Adding Jewelry to Your Italian Collection? What To Buy!

Adding Jewelry to Your Italian Collection? What To Buy!

Adding Jewelry to Your Italian Collection? What To Buy!

A well curated Italian collection of jewelry will contain necklaces, earrings and bracelets made from quality material, precisely crafted to amaze.

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Are you looking for some classic, elegant jewelry to add to your collection? Then Roman influenced design works are a perfect addition, that many people are adding to their accessory list. Their intricate designs are a versatile statement you have to have in your wardrobe. 

For well-curated necklaces, earrings and bracelets then check out our Italian collection. Below, we have the top choices from our Eros Milano collection.  

Milano Twist Chain

This is one of the most popular chains in the whole collection. It is made from detailed, fine, twisted metal that wraps around in a design reminiscent of an ancient Roman design. It comes in a 24" size but is adjustable so that it can be shortened to 14".

The chain comes in three beautiful colors to suit any occasion. A classic gold, a sleek silver, or a resplendent rose are all options. All are made from 925 sterling and rhodium a member of the platinum family. 

It contains a patented adjustable gasket, to hold the chain in place at whatever length you desire. Part of our Eros Milano collection, it has been featured in Vogue, Elle, Cosmo, and a range of other top publications. They are currently on offer, so you can even buy the whole set with a great discount. 

Because of its adjustable nature, the chain can be used for a number of occasions. Wear it long and low slung for a casual look, or tighten it up over a little black dress for a sophisticated evening outfit.

Sirius 7 Strand Italian Bead Necklace

While the above Milano chain can be used for many occasions, the Sirius 7 strand is used for one thing only. Making a grand, luxury jewelry statement. Its 7 strands, beaded chains are overlaid with rhodium for a dazzling shimmer. Combined with the diamond cut sterling silver beads, it will attract attention from all the right places. 

The top, smallest strand start at 16" and these increase in increments until the final 24" chain. The piece is fully designed and made in Italy by our fine Italian designers and craftsmen. 

The Sirius looks amazing with a low cut, flowered dress for a late afternoon cocktails session or light lunch date. It will also work well with any dress that uses black color and can match easily with handbags, bracelets, and necklaces.

Diamond-Cut Ball Earring and Necklace Set

The Diamond Cut Ball and Earring Necklace Set is the best seller in the Eros collection. Its stylish appearance makes it a perfect gift, with a design that shall surely be loved by anyone. It is extremely versatile making it a must for any wardrobe. 

Beauty is encapsulated in the diamond-cut drop earrings, which can be used for dressing up for a night out or dressing down for a day of fashionable relaxation. The necklace mirrors it with a single diamond cut ball on a beautiful sterling silver twist chain. The ball diameter on both pieces is a delicately sized 1/4". 

The silver chain is 16". It comes with a 2" extender, along with a lobster clasp so you can affix it easily. The metal is .925 sterling silver. 

Reminiscent of ancient Roman mythology, the beautiful design is a hallmark of the collection. The designers aimed to take inspiration from the tale of Eros, who created sparks of passion. This is visible in the dancing light that catches on the silver balls. 

Tri-Color Woven Italian Collection Bracelet

If any item in the collection encapsulated the stylings of the Roman empire, it would be the beautiful, intricate weave of the Tri-Color bracelet. Produced in small batches, this unique piece has sold quickly and is in limited supply. Don't miss out on this beautiful bracelet. 

It is made from three beautiful, high-quality metals. These are an 18k gold, a rose gold and a .925 sterling silver finished in rhodium. These are woven in a bracelet that has a width of 1/2", creating a dazzling, layered bracelet.

The whole thing is finished with a lobster clasp so you can affix it easily. With such a range of colors, it would fit perfectly with any outfit that uses yellows, soft pinks, greys, or block black and white. 

Saturn Bead Earrings in Rhodium and Rose

One of the most stunning designs in the collection, the Saturn earrings have a design that blends the artwork of numerous ancient Mediterranean civilizations. Influences can be seen in them that have come from Egypt and Greece, as well as Rome. They are cut to reflect light from various angles, so bound sparkle and shine across even the largest of rooms. 

Made from .925 sterling silver, then finished with rhodium and rose gold, they will not tarnish over time. They have a post-closing mechanism so can easily fix them to your ears. 

These earrings will be a surefire hit as a gift. The design shall be loved by anyone, and the item is so versatile that it can be used for evening or casual wear. 

Omega Necklace

Where many of the necklaces in the collection opt for delicate opulence, the Omega is a large, dominating statement. It adds a real touch of drama and romanticism to an outfit, with its thick, twisting chain. It is also available in a rose gold version for an extra stylish piece. 

The chain is 16" long with an option to extend it by 2". The whole .925 sterling silver necklace is finished with rhodium to stop it tarnishing, so the necklace will always retain its sparkle. 

Eros Milano Collection

If you enjoyed these items from the Eros Milano Italian Collection, then you should check out our other items. All items are made and designed by multi-generational craftsmen using the finest metals.

Items are limited in quantity to ensure exclusivity, so buy your jewelry today to avoid disappointment! 


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