A Husband's Guide to Anniversary Jewelry: What's the Perfect Gift?

A Husband's Guide to Anniversary Jewelry: What's the Perfect Gift?

A Husband's Guide to Anniversary Jewelry: What's the Perfect Gift?

Are you torn as to what you should gift your wife for your upcoming anniversary? Follow our anniversary jewelry guide to ensure you're making the right choice.

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Whether you've been married one year or 50 years, jewelry is almost always a fail-safe gift for your wife. Make sure you pay attention to what she likes to wear to help you pick a piece for your next anniversary. 

Anniversary jewelry can be anything from a ring to a bracelet to a necklace to earrings, depending on what your wife likes. If you want to invest in a piece of jewelry to gift your wife for your next anniversary, use our guide for some ideas. 

Milestone Gifts


An easy way to choose a gift is to go by the anniversary jewelry by year traditions. For milestone anniversaries, which are usually every 5 years, there is an associated stone. 

First Year 

For the first anniversary, gold is the traditional jewelry metal. Gold is believed to represent the preciousness of the first year together. There are lots of options with gold, such as traditional yellow gold, white gold, or even rose gold, depending on her tastes. 

You could go with another band to stack with her engagement ring or wedding band, a necklace, bracelet, or even earrings.

Fifth Year

Sapphires are the traditional gift for the fifth anniversary, to represent the truth and loyalty of your marriage, as sapphires are durable. 

You also aren't stuck with the traditional blue sapphire if you want to get unique with this gift. Sapphires come in yellow, pink, peach, green, and purple. There is truly a color to satisfy any jewelry tastes! 

You can't go wrong with a necklace, pair of earrings, or even a colored sapphire right-hand ring. 

Tenth Year

If you've made it a decade, congratulations! The traditional jewelry gift for 10 years together is diamonds, which represent strength and longevity. 

A diamond eternity band is a customary gift for the 10th anniversary. If you don't want to go with another ring, diamond earrings, bracelets, or necklaces are other options as well. 

Fifteenth Year

Rubies have historically symbolized passion, and for your 15th anniversary, rubies are believed to signify your love. They are also believed to have positive effects on the body, such as preserving physical and mental health. 

Rubies are gorgeous with any metals, including yellow gold, white gold, platinum, or silver. Go with a pair of earrings or ruby pendant to complement the other jewelry you've given her throughout the years.  

Twentieth Year

Celebrate your 20th anniversary with another colored gemstone: the emerald. Emeralds are a stunning green color and you can get paler, light green emeralds or bold, deep green emeralds. 

A stacking-band, bracelet, or emerald stud earrings are sure to be loved by your wife. 

Twenty-Fifth Year

Your 25th anniversary is known as your silver anniversary. From sterling silver to white gold to platinum, there are many different silver anniversary jewelry ideas out there. 

A solid silver eternity band, stackable band, or even an anklet are all unique ways to celebrate your silver anniversary. 

Be sure to check out our collection of sterling silver 25th anniversary gifts.

Thirtieth Year

Pearls signify the 30th anniversary because they take years to form. What better way to celebrate your 30th anniversary than with a gem so precious that it takes years to form inside an oyster. 

A pearl pendant or strand of pearls is always a classy choice. If your wife isn't a pearl necklace fan, pearl earrings are an understated, yet classy way to signify your 30th. 

Thirty-Fifth Year

You have some choices for your 35th anniversary! Jade, coral, or emerald are all options for this milestone anniversary, although emerald tends to be the most popular. 

You could go with a jade or coral pendant necklace or bracelet or keep things traditional with an emerald piece to complement the emerald jewelry from your 20th anniversary.  

Fortieth Year

Another repeat for your 40th anniversary in the ruby. In this case, rubies represent the love and passion inevitable in a marriage that lasts four decades! 

Upgrade that ruby from your 15th anniversary or give her something different with a ruby to complement her previous ruby gift. 

Forty-Fifth Year

The durable sapphire is back for the 45th anniversary. Remember that you don't have to stick with a blue sapphire if you want to get her something more unique. 

Think of her favorite colors and what might complement the jewelry she already has. 

Fiftieth Year

Not surprisingly, your golden jubilee anniversary is signified by gold jewelry. For the 50th anniversary, traditional gifts include the gold of your choice with diamonds or other gemstones inset in a ring, earrings, or bracelet.  

Upgraded Engagement Ring 

If you don't want to stick to the traditional milestone jewelry gifts or are stumped for an idea during a non-milestone year (although we argue that every year that you are married is a milestone), you can always opt to upgrade her engagement ring, add another band to her set, or change the engagement ring setting. 

Maybe your financial situation has changed for the better since you got engaged and you want to get a bigger stone for her ring or maybe she wants to change the setting. Either way, you can upgrade the original engagement ring without changing the essence of it. 

A second (or third or fourth!) wedding band that she can stack with her engagement ring and other wedding band or bands is another unique option. 

You Can't Go Wrong With an Anniversary Jewelry Gift 

These anniversary jewelry options should give you plenty of ideas for decades to come! From rubies to diamonds to emeralds, you can vary the jewelry you give for every milestone anniversary and let your wife amass quite a collection of meaningful jewelry. 

The next time you're shopping for anniversary jewelry, whether it's a milestone year or not, check out our options. We have your traditional styles and new, unique styles that are just coming into popularity. 


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