Create a Natural Look With Stunning Stone and Shell Jewelry

Create a Natural Look With Stunning Stone and Shell Jewelry

Create a Natural Look With Stunning Stone and Shell Jewelry

Create a natural look and personal style by incorporating quality jewelry pieces made from stone, red coral, abalone or pearl into your wardrobe.

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Do you want to up your style game and add new pieces to your jewelry collection? The right necklace or bracelet can help you complete an outfit and get the perfect look.

Stone and shell are natural sources for stunning jewelry pieces. If you're going for a natural look, then these affordable, quality options are what you need. Take a look below for more on creating the beautiful, timeless style you're looking for.

Affordable Luxury


When a natural look is your goal, affordable luxury is a bonus feature. The beautiful stones and shells used to make this type of jewelry aren't as expensive as gemstones, which means they fit into your budget. Yet they also deliver the same sophisticated style you expect from diamonds and rubies.

Your friends may also love the natural look. One of the biggest reasons to buy jewelry is as a gift. Here are some ideas for when to buy natural stone jewelry and who to buy it for.

Buy natural stone jewelry when a friend starts appreciating the natural look. If she has a birthday coming up and her latest style choices are neutral colors for her personal style, she may be interested in a natural necklace to complete the look.

Nude colors and natural-looking makeup are also very popular. If your friend is embracing this style, she's a great candidate for a natural piece of jewelry.

You don't have to wait for a special occasion. Stone and shell jewelry can work as a token of your friendship. Show your friends how much they mean to you, especially during a pandemic when you have to stay apart more than you want to.

Natural jewelry pieces can also be a great reminder of loved ones. You might choose your mom's favorite stone in a necklace to remember her after her passing. Likewise, a bracelet with your children's birthstones, initials, or favorite shapes can remind you of them throughout your workday.

In other cases, the details of the jewelry don't mean nearly as much as the person who gave it to you. No matter the piece, you'll always remember the giver with fondness, and they will remember you. Choose a natural piece of jewelry as a gift to bolster a relationship with a loved one.

Spiritual Journey

Jewelry can be part of a spiritual journey. Some stones are known for their cleansing properties, as well as their connection to the divine. While they are classy pieces, they can also be the easiest way to cleanse your aura or get rid of negative energy.

Here are some other reasons your amber jewelry might bring the spiritual satisfaction you've been looking for. Combine the use of natural jewelry with other spiritual practices like meditation, yoga, or reiki for maximum effect.

Choose Shells for Exclusivity

The oldest jewelry ever found was made from shells. Even the earliest humans recognized that jewelry made from natural sources is luxurious and decorative. Nassarius shells, mollusks from the paleolithic age, were used as beads in Mediterranean regions, and as far south as South Africa.

Today, exclusive pieces made from shells are part of an international phenomenon. Most of the major abalone harvesting projects are in Australia and New Zealand, as well as Asian countries like China and Japan. Some types are found in North America, too, like the red, pink, and white varieties.

Abalone jewelry is made from the shells of sea creatures. Abalone are sea snails and they used to be just another species. Other animals ate them, but no one harvested them for their decorative properties until the 1800s.

Today, abalone is farmed, using research from Dr. Daniel Morse, a biochemist from the University of Santa Barbara. While he was against farming, modern abalone farmers are able to use the information he discovered to launch an ethical treatment program and humane farming. 

Achieve the Most Natural Look

Red coral jewelry is another undersea source for natural jewelry. Use a statement piece to accent a boat neck style or rounded collar. Wear a longer pendant to complete an outfit with a swingy hem and a cardigan for fall.

If natural is important, make sure you're choosing clothing made of natural fibers like wool or cotton. Not only are these options more sustainable and eco-friendly, but also they often have better quality and feel good on your skin.

These natural fabrics, paired with your red coral pieces, emphasize your commitment to the environment, as well as your love for style.

Ancient Jewelry

Natural jewelry is one of the best sources for quality jewelry pieces. In addition to the stone and shell sources above, ancient Roman glass has superior quality and distinction.

Each piece is made from historic pieces of Roman glass. That means it's unique and one of a kind. The tiny fragments of glass are excavated from historic sites in Israel and used to make the statement art jewelry in our shop.

They're over 2000 years old, and we combine them with sterling silver. Then the pieces are handcrafted to bring you unique, natural jewelry.

Back to Your Roots

For centuries people have been awed by nature and determined to take care of it. Embracing a natural look demonstrates your passion for the wild and majestic, and wearing natural jewelry helps you pull it off.

From abalone to red coral and Roman glass, these ancient sources of beauty come together for the timeless beauty and affordable luxury you want. 

Your unique, personal style needs some natural pieces to complete your wardrobe. Shop our collections today!


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