The Best Necklaces for Graduation

The Best Necklaces for Graduation

The Best Necklaces for Graduations 

It's the big day you've been waiting for, so walk over and get your degree in style with a stunning graduation necklace!

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Are you or someone you know graduating this year?

Graduation is one of the biggest milestones people have the pleasure of celebrating. The ceremony highlights the hardships each one has gone through to get to where they are. It also signifies an individual’s growth into someone more responsible and mature as they take on a new world with harder challenges awaiting them.

The importance of the big day goes unnoticed. To show your daughter, ward, friend, or yourself how proud you are of this accomplishment, why not get a nice graduation necklace?

Unlike other pieces of jewelry, necklaces are not as subtle but they don’t steal focus away from the wearer. Instead, they complement their overall appearance and make them even more beautiful than they already are.

Get these pieces of graduation jewelry to shine during the graduation walk or graduation speech. Check these out now.

1. Freshwater Pearl Drop Necklace

Let’s start off with a simple yet beautiful necklace. A graduation necklace doesn’t have to be over the top, after all. This necklace provides the appropriate amount of class while staying subtle.

A freshwater pearl is the main focus of this necklace. It sits in a comfortable spot above the sternum without jangling too much thanks to the 20-inch chain. The setting of the pearl is also beautiful, adding to the effect the necklace gives to its wearer.

You also have the option of getting matching earrings to complete the set. This will put all the attention on you during the ceremony.

2. Red Coral Drop Bali-Style Necklace

If you want your fellow graduates to take notice as you walk in, you may want to get this necklace for yourself. This features a vibrant coral piece colored red to give it a touch of class and personality. The color is also sure to pop out against the dark color of your graduation robes.

The coral piece also drops down into the classic teardrop shape. It also has other smaller coral ovals to accent it. Each has a hand-rubbed oxidation finish making sure nothing tarnishes these beautiful corals.

3. Masami 18 Inch South Shell Pearl Strand Necklace

If you want to splurge on something fancy for the big day, then why not get something from the Masami collection? The Masami collection features pearls harvested from the waters of the South Sea. These pearls are then perfected by experts, making them among the most beautiful pearls today.

This necklace from their collection features the most attractive pearls they have. Each pearl receives the proper attention as it's shaped into beads and polished. They then coat them in a special finish which makes them even more lustrous.

4. Sirius 3-Strand Rose Ball Necklace

This necklace features 3 rose ball fixtures on 3 different strands of sterling silver. These balls are beads of rose gold cut with laser precision to fine design. Each ball enjoys a premium treatment as they’re finished with Rhodium.

This makes them a favorite among customers as this means they never tarnish. Each Rose Gold ball also has small accents at each side. These accents are sterling silver, cut with the same precision as the balls.

5. Swarovski Aquamarine Drop Necklace

Going back to simpler yet elegant designs,this necklace has a Swarovski crystal to die for.

The crystal cut into the shape of a diamond has a deep aquamarine shade to it. This makes it pop out no matter what outfit you’re wearing. This, in turn, makes you more noticeable when you’re standing among your peers.

Its simple design allows it to go well with whatever outfit you have. This means you can wear it as a fashionable add-on or a reminder of the day you’ve graduated into a more mature person.

6. Hope and Peace Swarovski Necklace

When deciding which graduation necklace to buy, consider what the ceremony means. It can mean hope as you’re looking forward to a bright and bountiful future. It can also mean peace as everyone gets together to celebrate each other’s milestone.

You can signify both of those with this necklace. Use this to remind your fellow graduates to look forward to each other’s futures as friends.

It has a disc charm which evokes hope and a small dove for peace. What’s great about them is they’re both made with the same sterling silver as the necklace is.

7. Swarovski Crystal Aurora Borealis Necklace

Want everyone to take notice of the necklace you’re planning on wearing? No better necklace for the job than this Swarovski necklace.

This has the main piece shaped to be like a reverse teardrop. It has accents made of sterling silver which merge at the bottom. They then have another smaller crystal hanging from them.

What’s beautiful about the necklace is that the crystal has a beautiful and mystifying color combination inside, resembling that of the northern lights or Aurora Borealis. This is sure to catch the eyes of people around you and make them turn their heads.

8. Crescent Swarovski in Rose Gold

What’s better than a Swarovski crystal? Multiple Swarovski crystals shaped into an elegant crescent design, that’s what!

This necklace features small sparkling crystals which rest upon a crescent piece. To make them even more beautiful, they’ve finished the entire necklace with a Rose Gold overlay. This makes the crystals stand out and shine.

These small design choices will make the crystals steal the show on your big day.

9. Swarovski Crystal Statement Necklace

One of the most stunning Swarovski necklaces, this one features an array of crystals arranged in a beautiful fashion. The crystals in this necklace are 1 of 2 colors, white or aquamarine. There are only 3 aquamarine crystals and each of them surrounded by a white on at each end.

Though it sounds simple, the elegance of the final outcome is incomparable. This can even rival the necklace Meghan Markle wore if not better.

This is a surefire way to put all eyes on you as you walk with your peers on your big day.

Get Yourself a Graduation Necklace Today

It’s your big day and you deserve all the attention you get. Get a graduation necklace to grab everyone’s attention and make your day even more special now!

Wondering where to buy graduation jewelry? Look no further than Roma Designer Jewelry! Check out our website and contact us here to place an order today!

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