The Best Wedding Necklaces for a Bride

The Best Wedding Necklaces for a Bride

The Best Wedding Necklaces for a Bride

If you're hoping to dazzle for your wedding day, then wearing a necklace will do it. Here are the best wedding necklaces for a beautiful bride!

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Every year, around two million brides walk down the aisle in the US. Most of them go through a litany of steps to make sure they look their best: finding the perfect dress, fitting into that dress, getting skin treatments, getting their hair done, you name it. In the midst of all this, are you overlooking your jewelry?

Your dress might be the cornerstone of your wedding look but your jewelry can make or break it. How do you start your jewelry search?

Begin with these ideas for the top wedding necklaces for a bride.

1. Heart-Shaped Necklaces

Weddings are all about love, so why not carry that theme into your necklace? A heart-shaped pendant is a romantic accent for any bride.

Because heart-shaped pendants are so popular, you have plenty of options. If you're aiming for a neutral glam, try thSwarovski Crystal Heart Necklace.

If you're more of a "march to the beat of your own drum" kind of gal, you can add some color to your pendant. The Marcasite and Amethyst Heart Necklace incorporates purple gems and heavy antiquing for a unique but breathtaking look.

2. Pearl or Imitation Pearl Strands

When it comes to wedding jewelry, is there anything more classic than a string of pearls? We think not.

If you want the truly timeless look but don't want to pay the price for real pearls, try the South Sea Shell Pearl Strand Necklace. The pearl look-a-likes are sculpted from real seashells. 

If white pearls don't feel like your style, you can infuse your own personality into the mix too. For example, try our same seashell pearl necklace in pink

3. Necklaces with a Natural Touch

If you're the type who loves to be with nature, the idea of a big glamorous wedding may feel out of your comfort zone. Why not bring some of nature with you by making your jewelry reminiscent of the outdoors?

You can do this with our Branched Freshwater Pearl Necklace. This piece incorporates freshwater pearls, sterling silver, and a rhodium overlay. Most importantly, it's crafted to look like a blooming branch so you'll feel right at home on your hike down the aisle. 

4. Multi-Tiered Necklaces

There are some wedding dress necklines that call for something more substantial. For instance, if your dress has a deep V-shaped neckline, you need a necklace large enough to fill in that space without making you feel like there's an anvil around your neck.

Our 7-Strand Italian Bead Necklace is the perfect solution. All seven strands are adorned with delicate beads that add style without adding much weight. The finished look is a waterfall of light layers, creating a beautiful plunge shape.

5. Statement Pendants

Some brides opt for a glamorous, eye-catching gown and their jewelry is mere icing on top. Other brides prefer simpler, understated wedding dresses. Sometimes, though, you want to bring in jewelry that makes a statement alongside the dress.

A bold pendant can be the ideal way to create that look. If you want to try it for yourself, look no further than the "Kaleidoscope" Statement Necklace.

This necklace uses a timeless shape: a light chain with a prominent circular pendant. The pendant itself is show-stopping, though. The roman glass creates somewhat of a rainbow effect, with a blend of colors and sheens. 

6. Bold, Solid Necklaces

What if you want a bold, prominent necklace but you aren't a fan of the pendant look? You'll fall in love with the Crescent Swarovski Crystal Necklace.

This necklace features a thick horizontal crescent shape in a beautiful rose gold hue. To add some sparkle, half of the crescent dons beautiful Swarovski crystals.

Like the pendant, this necklace brings attention to your neckline and adds some interest to simpler wedding dresses. At the same time, it has a more modern and unique shape. 

7. Beaded Strands

Besides pearls, another classic wedding necklace look is a strand of beads that rests near the collarbone. If this is the look you're going for, our Saturn Bead Necklace may be the right fit.

The Italian design features delicate beads woven among sterling silver strands that mimic the infinity symbol. What better symbolism for a wedding as you join your significant other for eternity?

8. Something Blue

You've probably heard the saying that at your wedding, you need to wear "something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue." Did you know the "something blue" is meant to symbolize love and fidelity in your marriage?

While some brides make their "something blue" subtle, you can wear yours around your neck and use it to add a spark of color to your bridal attire.

One popular choice is the Swarovski Crystal Aquamarine Drop Necklace. This necklace features a single, large, bold blue gemstone that will turn all your guests' heads.

If that isn't your style, you may prefer the Aquamarine Drop Necklace in Sterling Silver. This piece features a smaller version of the same gemstone as the previous necklace. However, that gemstone is nestled in a beautiful teardrop-shaped curve of sterling silver. 

9. Necklaces with Religious Symbols

For many brides, their wedding is a deeply religious experience with their new spouse. If you want to display your faith on your wedding day, religious-themed jewelry is a stylish way to do it.

You'll love our Freshwater Pearl and White Topaz Cross Necklace. This necklace combines the spiritual significance of a cross with a bridal classic: pearls. It's a unique twist on the traditional cross necklaces of the past.

You might also like our collection of sterling silver cross necklaces

Finding the Best Wedding Necklaces for a Bride

All of these ideas are just that: ideas to get you started. At the end of the day, your wedding look needs to be about you. The best wedding necklaces for a bride are the ones that capture the feeling you want on your wedding day.

If you haven't found the perfect fit yet, shop for bridal necklaces in our online shop today. 


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