8 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Self-Love Ring

8 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Self-Love Ring

8 Reasons to Treat Yourself to a Self-Love Ring

More women are buying themselves jewelry than ever before, as it shows a strong sense of self-love and independence. Here's why you should buy a self-love ring

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Somewhere along the line, we decided that getting married wasn't necessary. So much so that women with college degrees who marry has fallen by 10%, those with some college by 15%, and no college by a whopping 20%.

Why hunt through the sea of undesirable men when you are a complete package on your own? You've worked hard and now have a great career, so now it's time to start enjoying the fruits of your labor.

One way you can do that is by upgrading your jewelry. Start by celebrating your confident independence with a self-love ring.

Gone are the days of waiting for the right man to propose for you to wear beautiful rings. Here are eight reasons why you should treat yourself to this latest trend.

1. Commit to Yourself

You don't need a man or anyone else to be happy. You only need to love yourself. If couples can signify their love and commitment with a ring, why can't you?

Many women will buy themselves a pinky self-love ring. This is their "pinky promise" to themselves.

Commit to your happiness. Commit to your own truth. Commit to you.

2. Pause to Take Care of You

You're a powerhouse at work, you go out of your way to help friends, you are always there for your family. When do you take time to pamper and treat yourself?

Treat yourself by splurging a little on a self-love ring. Not only will it inspire good feelings when you pick it out, but also every time you look down and see it.

It will be that subtle reminder to check in with yourself. This will help prevent burnout and fatigue so you can keep succeeding into the future.

3. Elegance

Sure, fashion jewelry is fun, but there is a time in your career when it's time to put it to rest. As you move up and develop your personal brand you'll want to elevate your image too.

You aren't shopping at Forever 21 anymore, so why are you still wearing their accessories? It's time to match your jewelry to your outfit and elevate.

4. Diamonds Aren't Only for Engagement Rings

Whoever said diamonds are only meant for engagement rings was dead wrong. Engaged couples don't have dibs on them.

Their timeless simplicity and beauty make them wearable with any outfit you put together. Wear them with your jeans and t-shirt for a polished put together look, or with your suit for a professional look.

Rings are more versatile than earrings or a necklace since you aren't restricted by the style or neckline of what you are wearing.

5. Invest in Yourself

You understand that sometimes you have to spend a bit more for quality. But that spend is well worth it because quality lasts.

Why aren't you applying this to your jewelry? Fashion jewelry is cheaper, but that also means it breaks more easily.

Buying yourself a quality self-love ring and it's a piece you will wear for years. This is investing in your future instead of buying for the moment.

6. Make a Statement

What's the first thing you do when you meet someone? Shake their hand. Why not make a statement with a bold and memorable ring?

It could also be an easy way to break the ice as a conversation starter. Look for a self-love right that has an unusual stone or design work.

These are great for those women with bold personalities. You can make your jewelry speak for you.

Larger rings tend to make a bolder statement. You also don't have to limit yourself to your pinky. Look for a ring that would look great on your pointer finger or even your thumb.

7. Take the Pressure Off

Sure, in today's world the idea of marriage isn't as popular as it once was. Our generation has made it pretty clear that marriage is at the bottom of the priority list.

However, that doesn't stop the older generations from letting us know their feelings. I'm sure we've all been at that family gathering where someone asks us about our love life.

Wear your self-love ring and smile at their antiquated thinking. You can hold your head high and not let their comments have any effect on you.

8. You Deserve It

You work hard, you deserve to treat yourself. Sometimes us women get to tied up in nitpicking ourselves.

Instead of focusing on the positives, we focus on the things that dissatisfy us that we want to improve. There's nothing wrong with wanting to improve, but you also need to acknowledge your accomplishments.

Reward yourself for getting that promotion at work with a ring. Celebrate the fact that you've paid off your student loans, or that you landed that career-making client making.

Self-Love Ring

You don't need to wait for someone else to buy you nice jewelry. Now is the time to upgrade your old fashion jewelry with some nice pieces that will help elevate your personal brand.

A great way to start is by buying a self-love ring. These beautiful rings are a great way to make a statement and treat yourself.

Remember that there are no rules when it comes to buying jewelry for yourself. If you like it, then buy it. That's the great part, you aren't depending and hoping that another person will pick something that matches your taste.

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