Every Detail Counts: Buying the Right Jewelry Sets for You

Every Detail Counts: Buying the Right Jewelry Sets for You

Every Detail Counts: Buying the Right Jewelry Sets for You

Jewelry doesn't have to be bought one piece at a time. Finding jewelry sets that match your style can improve your appearance significantly, save you money, and even save you time. This is how to do it.

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Jewelry sets are a classic way to offset your outfit and coordinate your look. The beauty of jewelry sets is that you get matching pieces (often at a discounted price) but you're not obligated to wear all of the pieces together. Gone are the days of matchy-matchy coordination, but if you sincerely like a particular design, nothing should stand in the way of enjoying it as a necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings.

Jewelry helps define your personal style. It should reflect your idea of beautiful, and it doesn't need to be in fashion to be you. It's easy to pick out costume jewelry pieces that go with one outfit or for a special occasion, but budgeting for and buying the good stuff is what we're talking about today!

What Is the Good Stuff?

Precious metals, premium finishes, designer elements, and upgraded clasps are the good stuff. You shouldn't be building a jewelry collection of "Made in China" pieces. Women have access to more high-quality, unique and versatile jewelry options today than they ever have before. 

Jewelry designers are paying attention to women who want timeless jewelry without breaking the bank. For example, many designers are using semi- precious stones and natural elements sterling silver in addition to gold to keep prices lower while also producing a premium-quality piece. When paired with sterling silver, modern jewelry is tasteful and beautiful and has an innovative appearance that defines your style.

Let's take a look at some of these modern materials and what sterling silver is:

From the Water

Red coral - found in the waters of Indonesia and the South China Sea, red coral is one of the most valuable and versatile materials. It has been used in jewelry design for thousands of years, with the earliest known use going back to 3000 BC. It exudes vitality, energy, and ambition.

Abalone - this familiar shell is uncommonly lustrous and colorful. The interior is mother-of-pearl which is iridescent and colorful. Shades of green, pink, and purple are offset by silver and white. Abalone symbolizes peace and compassion.

Pearl - Ocean pearls command attention and high prices for their symmetry and luster. Freshwater pearls can be used in groups to create a dramatic effect due to their irregular shape. Both are beautiful with silver because the white and silver complement each other.

From the Earth

Turquoise - This gorgeous semi-precious stone comes in shades from sky blue to deep blue-green. This stone of well-being runs through mines in North and South Aerica, China, and the Middle East, with the most beautiful shades found in the Western U.S. and Mexico. Turquoise is traditionally cut in a cabochon: a smooth, rounded top and a flat bottom.

Koa wood - Also known as Acacia Koa, this tree is endemic to Hawaii. It offers a beautiful range of tones, depending on its age, and its colors range from light blonde to dark reds and browns. When polished, this wood has a 3D appearance found in no other type of wood.

Marcasite - This is a fragile mineral that is mined all over the world and is cut to show off its shiny surfaces. The technique of inlaying patterns of pyrite in silver is called Marcasite and has a classic, formal look. It has been used in jewelry for thousands of years and is associated with strong mental power.

Roman Glass - Ancient Israel was one of the largest producers of glass in the Roman Empire due to its abundance of sand. Israelis crafted Roman glass using metal colorants and mineral additives to produce an array of colors and depth of texture.

Centuries of weather and wear have added to its oxidation, and it is now used in jewelry design with stunning results.

Sterling silver - This precious metal goes with everything. Sterling contains 92.5 percent pure silver and 7.5 percent copper. The white color enhances the semi-precious stones mentioned above and is a creative pairing with wood such as Koa wood. 

To be sure you are buying genuine sterling silver, look for a mark somewhere on the piece that says 925, STERLING, or STER. It does not react to magnets, and it will tarnish due to the copper content. It is easy to clean, and keeping it away from air and light helps keep it shiny and white.

It is also plated with Rhodium in some instances to keep its luster.

When to Purchase Jewelry Sets

Jewelry sets take the guesswork out of putting together a lovely gift. They usually contain a necklace and matching earrings (the most common pairing), but sometimes include a ring and a bracelet or even a brooch as well.

They work well for a coordinated look like a wedding, or as bridesmaids gifts. The beauty of sets is that they are two gifts in one, and do not have to be worn together.

Another popular use of a jewelry set is an engagement ring/wedding ring combination. These often lock together to form a larger coordinated piece that seems like more than the sum of its parts.

Jewelry and Clothing Pairings

Now that you have some background on classic yet budget-friendly components let's look at some clothing styles that pair well with each type.

Small patterned clothing should be complemented with simple jewelry designs. A floral blouse will compete with a filigree pendant. Choose a single teardrop of coral or turquoise to offset the motif. Solid bracelets work well with busy clothing as well.

Brighten up neutrals with color. A classic cream sweater loves a colorful earring like this style or a chunky strand of dramatic stones.

Dress for the occasion. If you're going on a job interview, bright beads and large statement pieces won't appear professional. A simple string of pearls like these works well in that situation.

Speaking of pearls, they go well with ocean-colored clothing, like blues, grays, and greens.

Hooray for Versatility

The beauty of these metal and semi-precious components is that they are appropriate for all occasions. They can match with formalwear, and they can elevate jeans and a t-shirt. 

Take a look at some of the creative ways we have put these natural components together and see if any suit your style. Reasonable prices and stunning designs dominate our collection. Whether you're looking for jewelry sets for a wedding, buying a gift for Mother's day, or just wanting to add to your collection, there's something for everyone.

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