Hit It Off! The Best First Date Jewelry on the Market

Hit It Off! The Best First Date Jewelry on the Market

Hit It Off! The Best First Date Jewelry on the Market

Are you getting excited and nervous for a first date with someone new? Click here to learn how to start off on the right foot with gorgeous first date jewelry.

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Getting ready for a first date can be both exciting and overwhelming. Putting together the perfect first date outfit can be daunting, but we're here to help with awesome first date jewelry ideas, and the perfect outfits to match them! We will even break down what kind of setting these jewelry and outfits pairings would be most appropriate for. 

Keep reading to find the perfect bling that will make you confident and gorgeous, all while wowing your date. 

When to Let Your Jewelry Make a Statement 

What girl doesn't love statement jewelry? Statement jewelry can make for an eye-catching detail that can take your outfit to the next level. Making sure you have the right statement jewelry and the best outfit to match it is a must for this sometimes tricky wardrobe staple. 

Statement Necklaces That Shine 

Statement necklaces are great, especially for a more formal date, such as a nice dinner out. When wearing a statement necklaces, it's important to consider your outfits neckline, print, and accompanying jewelry.

Because statement necklaces tend to be bigger, and dazzling, you'll want to make sure they are the star of your outfit. Do this by avoiding busy prints, fabrics and other big jewelry. 

An option we love for simple elegance that glitters while paying attention to detail is our Radiance 20-Strand Necklace in Tri-Color. This is a great option because it incorporates gold, silver and rose gold strands, perfect for easy and endless pairings. Pair it with simple studs in any of these metal color options and let your necklace steal the show. 

We love pairing statement necklaces with your favorite little black dress or any other simple, solid and sleek outfit options you may be considering. A statement necklaces can take an outfit that would be otherwise boring or plain, and make it stunning. 

While statement necklaces work well with many outfits, you'll want to consider the neckline. Most statement necklaces go best with a scoop or v-neckline. A high neckline may also be suitable if the dress is one solid color, but you'll want to avoid a neckline in between these, as it will mesh messily with your necklace. 

Statement Earrings for Some Sparkle 

Statement earrings are another great way to elevate your outfit in an interesting way. for more formal events. A statement earring can work with a multitude of hairstyles. While they look great with loose waves, if you have a pair of statement earrings that you really want to show off, consider wearing your hair in a formal, sleek bun to keep your statement earrings in full view. 

We love our Marcasite Diamond Earrings for earrings that glitter with vintage and elegant style. These earrings have an easy post enclosure, and the marcasite stones go great with any dark wash outfit, such as black and greys. 

When pairing other jewelry with your statement earrings, avoid adding a statement necklace. One statement piece per outfit is enough. Add a simple chain necklace, or no necklace at all, opting for rings or bracelets instead. 

How to Look Casual and Cool With Your Jewelry

If your date is less formal, and more casual, such as a trip to the movies or a fun outdoor activity, considering more casual jewelry rather than flashy statements is best. Here are some of our favorite casual pieces that you can wear on your date, as well as the everyday. 

Dainty Bracelets for a No-Fuss Date 

Less is more on a casual date. While you still want to look great and pay attention to your outfit, simple details are more than enough. A dainty bracelet is a great addition to any date outfit, as it won't get in the way and will add just a touch of added sparkle. 

One of our favorite simple bracelets is the Adjustable Milano Twist Friendship Bracelet. This classic beauty comes in both gold and silver for your metal preference. We love that it's so easy to take on and off and to adjust with a simple pull enclosure.  

The metal is intertwined beautifully, and this bracelet can be worn alone or layered with your other dainty bracelets. We love that this option is so versatile - wear it with white jeans and a tee for outdoor activity, or a cute sundress for a picnic in the park. This bracelet is sure to go with just about anything. 

Rings for Subtle Details 

Rings are another great way to add some pretty details to your casual date outfit. Not all rings have to be fancy, and some can add just enough detail to make your look put together. 

A great casual ring option is our Hammered Sterling Silver Ring. With a stacked look, this ring gives the impression of multiple small rings stacked, when in reality, this piece is much easier to keep track of and take on and off, as it is all united. Pair this ring with some simple sterling silver hoop earrings to tie your look together. 

This sparkle of silver would look great for a casual dinner out. Pair this ring and some silver hoops with your favorite black lacy tank top, black denim, and black heels or boots. This is a sexy and simple look that will make you look effortlessly amazing. 

Your Guide to the Perfect First Date Jewelry 

When your preparing for your first date, make sure you keep these awesome first date jewelry tips in mind so that you can look and feel your best. No matter the setting, you can use jewelry to make your outfit show-stopping wherever you go. 

To purchase the pieces mentioned in this article, and so much more, head to our site. Our new arrivals section has all the hot items of the season, and we're sure that these pieces will stay in your collection for years to come. 


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