6 Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid in 2019

6 Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid in 2019

6 Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid in 2019

2019 is the year to buck traditional engagement ring styles and focus on something new. Here are 6 engagement ring styles to avoid in 2019.

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Can you hear wedding bells this year?

If you're planning an engagement in 2019, you may already be checking out potential sparklers. But looking for engagement rings can be a tricky business.

You need to think about the cut, color, and style. And you need to find something your fiancé is going to love. On top of it all, you have to take into consideration what's hot and what's not!

Phew...sounds like a lot of hard work!

But don't panic, according to research, 16% of proposals occur in December. So you have a few months left to plan the perfect proposal.

Read on to find out which engagement rings to avoid and which engagement ring styles are all the rage this year. We've done all the research so you don't have too.

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Engagement Ring Styles to Avoid

Trends come and go. What was fashionable a few years ago may be a total taboo now. The best thing you can do is find something classic that will stand the test of time.

Check out these 6 engagement rings to avoid in 2019.

1. Traditional Rocks Are Out

Princess cuts and Marquise cuts have been extremely popular since the 1990s. Trends have come and gone, but these cuts have managed to stick around. But in 2019 they've lost the top spot.

Surprising shapes are rising in popularity in 2019. Ovals, pears, teardrops, shields, half moon or round. Gemstones are coming in all different shapes and sizes.

Just take a look at some celebs for inspiration. For example, fashion-forward Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey Baldwin last year. Instead of a traditional cut, he proposed with an oval-shaped diamond.

Yes, traditionally cut gems and diamonds are now on the "not hot" list. Opt for something out-of-the-box instead.

2. Bye Bye to Split Shanks

Split shanks have added depth and dimension to rings for the past few years. This year sleeker, streamlined silhouettes are trending.

Whereas fancy shanks were all part of the perfect package previously, shoppers are now more interested in the gemstone itself. Minimalist bands with the gemstone as the main feature are more popular this year.

But some brides-to-be are still opting for thicker styles with one band only.

3. One Stone Designs Are Fading

One stone engagement styles for rings is also something losing its luster in 2019. In fact, since Prince Harry proposed to Meghan Markle, one stone designs have almost faded out of existence.

Two or three-stone engagement rings are all the rage. Two stones are twice as nice, after all.

Two-stone engagement rings represent two hearts that come together as one. The eye-catching shape will stand out from the sea of single sparklers.

Three-stone rings represent the couples past, present, and future. Many who opt for three-stone engagement rings choose unique accent gemstones in different shapes and hues too.

If you do decide to choose a one-stone ring, you can get away with it by opting for a fancy shaped diamond or a vivid-hued gemstone.

4. Say Hello to Halo

Another trend that's stepping away from the one-stone style is halo engagement rings.

While some brides-to-be are opting for two or three stone designs. Others are choosing elegant halo engagement rings this year. They look super glamorous and contemporary, yet have a vintage feel to them.

Halo engagement rings feature a large traditional round or cushion shape stone. Around the center stone, there is a halo of accent gems. If the center stone and halo stones are the same gemstones, they can make the center stone appear much larger.

There are even some halo designs that feature fancy cut stones, such as teardrops or ovals.

5. Mundane Metals Are Gone

White gold has been trending for the past 20 years now. And yellow gold seems to come in and out of fashion every decade. But for a wedding engagement in 2019, future-brides are opting for a variety of metals.

Silver, platinum, rose gold, and even wooden rings are making more of a statement than traditional metals ever could.

It's also trendy to use more than one metal to make a statement. Some mix silver and gold, or platinum and rose gold. Using mixed metals can make the stones pop without being overly showy.

6. Diamonds Aren't a Girls Best Friend

If you're not a fan of diamonds, THIS IS YOUR YEAR!

Colorful gemstones are proving to be one of the biggest engagement ring trends of 2019. Princess Diana wowed us with a Sapphire engagement ring many years ago, and Kate Middleton brought the colorful stone back in 2012.

It's taken a few years for the rest to jump on the bandwagon, but rocks of all different shades will be all over 2019.

Peach sapphires, black diamonds, and green emeralds. Blue topaz, purple amethyst, and honey amber hues. And that's only scratching the surface.

J-Lo added flame to the fire when she recently flashed a pink diamond engagement ring. Everyone went crazy for colored stones! While pink diamonds may not be in your budget, brightly colored gemstones most certainly are.

Forget the Fashion

Now you know the engagement rings to avoid in 2019. But what if one of your favorite engagement styles is out of fashion?

Don't worry. Forget engagement ring trends and do what YOU want to do!

You will never have another piece of jewelry that is more personal than your engagement ring. It's not only an accessory, but it's an extension of who you are.

Instead of being too worried about what engagement ring trends are in and what's out, be adventurous, and pick something that YOU will fall in love with. You're the one who will be wearing it for years to come, after all.

Diamonds Aren't Forever!

It's crystal clear to see that diamonds aren't forever, and engagement ring styles have taken a trendy turn in 2019. Simple bands, alternative metals, and vivid fancy stones are the most popular engagement ring trends this year.

If you're looking for engagement rings or just want to treat yourself with something fancy, you've come to the right place. Take a look at our ornate collection of designer rings here.


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