. During her reign, it became popular for elegant silver pieces that could be combined with pearls.

One piece that embodies this combination is our marcasite and mother of pearl flower bracelet.

The UK isn't the only place that marcasite has a history in. It's also been seen in Incan temples, and in ancient Greece, too.

Whether you want to give its admirers a history lesson or not, you can really make a statement with marcasite jewelry.

4. A Laurel Leaf Ring

You can never have enough rings, and our Laurel Leaf ring would make a beautiful addition to any collection.

This delicately-crafted piece consists of a thin band with detailed leaves to decorate your digits. It would make a suitable gift for a nature lover, but anyone can rock it. Layer it up with some other rings for a boho-chic look.

5. A Kaleidoscope Necklace

Our kaleidoscope necklace is made of ancient Roman glass. At 2.5 inches in diameter, it's certainly a statement piece.

The glass used in this necklace is 2000 years old and has been excavated from Israel to be set in fine sterling silver. Pieces like this one are commonly kept as heirlooms.

Add this to your outfit, and you'll be sure to receive lots of compliments. There's no way this pendant can go unnoticed.

6. A Balinese Pendant

Balinese jewelry is like no other type of silver jewelry in the world. It generally doesn't contain gemstones, but it doesn't need to. Its unique style of craftsmanship is intricate, eye-catching, and instantly recognizable.

Bali is home to some of the best silversmiths in the world, so we couldn't go without mentioning some jewelry from this little island. This kind of jewelry is often inspired by Earth and nature, which is part of what makes it so beautiful.

Instead of engraving silver, Balinese jewelers traditionally use techniques like filigree. This involves using beads soldered together with threads of metal to create patterns.

This can be seen in our favorite Balinese piece, which is the David Beck Filigree Pendant. It has filigree detail on the front and back, crafted to imitate the appearance of bamboo.

7. Pearl Earrings

Pearl earrings are a classic, and many say that every woman should own a pair. For that reason, they're not the first thing that springs to mind when you think of unique silver jewelry.

Pearl earrings may not sound unique, but if you pick the right pair, they can be the perfect mixture of vintage class and individuality. Our branched dangle earrings are just that.

Each earring combines two 1-inch pearls with swooping silver curves. From afar, they give the appearance of dewdrops balancing delicately from tree branches. It's a modern take on a classic and can be paired with almost any outfit.

If plain old pearls aren't quite enough for you, you may love these.

8. A Green Amber Leaf Pendant

We've already spoken about how great amber jewelry can be, but the last piece of unique silver jewelry on our list takes the cake. It's a green amber pendant with leaf detail.

It consists of an oval-shaped deep green piece of Baltic amber, set in tiny silver leaves. Together, they hang from a chain with a delicate clasp.

The outer edges of the amber used in this piece are very dark green, but towards the center, there are alluring flickers of lighter shades.

Stay Shining

Once you've decided which gorgeous pieces of jewelry to purchase, you'll have to make sure you take good care it. That way, it will remain just as stunning for years to come.

If you don't follow the proper care instructions, silver jewelry can become dull and dark. Polish it regularly with a special cloth, and if that's not enough, use cleaning solutions.

To learn more about how to keep your pendants, bracelets, and earrings sparkling, see our post on how to clean sterling silver.

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