10 Amazing Jewelry Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Amazing Jewelry Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

10 Amazing Jewelry Storage Ideas

Say goodbye to tangled necklaces, lost earrings, and damaged jewelry. Don't miss these 10 jewelry storage ideas for home, travel, and everything in between.

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Every woman has that one pair of earrings she knows will work with any outfit as she's rushing out the door.

This lucky pair is usually within arm's reach on a nightstand or a dresser. But, what about the rest of your jewelry?

Nothing is worse than trying to switch up your style only to struggle with tangled necklaces and lost earring backs. Thankfully, there are jewelry storage solutions available to help you out.

Here are ten tricks and tips for keeping all your accessories in order.

1. Buy A Box

Jewelry boxes are the age-old solution for jewelry storage.

While some think they are outdated, others swear by this simple savior. Some boxes are small and suitable for earrings and bracelets. Others come with special drawers for your necklaces and extra room for big bangles.

You might even find a big box that folds out with multiple compartments.

2. Set Up A Drawer

If a box doesn't do the trick, consider making room in a drawer.

Don't just toss everything in and hope it stays in the same place. Instead, make a cute, crafted home for your jewelry.

Giving a dresser drawer a makeover is as simple as purchasing some fabric and drawer dividers. Set them up to arrange little units for your earrings. You can also create longer and wider spaces for necklaces and bracelets.

3. Use Hooks And Peg Boards

Not all jewelry storage has to be tucked away. You can use hooks and peg boards to turn your outfit accessories into wall decor as well!

Set aside space on your wall in the area you like to get ready in. This can be as simple as hanging hooks by your full-length mirror. Or, you can take time to create space in your bathroom medicine cabinet.

For the ladies with lots of choices, a peg board does the trick. It is the perfect place to pin your earrings and hang your necklaces side by side.

4. Create A Picture Perfect Space

Sometimes, hooks can be a little boring while peg boards can be over the top.

Make your jewelry storage solution just right with picture frames! Using frames around the hanging area on your wall transforms a room.

It adds a more feminine feel and gives you the opportunity to show off some personality.

You can thrift for vintage, shabby chic frames or go all-out with stylish shapes. Don't go for just one frame, either. Set up multiple small areas to bring the whole space together.

5. Dish It Out

While creating a display for your jewelry is a good option, you may decide to keep certain things in a special place.

Why not give your wedding band or your grandma's pearls a dish of their own? Small bowls look beautiful arranged on a vanity or a bathroom counter.

Plus, they become the go-to place for your everyday choices or elegant accessories.

6. Rethink The Ordinary

Another beautiful way to bring your jewelry storage to life is re-purposing common household items.

Is there an old window pane you've been meaning to turn in to a project? Do you enjoy bringing natural elements into your home?

These can be your brand-new jewelry solutions. Hang a window pane on the wall or lean a tall one up by your mirror.

Maybe, find a cute vase and fill it with rustic-looking, decorative branches. You can hang necklaces all along it for a full display, and tie the look together with dishes for your earrings.

7. Invest In Jewelry Rolls

As beautiful as the above solutions are, you can't take them on the road.

For the jet-setting ladies or on-the-go free spirits, jewelry rolls solve any issue.

These are made with separate compartments to prevent tangles and losses. You can secure your favorite earrings while bringing along your best bangles. Don't forget to tuck an extra necklace or two in as well.

The best kinds have a hook you can easily hang on the racks for hand towels. Look for this feature as you browse through different options.

8. Keep It Together in One Case

Traveling cases are like the big sister of jewelry rolls.

Cases look like a little folder with a zipper all the way around. They provide more security than a roll, which some ladies prefer for their valuable statement pieces.

A traveling case is easy to find in the midst of a big suitcase or light enough to tuck in your carry on. It is a secure space for your best jewelry and creates more peace of mind on your adventures.

9. Recycle Pill Containers

Want the security of a case, but not the spending that comes with it?

You can transform a regular pill container into the trusty jewelry storage you need. These compartments already come separated and secure. They are made to protect valuable small items and are even easier to pack for those who travel light.

Although they may not be the most stylish option, they get the job done. After all, the point is for you to look your best when you're out and about, not for your jewelry to look nice at the hotel.

10. Buy Carabiners

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you still run out of space.

It makes no sense to use multiple cases or pack various containers. Instead, consider separating some of your jewelry.

Designate a space for your necklaces and earrings to get from place to place without getting tangled or lost. Rings and bracelets can be strung together on a carabiner, and voila!

Carabiners are the crafty solution any on-the-go jewelry lover will adore. There is nothing more simple than this little tool. You can easily string your favorite rings and biggest bangles in one place.

Plus, it just takes a quick glance to double check everything is where it should be.

Find The Perfect Accessories To Put In Your New Jewelry Storage

Your favorite jewelry can cost a few bucks at the flea market or a pretty penny from a diamond dealer. Similarly, your jewelry storage has many options, too.

Pick the perfect method to keep all your accessories safe. Then, celebrate by adding to your collection!

Timeless pieces are waiting for you here.

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