The Most Stylish Ways To Rock Coral Jewelry This Fall and Winter

The Most Stylish Ways To Rock Coral Jewelry This Fall and Winter

How To Rock Coral Jewelry This Fall & Winter

Coral jewelry is not only beautiful, it is also believed to have powerful healing properties. Click here for stylish ways to wear coral jewelry this fall and winter.

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You might be used to seeing coral jewelry on magazine covers during the spring season. This year, we're changing things up a bit.

Coral isn't just a peachy color meant for the warmer months. In fact, the shade finds its roots in a deep red stone known for its healing properties.

Coral is perfect for fall. The rich, warm hue will pair perfectly with your autumnal outfits and dirty chai latte. 

And when you need a pop of red with that little black dress for your Christmas party? Coral is your best friend. 

Ditch the peachy toned spring coral you used to know. Now, make way for the strong, bold coral that holds a candle to stones like moonstone, peridot, and citrine.

Keep reading for some simple tips to make your coral pop this season.

Embrace Peace With Coral

Besides being beautiful, coral also has healing properties.

Simply holding the stone in your palm and feeling its energy can help aid you with its powerful healing properties. So, wearing the stone will help you all day long.

Coral, also known as Sea's Garden, protects from evil influences. According to mythology, it represents Medusa's blood dropped into the sea after her beheading by Perseus.

How's that for a conversation piece?

It also helps with fertility and spiritual awakening. Make sure you're wearing a coral pendant every day if you're trying to get pregnant. Same goes if you're having difficulty connecting to something larger than yourself.

With the holidays around the corner, fall can be a stressful time of year. It's more important now than ever before to invite peace and healing into your every day to get you through this holiday season.

Pair With Turquoise

Layer a coral pendant necklace with moody turquoise. This pairing will bring out your inner bohemian princess.

These colors go just as beautifully with a mustard yellow blouse as they do your favorite little black dress.

Wearing over black will make the colors pop, making a bolder statement. Wearing over another bold, cozy color will scream fall. Plus, it will have you itching for your first Pumpkin Spice Latte of the season.

Don't Be Afraid of Prints

Sometimes, it can feel like too much to go around pairing bold coral jewelry with prints. There's a way to pair the two to keep them stylish and shining independently.

Opt for a larger print. Think bold chevron, not small paisley. Keeping the print large will avoid losing the beauty of the coral to a complex pattern. It will do this while still adding a little zest to your outfit.

Wear With Tights and Leggings

The best part of Fall? Tights and leggings, of course. Statement pieces like coral jewelry can dress up a casual outfit of leggings as pants and an oversized tee.

It can also add a bright twist to an otherwise neutral or brown toned fall outfit.

Think: sweater dress, brown tights, leather booties, and coral jewelry, like a pair of pendant earrings or a coral bangle. The pop of color will keep you from blending in with the falling leaves.

Match Your Hat or Shoes

Sometimes, being too matchy-matchy can feel a little overdone. Matching your jewelry to your hats and shoes, however, pulls your outfit together perfectly.

Pair your coral jewelry with a coral-colored fedora. Or, wear it with a pair of coral colored wedge heels for a night out.

Try finding a coral scarf to keep you warm from the pre-winter chill, and match a coral bracelet with it.

Embrace the Southwestern Flair

Coral is often associated with Southwestern style. Lots of Southwestern coral stones are embellished with turquoise.

Play up this style by pairing your coral jewelry with sassy denim jeans and boots. Try pairing with a suede vest or embroidered button down to bring out the cowgirl in you.

Leather moccasins can also add a subtle nod to the Southwestern flair of coral jewelry without seeming over-the-top.

Wear With Bold Lipstick

Audrey Hepburn once said, "There is a shade of red for every woman."

Find your perfect red lipstick and pair it with coral. Even if the reds aren't the same shade, they'll play off each other to make you one fiery vixen for an evening.

A purpley red will make you look dark and moody, while an orangey-red will feel fun and exciting. A deep red will match the coral and look fabulous with a black dress.

Make it Pop Against All Black

Since coral is really the focus here, what better way to highlight it than minimize the rest of your outfit?

Whether it be with that little black dress or a black blouse and jeans, the rich red hue of coral will be bold and beautiful against a blank canvas.

Try a coral statement necklace to a dinner party, or even paired with your black bikini for the last dip of summer.

Pair with Warm Highlights

This stone is so beautiful, it deserves its own hairstyle.

No, really.

Warm, honey-toned highlights pair perfectly with the deep red of the coral stone. Besides making you look tanner, warm-toned highlights are also a staple for fall.

Trade your ashy blonde or ombre look for a glossy caramel.

Coral isn't the only jewelry this look will go well with, by the way. It also pairs beautifully with amber and marcasite.

Coral Jewelry: The Key to a Cozy Fall Season

Fall jewelry needs a good shaking up.

It's easy to get excited about breaking out your booties and sweaters once the nighttime temperatures drop below sixty, but somehow our jewelry gets the cold shoulder.

Maybe because it feels tired. We're ready for a new fall jewelry trend, and it's here: coral.

Revamp your fall fashion with coral jewelry. If you follow the tips above, you'll be the envy of the pumpkin patch.

Check out our coral collection to find your new favorite piece. If you're still looking for some styling tips, check out this article on styling chunky coral jewelry for some more ideas.

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