7 Spiritual Amber Properties for the Self-Loving Woman

7 Spiritual Amber Properties for the Self-Loving Woman

7 Spiritual Amber Properties for the Self-Loving Woman

Looking for a piece of amber jewelry to wear? Great choice. Click here to learn some of the best spiritual amber properties!

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There are many reasons why the jewelry industry's worth $18.823 billion. Most people consider jewelry luxurious, aesthetic, and non-essential accessories. Spiritual stones make jewelry necessary, supporting the demand of the market.

Knowing your jewelry makes for a profound experience. You can choose how to carry yourself through your days.

Jewelry can be an intentional and strategic way to armor up before you leave your house each morning. What do you need on your wrist, chest, or ears to help you conquer this day? 

Knowing amber properties is a smart place to start. Once you know them, it'll be hard to leave the house without it.

Here's what to know.

Amber Properties

Amber dates back to 8,000 BCE as a ritualistic stone for cleansing, healing, and spiritual connection. Baltic amber, or succinite, is the most common stone found today. 

Imagine the origin of the amber jewelry you seek. How far back does your jewel go and what does it mean that it's yours now? While it may feel as though your relationship with jewelry begins the day you buy it, it's lived lives before you.

As a result, it's up to you to feel into what you're drawn to and why. The properties of amber reflect its long and vast history. Known for fossilizing tree resin and insects, amber carries profound emotional and spiritual properties.

Spiritual Properties of Amber

If you find yourself drawn to amber's orange or warmth, you're already feeling its energy. Here are 7 amber spiritual properties.

1. Enhanced Willpower

Amber activates the third chakra or the solar plexus. The solar plexus represents self-esteem and confidence. If you struggle with low self-esteem, lethargy, or lack of energy, amber can boost your relationship with yourself.

2. Creativity

After developing a relationship with your amber jewels, you'll notice you're attuned to it. You can feel the difference in your body between when you're wearing amber and when you're not. You may find yourself reaching for your jewelry in anxious moments.

Attuning to your amber means you're communicating with it—and it with you. Doing so boosts creativity, inspiration, and heightened flow with your artistic pursuits.

Deepened trust is a natural byproduct of using amber, from which creative states unfold.

3. Clear Negative Energy

Once you experience the properties of amber, you'll likely feel cleansed. Amber extracts negative energy from your body, auric field, and the surrounding environment. As a result, it's a good protection stone that keeps your energy high throughout the day.

4. Repair Auric Field

Beyond cleansing your aura, amber repairs it. If you suffer from soul damage or gaps in your energy field, you'll likely feel porous, weak, and struggle with boundaries. 

You can always infuse an intention into your amber jewelry by asking it to serve you in a specific way. Seeking protection or guidance is a perfect time to invest in amber jewelry.

5. Warming

Amber's fierce orange prompts a warm, relaxing, grounding effect. Consider how wearing an amber bracelet on your wrist would differ from a pendant on your chest. How does amber's location cater to your needs?

If you're needing to aid your heart space, pendants are the smart choice. If you're seeking grounding in your mind, earrings are a good option. If you forget to feel your feet on the ground, bracelets or anklets are the way to go.

6. Aligning Body, Mind, and Spirit

Amber helps balance your whole being in conscious and unconscious ways. For a holistic, all-encompassing sense of upliftment, amber's your stone. 

If you feel off or like you don't know what you need, amber can bring you back into balance.

7. Spiritual Connection

Wearing amber jewelry means you're ripe to receive its healing. As a result, you may experience a deepened connection with your spiritual self. Amber's brightness and sun-like qualities can guide you closer to your own light.

Consider which color amber will bring you back to your true self. Amber properties exist in all amber, but different colored amber serves different functions.

There's black, red, golden, green, honey, and multi-colored amber. Will you use your amber in sacred ceremony, or as daily wear? Are you working with your divine feminine, fertility, or sexuality?

Knowing the reason for your amber ensures its deep rewards.

Amber Emotional Properties

Emotional and physical needs go hand in hand. Every physical symptom has an emotional root, so knowing your emotions can help target what your body needs.

Since amber has succinic acid, it's good for reducing inflammation. If you have inflammatory conditions, swelling, muscle tension, or seek pain relief, you're in the right place.

The emotional properties of amber are profound if you experience:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Lack of focus
  • Fatigue 
  • Lack of motivation
  • Lack of inspiration
  • Lack of enthusiasm
  • Mood swings
  • Weakened or fragile emotional state
  • Feelings of stuckness or stagnance
  • Dread or doubt
  • Ungroundedness
  • Emotional or physical imbalance 
  • Psychic attacks

Whether you locate your emotional needs or physical needs first, they'll guide you to the same place—amber. To maximize amber emotional properties and amber spiritual properties, it's good to know your buyer.

Quality Brand

A stone's healing properties are muted if they're inauthentic. When looking for your amber jewels, make sure of the following:

  • It's untreated, not synthetic
  • There's no middle man
  • You can track the sourcing, manufacturing, and design if desired
  • It comes from esteemed places
  • It holds appropriate value

It's easy to feel the difference between true amber and those that are unkempt. If your amber's synthetic, it'll feel like plastic. There's no place for plastic in healing.

Invest in the best to see how amber properties can impact your life!

Amber Awaits You

There's nothing more profound than having a connection to your stones and jewels. That magical energy is a sacred bond between you and the spiritual world. 

Jewelry for wear and jewelry for healing are two different things—amber properties let you have both in one. Where will you sport your warmth? Ears, chest, wrist?

Consider amber your new favorite, personalized lightworker—one you can have on you all the time. Shop our amber collection today to see how amber resonates with you!


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