What Your Jewelry Style Says About Your Personality

What Your Jewelry Style Says About Your Personality

What Your Jewelry Style Says About Your Personality

How you dress and accessorize tell people a lot about who you are. Find out what your jewelry style says about you to others.

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Do people judge me by my jewelry?

 Humans are visual creatures but we're also quite judgmental.

It's almost a biological imperative for us to be constantly scanning the horizon for threats even though our cavemen days are far behind us.

People are constantly sizing each other up and there's a lot they can tell just from meeting you.

For example, at just a glance you might be able to tell someone's economic status or their intellect - or at least assume you can tell.

That judgment call happens fast, too - in only milliseconds, a literal blink of an eye.

So what do you think you're signaling to people with your hair, your clothes, your jewelry style?

You might think of jewelry as the final bit of pizzazz to throw on top of everything, but there's actually a lot you can say with just a necklace.

Let's talk about the different ways your jewelry says the most about who you are and learn how to send the right signal.


Jewelry Personality

1. All Eyes On Me

Sometimes, you just need one piece to make an impact, but that piece is a big one!

Someone who puts on a huge gold collar necklace or a chunky giant gem ring is transforming themselves into a beacon of intrigue.

When you want to stand out, you reach for your statement piece.

2. Romantic Moments

A romantic jewelry style isn't about hearts everywhere. A romantic person has a heart open to love, true, but also admires the beauty in the world.

To pull this look off, go for soft pinks, maybe try some rose gold.

Delicate chains, filigree, and pretty details are your friends when going for a romantic look.

3. Whimsical

Do you ever feel that you should have a pair of fairy wings? Has your hair been a color of the rainbow at some point?

Whimsical people are all about fun details, and their jewelry style reflects this.

You know how to have fun, and so does your jewelry. Look for charm bracelets and pendant necklaces with unicorns, tea cups, etc.

4. An Eye For Art

Artistic people are appreciative of a well-crafted object. Their tastes are sometimes obscure, but always interesting.

If you were to check out an artists' jewelry style, you'd find one-of-a-kind pieces or off-beat selections.

The whimsical style has a fun vibe; artistically it's a bit edgier. Think of a chunk of Roman glass captured in abstract silver.

5. Bring On The Bling

The queen with the bling might wear a lot of diamonds but knows that she outshines them all.

This is a person with a big smile and an even bigger personality. Her jewelry style is all about being dazzlingly brilliant.

6. Fun And Funky

Are you attracted to lots of colors and oversize jewelry? You've probably got a great love for life!

You can't walk around with multicolored bangles and mismatched dangling earrings without a smile on your face.

The person who can pull off this jewelry style is loads of fun!

7. Sultry

Want to bring a bit of heat to your cold gold? It's all about how you wear it.

To be sexy, you want your jewelry to draw the eye to all that you have to offer.

Be fun, be flirty; movement and motion are your friends here.

Drop a pendant down low. Have a little bracelet that's constantly swirling on your wrist, catching eyes.

8. Classically Trained

If you're a pearls girl or feel underdressed if you leave the house without simple stud earrings, you're in tune with the classics.

There are those who say this jewelry style is boring, but the classics are that for a reason - they'll always be in fashion.

A strand of pearls at the throat, simple diamonds on the earrings, a gold band around a finger - that's timeless.

9. The Peacock

This person won't stick to just one or two statement pieces - they'll wear them all!

They know what they're about. This person's personality is so vibrant that it's almost like all of their jewelry is wearing them!

You'll most often find a big, chunky gem on their finger - or on several - and long, sparkling earrings.

10. Hippie Chic

A laid-back lady that's in touch with the ways of the world gravitates towards a jewelry style that's all-natural.

The pieces you seek exude a lot of warmth - think turquoise, amber, raw quartz or amethyst, and moonstone.

Some say that crystals have a healing energy - can you feel it when you wear this type of jewelry?

11. Power Moves

You're going places in the world and your jewelry will take you there.

A lot of the time, your first real paycheck is spent on a big splurge. Consider picking up a piece that tells the world you're ready for anything.

Big chains, chunky metal bracelets, and daring mixed metals are the best choices to pull off this bold jewelry style.

12. Ahead Of The Trends

This is the hardest look to pull off and if you can, you've got a great sense of style.

There are a select few who can sense which way the world is going way before anyone else.

Sometimes their style is ridiculed, but this proves brief as whatever they're wearing suddenly becomes the hot new thing.

If this is you, your jewelry is definitely eye-catching. You're not shy and don't stick to the basics.


Which Is Your Jewelry Style?

Do you see yourself in one of these? Maybe you can check several styles off this list.

That's the best thing about jewelry - you can put it on and take it off, changing up what you have to say every day.

When you're expressing yourself, go for quality and treat yourself right.

The most important thing to convey is that whatever your style is, you invest in yourself and only buy the best.

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