Keep With the Times: How to Find Trendy Jewelry of Quality

Keep With the Times: How to Find Trendy Jewelry of Quality

Keep With the Times: How to Find Trendy Jewelry of Quality

Trendy doesn't always mean fast fashion or fast-fashion prices. Here's how to get trendy jewelry you'll still want to wear down the line.

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Egypt and Mesopotamia were the first two civilizations to organize the production of jewelry. Silver has been used to make jewelry for 6,000 years and the first diamonds were discovered in India 2,400 years ago. 

While classic jewelry always works, many people also like to keep up with the latest jewelry trends. The problem sometimes is how to find trendy jewelry that's not cheap junk you'll toss out after the season.

Many people instead want to find quality fashion accessories that they can wear for longer than a season or two. We want to help you find popular jewelry of quality.

Hint: Sterling silver is going to be your best choice for building a great jewelry collection - but keep reading to learn exactly how to find the best trendy jewelry. 

Introducing Demi-Fine Trendy Jewelry

There's a new category in jewelry. It's called "demi-fine" and it fits perfectly in between fine and costume jewelry. 

This is jewelry that won't break your bank and tends to stay trendy for longer than one season. And it does that by lowering the carat weights in gold.

Jewelers Use Less Precious Metal

Typically, expensive jewelry uses at least 18 carats worth of gold and/or other metals. And since gold is expensive, that can drive up the price of the jewelry. 

With demi-fine, jewelers can use lower carat weights such as 14, 10 or even 9 carats. That means it's still made from a precious metal which enables them to produce and therefore sell, jewelry at lower prices. 

That makes demi-fine jewelry more valuable than jewelry that's merely coated in metal. Jewelers who produce demi-fine jewelry can also incorporate precious and semi-precious gems

2019 Jewelry Trends

The popular jewelry coming out in 2019 is all about making a statement. That means bigger and flashier. 

We're now seeing everything from chunky chain necklaces to logo-emblazoned chokers. Let's take a look at some of the hottest trends for 1019. 

Statement Pearls

Look for pearls this season that are updated with architectural designs and unusual earring shapes. 

Hair Jewels

Hair jewels are the latest trend in summer jewelry and they're guaranteed to make you feel like a kid again. Try decking out your hair with colorful gemstones or adding playful words to your hairstyle. 

Initial Necklaces

Initial necklaces are great because you can wear them to represent your significant other, your kids, and even give a shout out to a parent or even yourself. This look can be either sweet or sassy, it's your choice. 

Logo Necklaces

Older fashions always seem to make a comeback. This year it's the 1990's coming back in style with your favorite brands and logos being featured on trendy chokers. 

Super Long Earrings

Forget big hoop earrings, this year's trend is all about length. These earrings actually hang past your shoulders, allowing you to take your earring game to new lengths. 

Tips for Buying Quality Jewelry That Won't Break Your Bank

Before you head out to shop for jewelry, it's important to know exactly what to look for. This will help you buy quality jewelry without spending too much. 

Know Your Metals

Always buy from a reputable source that won't risk its good reputation. Then decide if you prefer solid or plated jewelry. 

Any piece made from pure gold, platinum or silver is priced based on current market prices for those metals. And their prices fluctuate on a daily basis. 

Any piece made from a base metal such as copper, nickel or zinc that's then plated with gold or silver is more likely to be found on sale. However, it's worth noting that the plating will eventually deteriorate the more you wear the piece. 

Timing is Everything

There are certain times of the year when many stores tend to slash their prices to make room for new merchandise. These slower jewelry-buying months are January, April, and July. However, inventory is at its lowest during these months.

Try Shopping During Popular Months and Holidays

However, you should also know that the most popular months of February, May, and December means jewelry sellers are more likely to offer competitive deals. Inventory is highest during these months as well. 

The holidays are usually the best time since stores are fully stocked and tend to offer the greatest variety of styles than at any other time. 

Check Out the Clearance Items

If you aren't in the market for the absolute latest trends, you can always check out what's for sale on clearance. If you're looking for styles with staying power, you may find it amongst the previous season's products. 

Ask for Help

Jewelry stores stock a variety of styles to provide their customers with a big look for lower prices. It's worth it to talk to the jeweler or the online shop about your budget and the style you're looking for.

They're in the perfect position to help you find the perfect piece of jewelry that fits your budget and completes your look. 

Shop Online

Shopping for jewelry online can help you find the best pieces at the best prices. However, always make sure you're shopping with a reputable seller. 

Understand Their Return and Shipping Policies

Take a moment to check out the buyer reviews for the seller. And be sure you fully read and understand their return policy. 

You may find that once you receive the piece of jewelry in the mail that it doesn't fit properly or just doesn't look as great as it did when you saw it online. 

Contact the Seller Directly to Ask Questions

If you have any questions, contact the seller to get specifics about policies or even the product itself. Make sure you ask whether they provide delivery insurance in case it goes missing in the mail.

Also, don't forget to ask how long delivery takes and whether you can get a shipping discount for buying more than one item from their store. You also want to find an online company that tends to update their inventory and provides discounts and savings. 

Sign Up to Receive Notifications and Discounts

Subscribing to newsletters and email lists for both online and physical stores will also help you find the latest trends at the best prices since stores tend to use these two methods of communication to give notice of sale dates. 

Sign Up to Receive Rewards

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