Secrets to Finding Unique Accessories That Make a Statement

Secrets to Finding Unique Accessories That Make a Statement

Secrets to Finding Unique Accessories That Make a Statement

Your personal style is accentuated with unique accessories that not only compliment your wardrobe they announce your arrival.

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How you dress is an integral component of how to put yourself out in the world. Your clothes, hair, and overall style create a visual impression that can express your personality, values, and interests. 

Even the most generic outfit like a T-shirt and jeans or a professional business suit can be made into a clear expression of your individual style with the right accessories. From an Indonesian bangle to a jaunty beret, the smallest details will enhance your look and give everyone who sees you a sneak preview of what is in your heart.

Here are five tips on choosing unique accessories to bring out the qualities that make you different from everyone else.

1.  Express Your Passions 

Your clothes, jewelry and hairstyle make a statement, whether you like it or not. By putting careful consideration into how you adorn your outside, you give people a true sense of what they may find on the inside.

A vegan leather jacket expresses without words your commitment to the animal kingdom. A dramatic necklace made of abalone demonstrates your reverence for the natural world, especially the sea.

Some choose a literal expression of their love, such as name necklaces (with their children's names) or an impressive engagement ring. Others may opt for more subtle expressions, ranging from a peace symbol to an animal replica or an allusion to a beloved TV show or book (you can find many distributors which sell rings, cloaks and pendants embossed with "Lord of the Rings" or "Game of Thrones" references). 

By choosing accessories that do not fit into clearly defined categories, you show others that you embrace a way of thinking that is nontraditional or slightly "out of the box." This mode of telegraphing your attitude will draw like-minded people to you as they are attracted to your individual style of self-expression.

2. Showcase Your Priorities 

Accessories are also a way to show where you choose to place importance. You may have a special fondness for your own family history, and wear your grandmother's timeless jewelry as a homage to the past and your ancestors. You may choose Celtic or African styles to honor your roots.

You may choose conflict-free diamonds if you are opposed to supporting companies that do harm to populations or the environment. 

If you are committed to supporting local artisans, you may choose scarves made by hand by your favorite neighborhood weaver. 

If you are in tune with your spirituality and believe in the powers of crystals and other new age practices, you may wear this belief on your sleeve (as it were) by choosing jewelry made with stones imbued with special powers.

For example, many believe that jewelry made from amber can cleanse the aura, align body and mind, and enhance creativity. Emeralds connote romantic love, but also memory, faith and clairvoyance.

Of course, your accessories do not always have to have a specific message. If you look at a bracelet or a hat and think, "This is me!", you have found a perfect item to express yourself. The reason why you are drawn to it may be subconscious, or it may not even matter! 

3. Keep It Simple 

It can be easy to pile on the accessories. If you love a certain chapeau, you may wish to wear it every day! You may decide that your personality prefers to mix and match a wide variety of different styles and pieces all in one outfit. 

Generally,  you can make a more dramatic statement the more simple you keep your choices. As that famous fashion icon Coco Chanel would say, before you leave the house, take one accessory off. And this was a woman who adored her accessories! 

If that top hat is your signature piece, go ahead and wear it every day, but there is no need to pair it with bracelets on each wrist and rings on each finger. Keep the focus on one anchor piece that brings together the whole outfit.

Decide where you want to draw people's attention. Your new boots? Opt for a dark silhouette with black pants or a skirt so you won't distract from your footwear. 

If you want to draw attention to your newly enhanced neck or chest area, select an eye-catching chain or choker around your neck to draw eyes to your flawless skin and curves. 

4. One Is Better Than Many

While some may like to heap on different items, usually an outfit benefits from one unique addition or attribute as opposed to many. If you are on a budget, this adage is even more helpful. Better to invest in one signature piece that means a great deal to you than to drench yourself in costume jewelry without any clear statement or quality. 

One glittering broach will get more attention if it stands out against a plain background. A fabulous ring deserves to be the only adornment on your hand: don't dilute its impact by wearing a multitude of other rings and bracelets with it. 

5. Don't Be Afraid of Change 

Maybe you wore that set of pearls for ten years. Maybe it seemed appropriate for your job, your friends, and your lifestyle.

However, as our lives evolve, so do our tastes. Don't let yourself get boxed into one way of looking.

If you fall in love with a dramatic piece of jewelry that you never would have considered before, go with it! Your style may be changing. As we said above, even if you do not know why you are attracted to a certain piece of clothing, the fact that you are gives it significance.

Go for it! 

We are all many-faceted people. We cannot be defined by one outfit, one mood, or a single life event. Your fashion can reflect all the many aspects of who you are. 

Unique Accessories: Show the World Your Special Qualities 

Unique accessories can showcase all that makes each one of us different from everyone else. Whether you choose one special piece of jewelry or gravitate to a variety of styles and selections, the little touches you add to your clothes make you memorable, different, and special. They also make you feel terrific.

For some more ideas on choosing special added touches that will enhance your look, check out our blog


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