How to Complete an Outfit With the Right Statement Jewelry

How to Complete an Outfit With the Right Statement Jewelry

How to Complete an Outfit With Statement Jewelry

The right statement jewelry can really punch up your style. Use this guide to help you find the right accessories for every outfit. You don't want to miss this!

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Statement jewelry can make, break, or transform an outfit.

While the garments you choose to wear are, of course, important, using eye-catching accessories can give an outfit additional flourishes that will surely turn heads.

In fact, some statement jewelry is so worthy on its own that outfits can be designed around them. You can wear deliberately toned down clothing in order to accentuate the jewelry.

These accessories can be used to inject color, a special finishing touch, and to even bring out your own natural features, such as your eyes.

Here are some ways to take regular and fancier outfits and to make them truly stunning with statement jewelry.

From Top to Bottom

The beauty in using statement jewelry for your look is that you can be as experimental and as edgy with it as you want.

It's very on-trend to wear not just one necklace but two. Just because a necklace is your "statement piece" doesn't mean you can't have more than just the one on at the same time.

Wearing two statement necklaces of the same or contrasting colors can be a fabulous way of brightening up, say, a black or white dress.

Try a top necklace and a bottom one so that they add layers to the outfit and draw the eye to more than one area of the ensemble.

This can accentuate your natural coloring, compliment your make-up or simply draw attention to a physical feature you think is an asset (such as a lithe neck).

Chunky Statement Jewelry

Typically, statement jewelry will be bold, larger, and louder. Not always, but generally this is the way.

Chunkier items of statement jewelry are eye-catching and make a major impression. They say "look at me". If your outfit is plain or louder, adding larger necklaces or bracelets in interesting shapes or with unique details give them that extra edge. So chic!

Big and bold doesn't have to mean gaudy. Larger items can be so dramatically stylish. Think of the film stars that drip with heavy diamonds at prestigious award ceremonies. Large statement brooches and earrings are also effective.

Or why not add all of the above to one simple demure dress. This way, it's your accessories that are doing all the talking (and they're saying, "You're fabulous").

Ocean Inspired

When we think of the ocean, we think of striking aqua, deep sapphire, and even unique shades of green. But what about the other colors of the sea? All the warm tones of coral, the milky luster of pearls, and all the vibrant hues of seashells. These are all striking ocean-inspired statement jewelry that will give any outfit a burst of color.

Choose pieces such as a red coral single strand necklace or a red coral ball and sterling silver necklace.

Coral 2-bead drop earrings with crystal detailing, coral multi-strand dangle earrings, or red stacked oval earrings will add sparkle and bold flair to your look.

Match a red coral teardrop pendant with sterling filigree to a pair of teardrop earrings in the same shade with identical details for an elegant set.

For a bracelet, try wearing a round coral Bali byzantine bangle or use an abalone reversible bracelet to shake up your look mid-way through the night.

The great thing about such statement jewelry items is that they look great with white, black, grey or even more elaborate shimmering silver or blue outfits in silk or sequin.

Heavy Metal

Don't just think about the color of your statement jewelry; think about texture.

Most jewelry is metallic, so be sure to turn heads with the type of metals you use.

Pick one style - gold, bronze, rose gold, silver, white gold - and collate several items of statement jewelry to give your look a monochrome impression.

Or, select a different metal for each area of the body. Gold for the neck, bronze for the ears, silver for the fingers and rose gold for the wrists. Envision an all-white dress with a different item of metal at various points on the body.

Why limit yourself to just one?

Sparkly Statements

Adding sparkle to your ensemble doesn't mean you have to break the bank on a vault of diamonds (though we wouldn't hold it against you if you did).

If, however, you want your outfit to be as practical as it is glamorous, it's more than possible to get your hands on items of jewelry that give that beautiful glittering effect for a fraction of the price.

Use purple, turquoise, emerald, and magenta as a basis for the best colors that sparkle and shimmer. Jewel tones such as these draw the eye, compliment any skin tone, and catch the light in a way that shows such depth and beauty. Seek out items that will stand out when they catch the light.

We've all heard the adage, "less is more". Let that single, stunning ring be the star of your ensemble.

Glam and Graphic

Very much on trend, at the moment, for both work and play is a graphic T-shirt paired with statement jewelry.

T-shirts may not scream 'dressy' but they create the perfect foundation piece for a bold ensemble. Seek out an urban print on a plain tee, or a classical design or wording for that sophisticated edge. Then team it with a statement necklace that compliments it.

Play with patterns and colors here. If your tee is a loud black and white design, add a chunky white necklace that will offset the design while complimenting it at the same time.

Don't stop there. Bangles and earrings can be equally as effective when trying to offset a statement tee.

