10 Silver Jewelry Trends That'll Be Huge This Summer

10 Silver Jewelry Trends That'll Be Huge This Summer

10 Silver Jewelry Trends That'll Be Huge This Summer

Staying up-to-date on the latest fashion trends is very important to any self-proclaimed fashionista. So, what is the latest for silver jewelry? Here's what's going to be popular this summer.

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After a small downward trend, the jewelry business is seeing a lot of demand again. Gold will always be a classic look but it seems that silver is taking the spotlight now. 

Interest in silver jewelry first started trending in Thailand. It's found its way across the world and is now one of 2020's hottest summer jewelry trends.

Silver is versatile and an affordable upgrade for those looking to make their wardrobes look a little more luxurious. Here are 10 must-have pieces to stay looking fabulous in 2020

1. Statement Hoops

It's time to leave little hoops behind. Dainty loops that stick close to the earlobe are cute but BOLD is in, right now. 

Find a pair of silver hoop earrings that are larger than usual, or even an irregular, bulkier shape, to frame your face. Hoops with tiny accents, like a drop pearl or gem posts, are a great way to elevate a simple design.

Your sweet summer dress needs a pair of statement hoops to add punch and pizazz. You can even bring your statement hoops out to play with your bathing suit, too.

2. Stacked Rings

When you find something that looks beautiful, why stop at one? Layer your rings for a unique mix-and-match style.

Giant, bulky cocktail rings take up too much fashion real estate. Stack several delicate rings together to create a look that's all you.

The best part is you can add as much or as little as you like. Use gems or textured surfaces to add variety.

3. Sculpted Shells


Summer is the best time to let your inner mermaid out. That's why having shell jewelry pieces is one of the biggest summer trends you need to try.

There are many ways to go with seashells. You can go classic, with a simple bracelet made out of tiny silver shells, or cute, with a seashell ring that opens and closes.

Incorporate real shells or even pearls for an elegant, eye-catching piece. A simple shell and pearl pendant necklace is the perfect summer accessory.

4. Enamel Accents

Silver on its own is absolutely beautiful. To add an artistic edge, find pieces that have enamel accents on them.

Enamel and silver are a perfect pair. Neutral silver allows enamel's bright colors to shine and stand out.

You can stick with one solid color, like a turquoise enamel and silver ring. Or, can get very colorful, stacking bangles with multicolored enamel inlays.

5. Statement Silver

Silver can be sleek and smooth. Adding texture, carvings, and intricate link work creates a statement piece that won't be ignored.

Statement silver pieces are showing up on runways and fashion spreads. When wearing one, make it the focus of your look and keep everything else subtle and subdued.

A collar necklace with multiple links and charms, sculpted earrings, layered necklaces, and more are all great places to start. This jewelry trend can't be ignored and will heat up any summer night outfit.

6. Bold Brooches

Remember digging through grandma's old jewelry and finding her collection of old brooches? Now in fashion, brooches are back in a big way.

These aren't your sweet granny's delicate pieces. These are punchy, sometimes abstract and artistic, always eye-catching.

A brooch can take an ordinary outfit and add that "certain something". Plus, you can put them on anything -- think summer straw purses, light scarves, and more.

Silver brooches allow the added details to shine. You'll want to add brooches with bright enamel flowers, irregular pearls, and asymmetrical shapes to every outfit in your closet.

7. Mix and Match Bracelets

Adding a big stack of bangles to your wrist is pretty much a go-to look for summer. There's just something fun about them, and they add sparkle to even the plainest tank top.

Don't stack just one kind of bracelet. Look for enameling, beading, and textures to bring a chic yet wild style to your summer outfits.

Silver shines best when it comes to bracelet stacking. It goes with every outfit and skin tone and adds flash in between the bright beading.

8. Link Up

Don't break these chains! Links of all kinds are showing up everywhere.

Chains are always classic and can go beyond summer. They look great on your wrist, around your neck, and dangling from your ears.

You can go as delicate or as thick with the links as you like. Plus they work well with other pieces and are perfect for layering.

9. Silver Coins

Silver was once used as currency. Once again, silver coins have value -- as one of the biggest summer jewelry trends.

Coin jewelry can have authentic-looking replicas. It can also be flat, coin-shaped charms that catch the light.

A single coin pendant necklace is interesting and elegant on its own. Add lots of coins on multiple layered strands and you bring a new layer of flair and style to even a plain T-shirt and jeans.

10. Charming Chokers

Chokers were a staple of 90s fashion. As nostalgia for the era creeps back into our culture, so does this beautiful trendy jewelry piece.

Don't think about the cheap plastic or thin velvet chokers you picked up at the mall back in the day. Today's chokers are updated and elegant.

You can get a delicate link necklace that sits high on your collarbone. You can also find a solid piece of hammered silver that's edgy and unique.

An interesting silver charm sitting in the hollow of your throat is the ultimate choker style. It frames your face and adds a lovely, sophisticated detail.

Silver Jewelry Summer Style

Silver is timeless and classic, yet surprisingly versatile. You'll find many new and interesting ways to wear it this summer if you stick to our list.

Gold had its time in the sun. Summer is the new time to allow silver jewelry to shine.

You'll find that it matches everything in your closet and works with any look you pair it with. It easily transitions from day to night and even looks good at the beach or poolside.

Looking for more beautiful pieces to add to your wardrobe? Upgrade your style today and check out more of our incredible silver pieces.

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