How to Coordinate a Pearl Bracelet with Your Wardrobe

How to Coordinate a Pearl Bracelet with Your Wardrobe

How to Coordinate a Pearl Bracelet with Your Wardrobe

Pearls can lend a touch of elegance and sophistication to any wardrobe. Click here to learn how to coordinate a pearl bracelet with your outfits.

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Pearls are the most timeless piece of jewelry you could wear. You can almost never go wrong with them. They are class, sophistication, and refinement.

Pearl jewelry goes perfect with simple, tasteful ensembles and adds a touch of elegance to more modern looks.

You may be accustomed to wearing a pearl necklace, earrings, or even pearled clothing. But sometimes all you need is a simple pearl bracelet.

It can transform an every day look into something special. Or add a simple grace to your evening attire.

For whatever the occasion, there are numerous ways to coordinate pearl bracelets with your wardrobe.

Read on for tips and trending styles to wear now.

Pearls That Match Your Skin Tone

There are many types of pearls, each in different colors and sizes.

You can find them in hues of gold, pink, lavender, blue, green, gray and of course white.

Also, they vary in shape from round, or oval to slightly pear-shaped.

Try to wear pearls that compliment your skin tone. They'll stand out and look extra pretty against your skin, hair, and nails.

Single Strand or Layer

There is nothing quite as delicate and charming as a single strand of pearls.

It's a classic look that you can wear to the office or out on a first date.

But also, don't be afraid to layer.

Layering is a great style technique that adds more to a statement.

Take one long strand of pearls and wrap it around your wrist multiple times for a dramatic look. Or you could take different pearl bracelets and stack them together.

Fun a fun twist, experiment with the colors and sizes of the pearls you layer.

Pearl Cuffs

For fancier affairs consider adding a pearl cuff.

This type of pearl bracelet is a stunner.

It usually has four to five rows of pearls affixed together with gold or silver accent pieces or clasps.

More dramatic cuffs will have more rows of pearls.

Pick the look that compliments your style best.

Whether it's a wedding, black-tie affair, or holiday party, a pearl cuff is a breathtaking addition to any ensemble.

The Single Pearl

For simple and eye-catching style, opt for a single pearl on your bracelet.

You can purchase single pearls on a sturdy bangle or a delicate chain.

For everyday wear, these are ideal.

Wear your single pearl bracelet with casual jeans or for a touch of class at work. It's a versatile style that you can dress up or down.

For women who love wearing pearls every day, this may be a favorite look for you.

Texture and Style Combinations

Mixing and matching accessories is a sure way to set your look apart.

You may be surprised to find that pearls mix well with most everything.

They can add a touch of femininity to an edgier look or make an old piece look like new.


Layering pearls is a lovely look, but also try stacking different kinds of bracelets.

Stacking is a huge trend that has been going on for years now. The more diverse the collection and textures on your wrist, the better.

Mix your pearl bracelet with the following:

  • Chunky or braided metal bracelets
  • Beaded bracelets of different colors and patterns
  • Studded leather wrap bracelets
  • Thick gold or silver cuffs
  • Charm bracelets
  • Watches

Pearl Bracelets with Different Clothing Styles

People think pearls are exclusively for fancy occasions.

That is certainly not the case.

Pearls are not that limiting. They can be worn with many different looks. And they stand out when accessorized with an outfit that you may not expect.

Wear pearls with a short sleeve knit top, jeans, and flats. You'll love adding a little something extra to your everyday wear.

Add pearls to your chambray shirt days. Pearls and denim are such a cute combination.

Pearls and plaid also look adorable together. And the pearls pop against a dark color pattern of a plaid top, skirt, or dress.

One of the classiest looks is a white blouse. A pearl bracelet along the cuff of a white blouse is a chic monochromatic look.

And of course, the little black dress. A pearl bracelet with a sexy black dress is the perfect addition to this classic look.

Other Pearled Items

Clothing and other accessories adorned with pearls are very cute paired with a pearl bracelet.

If you have a pearled sweater, add the bracelet.

Pearled purses, flats, and heels also go great with a variety of pearl bracelets. It helps tie the look together in a snap.

Pure Pearls

Although it's fun to mix and match accessories and styles of clothing, there is nothing quite like the look of matching pearls on a woman.


If you have pearl earrings, pair them with a pearl bracelet. Both pieces will stand out and complement each other.

And many pearl earrings today feature gold or silver accents, so you can still have the flair of something shiny when wearing a matching set.


Go for the triple threat and add that pearl necklace.

There are so many variations of pearl necklaces out there: a long strand, chunky, choker, single pearl, or statement pieces with added diamonds or stones.

Any pearl necklace you love when paired with earrings and a bracelet is sure to be a knockout look.

Celebrities especially love this look on the red carpet. It's glamorous, elegant, and sophisticated. And you can pull it off, too.

Find Your Bracelet Style

Whether mixing with different jewelry or accessorizing a favorite outfit, there are many ways to add pearls to your wardrobe.

It's all about finding your favorite design and mixing and matching from there.

With the right pearls, old clothing will feel like new and jewelry that you've worn for years will shine in new ways.

Pearls are classic yet surprising, vintage yet fresh, and they look great on everyone, at any age.

Browse our collection to select pearl bracelets you'll love and wear forever. That, after all, is the essence of a pearl.

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