Bridge Jewelry: The Best Option for Affordable Elegance

Bridge Jewelry: The Best Option for Affordable Elegance

Bridge Jewelry: The Best Option for Affordable Elegance

Affordable elegance and luxury is attainable, but how? Here's why you should be choosing Bridge jewelry in order to achieve your dream of an affordable elegance.

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Every woman deserves to have beautiful jewelry.

Not every woman, however, can justify paying the extreme prices that many out of touch jewelry brands demand for luxury-class jewelry. The truth is that many people simply can't afford the over-the-top price tags that have become the norm for luxury goods. 

But that doesn't mean there isn't a desire to have luxury jewelry and accessories (even if it has to be suppressed due to the pesky reality of budget constraints).

Does this sound familiar? Well then, here's some great news for you! There is a change taking place in the luxury jewelry world as consumers are beginning to seek jewelry that gives them all of the luxury that's typically been reserved for the elite, but at a price point that is common sense and accessible. In other words, buckle up jewelry lovers, because affordable elegance is now within your reach!

In a smart move, a handful of savvy jewelry designers have found a way to begin selling sophisticated pieces with classic finishes at prices that are fair to the designer, the artisans, and the consumers. They are appealing to women who want the fit and finish of high-quality jewelry and precious stones, but realize that today's consumers aren't willing to go broke buying them.

"Bridge jewelry" is jewelry that bridges the gap between cheap, fast-fashion fads and premier lines of 'fine jewelry'. This type of jewelry features glamorous touches. Included are semi-precious stones, and dazzling sterling silver, platinum, rose gold and gold vermeil finishes.

Have you been looking for jewelry that offers affordable luxury?

Then you'll want to take a closer look at this compelling new concept that's poised to change the designer jewelry landscape. 


Building a Bridge for Consumers Who Crave Affordable Elegance

Last year, National Jeweler/Jewelers of America conducted a category-specific survey that studied today's retail jewelry trends. It revealed that bridge jewelry has either held steady or increased among major sellers at a time when there was a push-back against some of the highest-priced jewelry trends.

No wonder the concept of "bridge jewelry" has become such a hit in recent years. It's given consumers the option to have pieces that look and feel expensive but aren't ridiculously over-priced like the designer collections that have been out of reach for most in years past.

Today's buyers are looking for fair and common-sense pricing, rather than overspending for something that won't give them any extra satisfaction long term. But that doesn't mean they want to buy the cheap baubles, either.

These shoppers are looking for something of a middle ground that gives them the best of both worlds.

The entire jewelry retail industry is being affected by the new generation of younger customers. This generation is more likely to disregard the pricing 'rules' set by prior generations.

Bridge jewelry offers anyone who wants to establish their own collection of exquisite pieces the ability to do so - and they can do it knowing that all of the quality and premium touches are there along with the value they receive at checkout.

Jewelers are finding that the category of bridge jewelry is widely appealing to consumers. Consumers have long-desired an attainable alternative to the traditional high-quality, high-cost brands.

It is fulfilling a consumer need that manufacturers have largely ignored until recently. And, it's become clear with the large numbers of sales, that this option has not only opened doors to consumers, but it has helped grow business as well.

Old Rules Don't Apply Today

As younger generations have begun to settle into adulthood, they've begun ditching their old fads. Now, they are seeking out more sophisticated wear.

Younger college grads are taking longer to get established than their elders. No wonder they don't want to add to their often accumulated debts.

You may recall the old engagement ring rule, which DeBeers coined, who owned fine jewelry stores in the 1930s. Back then, the wedding ring retailer popularized the idea that men should spend one month's salary on an engagement ring. But it didn't stop there.

DeBeers was also responsible for the idea that an engagement ring should feature a diamond. This happens to be another dated standard that newlyweds today are rejecting.

Over the years, the "proper amount spent" on the ring grew from one to two month's salary. Then, finally, somewhere after 1980, it topped out with the idea grooms should spend three months' salary on a ring.

But, according to a recent study of bride and grooms in the UK, couples today aren't buying into this idea.

The New Generation of Clientele

Today's marriage hopefuls are spending 20% less than they were ten years ago. The going rate for a ring is now somewhere around $1,000 dollars. Not so many years back, their predecessors were spending closer to $1500 dollars on engagement rings.

Retail experts say that today's generations of consumers have done away with the rule of yesteryear. Although they still are after beauty, they are only willing to pay so much to get it. Both women and men are taking the 'bridge' to a greater selection of reasonably priced merchandise.

Bridge jewelry is setting the pace for attainable, exquisite design options. These options include bracelets, necklaces, and even alternative engagement and wedding rings.

An Investment That Pays Off Now and Later

It may not have occurred to you that buying the jewelry you love can actually be a smart investment in your financial future. But, expert collectors would suggest otherwise.

Whenever you buy a piece for your collection, you are already making an investment in you. But, like stocks and property, making the right selection can serve you down the road as well. Like the value of traditional investments, pieces that serve as defining statements of their era, increase in value over time.

However, unlike many of the other types of investments, the jewelry you buy can be worn for an immediate return on your investment. While your stocks and "paper investments" must be left alone to collect value before their worth is enjoyed, a beautiful collection of jewelry gives you enjoyment as soon as you put it on. And, meanwhile, like your other investments, it begins to accumulate an increased worth the more time that you own it.

