Roman Glass 7-Piece Patina Necklace in Sterling Setting

Roman Glass 7-Piece Patina Necklace in Sterling Setting



Unique design and ancient history combine in this stunning Roman Glass necklace. Gorgeous ancient glass with 2000 years of patina is on display - expertly set in the highest quality sterling silver. This is a stunning piece and a sure conversation starter. 

Length: 18"

Glass Pieces: 1/2" and 3/4"

Metal: 925 Sterling Silver

Finish: Hand-rubbed oxidation

Glass: 2000-year-old Roman glass with patina

Closure: Lobster Clasp

Origin: Made in Israel

Bringing History to Life

Roman Glass Jewelry is made of 2000-year-old Roman glass that has been excavated from sites around Israel and brought back to life as heirloom-quality jewelry. Each piece is a unique and distinctive treasure. The glass is set by hand in the finest sterling silver. 

Made in Israel.

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