Girl with a Pearl Earring (or Necklace or Bracelet)

One of the most classic and favored examples of statement jewelry is the pearl necklace. This will immediately give an outfit that classic air of sophistication.

Your pearls are the most valuable players in your jewelry box and are no longer limited to formal events. The simplest of ensembles can be tastefully completed with a pearl necklace, or earrings or a bracelet. Or all of the above!

Despite being typically classic in style, pearls can bring a modern touch to your outfit. Experiment with the full spectrum of color shades and many of the unique shapes for a look that is entirely your own and entirely you.

Pearls are a staple of the preppy look, but also injects an element of demure femininity to it. It's also a way of making your look seem smart yet sexy.

Vintage Elegance

Vintage inspired necklaces are sophisticated and neat, often centered around unique shapes and delicate stylings.

Take a little black dress and add statement bracelets or necklaces in a vintage style to achieve that Audrey Hepburn look.

Don't be afraid to go for jewels, sparkling items, or silvers and golds here. These scream that timeless Chanel-like style, and will never look out of place with a little black number.

Whip out that crystal ring you've got tucked away and show this off with this look. Better yet, wear it with gloves for that touch of glamor.

Go Boho

A bohemian-inspired item can give your outfit the jaunty look you want, while still being incredibly chic.

For example, choosing a fringed necklace, with its more Native American or "hippie" inspired effect, will totally encapsulate this vibe. Invest in a dream catcher type design to hang from your neck for even more of an elaborate statement.

These may be a little more out there, but they are still incredibly elegant and stylish.

These can be accentuated with additional non-jewelry accessories like boho ankle boots or a floral or patterned skirt or a dress designed with earth tones. Perhaps a fringed suede tan jacket.

Bangles add a lot to this look, and the more of them the better. Go chunky and colorful with these too. This is one style where you can go a little crazy.

Get to Work

Workplace attire doesn't have to be dull and conservative. And even if you have to be a little more rigid at work, statement jewelry is an excellent way to still remain professional but also get inventive.

A pastel item with a grey, black, or white dress or trouser suit can give your look an edge without being too bold and garish, for example.

Definitely try and avoid chunky items and loud colors, if your workplace is more corporate. It's not necessary when your attire is likely to be plainer to start with. This means the statement items don't have to be over the top.

Wear a monochromatic top, pair it up with a blazer and finish off with statement jewelry in colors such as mint, mauve of teal. Classic, understated, but still eye-catching.

Roman Glass Statement Jewelry

Items of Roman glass are extremely eye-catching yet very classic. These pieces include items such as drop earrings, pendants, chokers, and rings.

Roman glass earrings, for example, give an impressive display of the ancient yet striking and are sure to be a conversation piece. StyleS of earrings with Roman glass includes when two pieces of beautiful patina-covered glass are expertly set in decorative sterling silver.

Often 2000 years old, Roman glass is excavated from sites around Israel and brought back to life as heirloom-quality jewelry. These make a statement visually, but also give you a story to tell.

Shape up

A triangular geometrical item such as a necklace or earrings can transform your otherwise basic outfit in an instant.

The clean lines of geometrically shaped jewelry can give your look a sleek style making it modern and minimalist at the same time.

Squares, rectangles and circles look particularly stunning when draped around a neck or dripping from one's earlobes.

More obscure shapes, such as oblongs and hexagons, make things even more interesting when it comes to injecting something fresh to an ensemble.

A diamond-shaped choker is especially head turning, perhaps with a plunging neckline and a sleek evening gown.

Think about how to use shapes in your look. Can you source shaped jewels and stones, in various effects and colors? Or perhaps go for metallic items, such as sharp, harsher triangular silver earrings or a rose gold criss/cross bracelet.

Revamp Your Last Season Looks

You're bound to own old clothes, but before you throw them out think about whether they can be modernized in some way, with statement jewelry perhaps.

Things come back into fashion remember, and adding a trendy eye-catching statement necklace to revamp your older items could be just the ticket.

Statement items might be the ideal items to offset the fact that a sweater or top is a little out-dated. And adding such accessories might transform them from just "old" to "vintage".

Matching contemporary and trendy items will automatically bring your clothes into 2018.

Collared Shirts and Statement Necklaces

Classic dressy collared shirts are ideal for statement necklaces as they allow you a canvas of space to inject something bold into.

You can easily give depth or length to your open neckline by adding a bold statement necklace. For instance, select a V-neck and add further depth to it by adding a longer statement necklace which will stand out against your complexion.

Or, if you have a sweetheart neckline or an off the shoulder top, it's better to focus on shorter and chunkier items of jewelry.

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