Gifting Kids Jewelry: The Dos & Don'ts

Gifting Kids Jewelry: The Dos & Don'ts

Gifting Kids Jewelry: The Dos & Don'ts

Thinking of gifting jewelry to the little one in your life? if so, you probably have questions! Discover the ultimate do's and don'ts for gifting kids jewelry.

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Your son or daughter is coming up on a birthday (or holiday), and they're at an age where you're considering gifting them jewelry. Perhaps it's tradition in your family, or perhaps you'd like to start one.

You might think that jewelry is somewhat old-fashioned, but that is not quite the case. The jewelry industry is still going strong - most jewelry sales have moved online, though.

There are some safe and responsible factors you should consider for such a gift. Jewelry can hold a lot of meaning for adults, but if the kids don't take proper care, there could be heartache for you in the future.

Make sure you are doing the right thing when you give your kids jewelry. Check out the following tips for what you should or shouldn't do about it.

Carry on Family Traditions For Kids Jewelry

In the modern day, adults continue to lament about "the good ol' days." Times are gone where tradition mattered more than the next big technological toy or invention.

You might find yourself wanting to hold onto cherished family heirlooms, some of which may be jewelry. Perhaps your parent or grandparent passed a watch or a necklace down to you as an important heirloom, and you are considering passing it down to your child.

Perhaps the tradition is that at a certain age, you are going to buy your child their own piece of jewelry.

It's important to keep sentimental value alive in this world of digital living and emphasis on materialism. Your child deserves to have an instilled sense of respect for the ancestor(s) who passed down such a treasure all the way to him or her.

If your family values a piece of jewelry, it's encouraged that you pass it down to the next generation. What matters is when and how this is done.

Don't Gift Jewelry to Kids Who Are Still Irresponsible

Though you might be excited to gift your kids jewelry, especially if they are sentimental family heirlooms, you might want to hold off a little bit longer.

Such a valuable part of your family history should be handled with care. If your kids are still struggling with responsibility with other belongings they have, they might need some more time to prove themselves.

Responsibility, though, is a pretty tough lesson to teach. There are some tips and tricks for teaching the value, and it's probably best to get started on some before you pass on a cherished piece of family jewelry - or any jewelry, for that matter.

You definitely don't want to gift them the item while they are still inclined to lose or damage the piece. It deserves to be handled with care.

Do Invest in Sturdy, Long-Lasting Jewelry

Even if your child is especially responsible with his or her belongings, they are still a kid. One clumsy tumble or mistake can damage the jewelry to a mild or even severe extent.

If you want to buy your child a piece of jewelry, make sure that you invest in a brand or style that is sure to last a little bit longer than the cheap kind. This will allow your kid to learn the value of taking care of their personal items.

You might think it makes sense to start out with cheap items so that if they do get damaged you aren't as worried, but this is pointless.

If the child does break that piece and you seem not to care, they will learn to also not care which will prevent them from taking the proper measures to keep jewelry safe.

Don't Splurge on the Price of Kids Jewelry

At the same time, make sure that investment into quality does not break the bank! Kids will still be kids, and if they are actively playing with jewelry on, there is a chance that it will get damaged or lost.

There's no need for you to be out of a large amount of cash in that case. It would be safer to wait until they are even older and more reliable, but you might not quite want to wait such a long time.

Try to find jewelry that is both affordable and sturdy. This might be a difficult balance to find, but one good idea is to search for reputable jewelers who have items of jewelry on clearance.

Do Gift the Jewelry at Life's Milestones

Especially for treasured heirlooms that run through a family's generations, there are certain moments in your child's life that are more meaningful for a gift of jewelry. While birthdays are a great idea to gift your kids jewelry, consider other life milestones as a time for such an occasion.

Milestones happen multiple times, especially during your child's pre-teen and teen years. Consider gifting them jewelry at the graduation from high school or middle school, the night of a dance or prom, or even after a successful sporting event as a reward for their hard work.

If you associate the giving of jewelry with something that matters a lot to them, they will be way more likely to value the item and truly take proper care of it. The significance for them would be higher at these milestones than as a simple holiday present.

Don't Gift Jewelry to Kids Who Won't Appreciate It

Along the lines of only gifting kids jewelry who are responsible, it might be smart to do your best to gauge whether or not your child will really appreciate the gift. This is something that only you as their parent would be able to know.

Consider how rough their playtime usually is, as well as whether or not they care about certain items they already have.

If they're for the most part indifferent about other things you have gifted them, then jewelry might not be the best option as a gift yet. You want to make sure when the time comes, it matters to everyone involved.

We know the value of sentimentality in the modern day, so taking proper care of jewelry is important to us, too. We encourage you to reach out to us today for designer jewelry that is worth a look. You can learn about us here.

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