Top 5 Plus Size Jewelry Tips

Top 5 Plus Size Jewelry Tips

Top 5 Plus Size Jewelry Tips

Do you have trouble finding jewelry that fits and flatters your body? If so, here are our top 5 plus size jewelry tips you need to know about.

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Most women would agree that jewelry is personal. It adds something special to your look and is an extension of your style personality.

But shopping for jewelry is not the same experience for everyone.

Namely because not every person is the same size. Maybe you try on a necklace, but the pendant doesn't rest where you want it.

You spot a gorgeous ring and try it on. But it's too tight. You want to buy a matching set of pieces, but the bracelet isn't the right fit.

Say goodbye to these problems.

Retailers are finally catching on to the idea that different sizes of jewelry need to be made for different sizes of people. Many accessory designers have been influenced by the body positive movement and are crafting jewelry of various sizes and fits.

Listed here are tried-and-true tips for choosing the best plus size jewelry for you.

1: Make a Statement

Statement pieces look fabulous on plus size women.

Try to avoid tiny, dainty pieces as they can be harder to notice.

It's better to wear something that stands out, yet ties your entire outfit together.

Great options for statement pieces include:

  • Cuff bracelets - Choose a width that is comfortable for you
  • Bangles - Stack them for a fun and trendy look
  • Cocktail rings - These relatively large rings are designed to draw attention with unique gemstones a pop of color
  • Necklaces - Of varying lengths with pendants or interesting accents

Statement pieces are meant to pop. Try choosing a color that is outside of your comfort zone or a gemstone you've never worn.

You can change up many outfits with the right statement piece and take a bland look to the next level.

2: Choose the Right Necklace Length

Necklace Length Chart

Necklaces today come in a variety of lengths.

It's important to pick a style that flatters your figure most.

When browsing necklaces there are two things you should consider: Your height and your body type.

You want to make sure that the lines drawn by necklaces you wear compliment both of those things.

The right necklace for you will draw the eye up and down, creating length.

Listed below are generally the most flattering styles and length for plus size figures.

Matinee Necklaces

Matinee necklaces are about 20 inches to 24 inches long. They will hit at your bustline or just below it, depending on your height, bust size, and the actual length of the necklace.

They create the illusion that your neck is longer.

They look best with turtlenecks, simple sweaters, dresses, or a button-down top. And they flatter a variety of figures because they hit at mid-length.

Opera Necklaces

These more dramatic pieces are about 26 inches to 36 inches long. They usually sit below the bust line and above the waist.

This choice can be great for tall women and plus size women as it focuses the eye on the bustline.

Wear opera styles over a variety of tops, dresses, or jumpsuits, which are super in-style right now.

Opera necklaces are also great plus size jewelry options to dress up a casual look.

Styles to Avoid

If you're not wanting to draw attention to your neck, generally avoid collar (14 inches) and choker (16 inches) lengths.

Then again, everyone's frame is different and there are always exceptions to the rules. If you find a choker necklace that you love and it fits comfortably, go for it!

Experiment and Try on

Plus size jewelry retailers offer necklaces in all different styles and lengths.

If you're shopping in a store, always try the necklace on. It's the best way to see how it lays.

If you're shopping online, note the length of the necklace and cut a piece of string to that size. Use that as an estimate of where the necklace will hit.

3: Buy Adjustable Pieces

Many plus-size jewelry options come in an adjustable style. It's a great option for getting that perfect fit.

Look for adjustable rings that you squeeze and mold to the shape of your desired finger.

Also, shop for adjustable bracelets and bangles. If you want your bracelet to fit snug or more loose, an adjustable piece leaves that all up to you.

What if you find that perfect necklace in the style, color, and design that you love, but it doesn't quite hit in the right place?

Take matters into your own hands and purchase necklace extenders that allow you to customize the length.

4: It's True, Less Is More

Mixing, matching, and adding accessories what makes getting dressed such fun.

However, being selective with jewelry is essential to appearing sleek and put together.

You can certainly rock statement pieces, but that doesn't mean that you should be wearing all of them at once. People won't know where to look first!

Choose one statement piece to work with, and then go from there.

For example, if you're wearing a rather dramatic necklace, don't wear the chandelier earrings.

Additionally, consider how to accentuate certain parts of your body and perhaps downplay others.

For instance, if you have a full bust line, you may want to avoid a chunky necklace that rests on your chest. Instead, adorn one arm with a row of bangles.

5: Research Retailers, Buy High Quality

For a variety of plus size jewelry options, research both online and in-store retailers.

And purchase pieces made of real gold or silver. If you have to get pieces adjusted, it's easier for a jeweler to work with high-quality materials. And your pieces will last longer.

Additionally, look for plus size jewelry in plus size clothing stores. They will most likely have an accessory section full of rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and more.

Treat Yourself

No matter what your body type, you deserve jewelry that makes you look and feel fabulous.

It's helpful to consider tips for dressing and accessorizing, but the most important thing is that you love your pieces and that they last.

Browse around and contact us for more information about classy, unique and beautiful plus size jewelry for all your style needs.

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