10 Fun Ways to Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

10 Fun Ways to Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

10 Fun Ways to Style Your Sterling Silver Rings

Silver is timeless, and as such there are many different ways to wear silver jewelry. Here are 10 fun ways to style your sterling silver rings.

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Silver rings have been a jewelry staple for about as long as there has been fashion, and for good reason. Silver jewelry is classic, timeless, and incredibly versatile. Whether you're drawn to giant statement pieces or thin, elegant adornments, silver can carry anything off with style and flair.

But with such versatility, it can be all too easy to find yourself spoiled for choice. Here are 10 fun ways to style your sterling silver rings to start you on the road to finding that perfect signature style.

Make Them Pop with Block Color

An outfit of block colors is a great backdrop to really let your statement silver rings pop.

Black, white, and grey are the obvious shades of choice, each lending your style a classic, universal air while also contrasting amazingly with silver. If bulky rings are your cup of tea, then block shades are your best friend. They keep things understated enough to let your statement ring really shine.

Not that you need to stick to the basics!

Silver also wears beautifully with dark navy or royal blue as well as warm purple or burgundy colors.

Pair with Patterns

Silver jewelry is one of the classics and so is ideal for pairing with shapes and patterns.

When pairing with a bold or complex pattern, it's a good idea to stick to simple jewelry. A classic, dainty silver ring will glitter alongside your statement outfit without overpowering the eye.

Don't Be Afraid to Stack

Stacked rings are a great way to lend your look a funky edge and give you more style versatility for your buck to boot!

You can buy pieces as part of a pre-stacked group but any ring with flat edges can be paired with others of the same ilk. Single stone rings can also be twisted to fit on top of each other for a more chic, hippy air.

Just be sure not to overload one finger with too many statement pieces! Choosing one ring to be the "star" while others play supporting roles is a great way to keep the stack from looking too crowded.

Match to Other Silver Pieces

This one's practically a given. Silver jewelry matches beautifully across an outfit, whether you're pairing earrings with bracelets or rings with a necklace.

Just make sure you don't overcrowd yourself with statement pieces. If your necklace is an eye-catcher, try pairing it with simpler rings and vice versa.

Pair with Leather

Tan leather and suede are both excellent complements to silver jewelry. They're also a great way to lend an otherwise plain outfit a boho air.

Pairing your silver rings with leather cuffs is a brilliant way to contrast both elements. Leather jackets, bags, and belts will also give your silver jewelry the ideal backdrop to really pop.

Mix in Your Gold Pieces

Mixing silver and gold used to be a major no-no but with gold prices edging up and our livable income plummeting down, now's a great time to get your millennial on and flout convention.

Mixing gold rings in with your silver will give your style a devil-may-care attitude. Try stacking both on your middle finger for extra irony.

Don't Stack up Every Finger

Less is more when it comes to rings, particularly thick, complicated, or statement pieces.

One adorned ring per finger is the go-to when styling cocktail pieces. A more casual, daytime affair can afford a little more freedom but it's a good rule of thumb to max out at two on one hand and three on the other.

If you simply must wear more, consider layering with knuckle rings on an already adorned finger. It's a great way to keep your rings balanced and lends the look a modern, boho feel.

Wear Them in Odds and Evens

Following up on our last point, keeping your rings balanced across both hands with an even/odd arrangement is ideal.

If your ring and forefinger on your left hand are adorned, look at styling your thumb, middle, or pinky on the other hand. It also pays to be mindful of the style of rings you have on each. Don't weigh down your right hand with chunky or statement pieces and leave your other with simpler rings.

Pay Attention to Your Nails

An attention-getting ring will naturally draw peoples' eyes to your hands so mind your nails and cuticles are groomed to perfection. A French manicure is a perfect way to give your silver rings an understated yet elegant backdrop to really shine.

That said, don't be afraid to experiment with color! Matching silver rings with dark nail shades such as deep purple, wine, or navy is a great way to anchor a silver knuckle ring.

If you want to really stand out, matching a statement ring to an accented ring finger manicure is a great choice. Just remember not to overreach with your colors. Shades of white, grey, and black are ideal for accent/statement pairs.

Mind Your Bag

With silver rings, it's essential to keep in mind how your hands rest or what you'll be holding.

If you're styling for an evening affair, it pays to take note of the color and style of your evening clutch. The most beautiful rings in the world will still look garish next to a luminous yellow clutch.

Casual bags and purses are likely to be in your hand less but still warrant attention. Try pairing your silver rings with a light tan leather bag and purse for a casual but fresh effect.

Experiment with your Silver Rings

Good jewelry styling is an artform, but don't let the rules of fashion tie you down too rigidly. Rules are made to be broken, after all. Carrying your own style with confidence and poise is often worth 10 black and white, how-to style guides.

Silver rings are timeless, so use them to your advantage. After all, if you can't experiment with silver, what can you experiment with?

Looking for more ideas on styling your jewelry? Here's a guide to mixing and matching your jewelry.

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