An investment in jewelry also frees you from the uncertainty of investing in the stock market.

At the same time, there is a cycle of what and when to expect a payoff on your investments. Generally speaking, investing in this nature is best in the long term.

An Investment Doesn't Have to Cost a Fortune

While many people believe that these purchases should be extravagant to be considered as an investment, that's not always true.

Many of the high-dollar antique collectibles were sold as costume jewelry back in their day, which tended to be on the lower end of the cost scale. But, even costume jewelry from the earlier decades of the century was more likely to last and maintain its unique pizazz than what consumers would consider as "costume" jewelry today.

Today, the cheapest types of so-called "costume" jewelry would rarely be seen as an investment. But, if you go up in value and quality a few notches, elegant and lasting bridge jewelry could very well be a source of profit down the road.

If you are hoping to use your jewelry as an investment, it's ideal to buy piece by piece of a collection, which will add to its overall value if you choose to cash in on your pieces as part of one sum of their parts.

Building Your Personal Brand with Bridge Jewelry

High-quality elegance can enhance your personal brand by providing an extension of your unique taste and flair and by merging with your identity. It's one way that you can showcase your individual shine by choosing bridge jewelry that shows who you are.

Likewise, unflattering or inappropriate choices can carry an opposite effect, dragging down your style and dampening the overall impression you make.

If it's true what some experts say, then 90% of what we communicate is non-verbal. This leads to the presumption that your appearance may matter more than you think. And, it also means that when you want to make the right impression, you should probably think twice about what you are telling people in ways that don't involve words.

Here are some tips for using jewelry as one part of your personal brand:

  • Wear jewelry that makes you feel confident
  • Accessorize using classic pieces with a twist
  • Be true to your fashion style
  • Choose jewelry that is unique
  • Mix up your choices to include fine, costume, and bridge jewelry picks
  • Accessorize everywhere you go
  • Choose a predominant designer whose style you are likely to stick with
  • Look for ways to incorporate your favorite brand into other areas besides fashion (for example, become a representative)
  • Don't choose a designer that is either one of the highest or lowest quality brands in the industry
  • Do choose a bridge jewelry brand that you can build a collection on as your staple style

When deciding on the personal brand that you want to exude, consider aligning your authentic qualities with your fashion style, including the accessories that you wear.

What Kind of Statement Does Your Jewelry Make?

In addition to facilitating your personal brand, the jewelry you wear plays an important part in the statement you make to virtually everyone you meet.

From the grocery store clerk to the CEO of your company, people tend to make decisions about you based on your style and appearance.

Ideally, your most-worn pieces should transition easily from day to night, and among a wide range of events and social circles.

Think about what you might surmise about someone who wears jewelry that is only one extreme category, in either direction, whether it be only fine or costume jewelry.

Imagine that you were to make enough frequent contact so that you might see them in a variety of circumstances and places, ranging from those ranking as elite as black-tie affairs to those as an average and ordinary neighborhood yard sale.

The most exclusive, fine jewelry would perhaps look gaudy in those ranked among the most casual environments. While cheap, synthetic costume jewelry would seem all wrong for the highest-class events. And, baseline assumptions could be made about either's personal statement.

This example supports the argument for creating a statement that can easily transition with you everywhere you might go. Bridge jewelry is the kind of jewelry that does just that.

It is jewelry for every walk of life and occasion. It doesn't boast, nor does it beg to be ignored. It's not cheap, nor does it lack authenticity.

It's the perfect combination of class and practicality. Bridge jewelry helps you to shine where ever you go.

Roma: the Dazzling Standard in Bridge Designer Jewelry

You might be wondering what bridge jewelry looks like. What features define a first-in-class designer from this category?

Roma, "the best-kept secret in the jewelry industry" was built on authentic designs, skilled workmanship, and premium quality. Their collection stands out as one of the leading iconic bridge jewelry brands, likened to the esteemed designs of John Hardy, David Yurman, and Kendra Scott.

This favorited designer line has previously maintained reasonable pricing through a marketing venue exclusive to Costco's warehouse retailer. But now, the brand is making a direct-to-consumer option available for the first time ever.

How do these designers keep their prices low, while producing their high-quality, high-class collection?

They simply eliminate the middleman and therefore, the customer doesn't have to pay any middleman markups. Markups are what generally drive jewelry to be sold at prices that often exceed other products' average pricing guidelines.

But, Roma Designer Jewelry gives customers the option to access their high-standard elegant bridge jewelry collection at never-seen-before low prices.

Their extensive, diverse range of merchandise accommodates the desires of women of all ages, from coast to coast.

Your Designer Jewelry Collection Starts Here

Do you want to build a collection of luxurious, unique designer jewelry?

Have you been looking for an affordable, high-quality brand that will make the right statement at the right price?

Is it time that you made a smart investment in yourself that could also be a wise decision for your financial future?

If you want to build a collection of jewelry that sparkles today and won't fade away over time, you're in the right place.

As we approach a season of new beginnings, bring in the new year with a gift to yourself that's as beautiful and authentic as the one wearing it.

Start your designer jewelry collection with Roma today!

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