A Jewelry Conspiracy: Shocking Benefits of Selling Direct

A Jewelry Conspiracy: Shocking Benefits of Selling Direct

A Jewelry Conspiracy: Shocking Benefits of Selling Direct

Jewelry prices are massively inflated; learn why these prices are so high and how to get a better deal on timeless, luxury jewelry pieces.

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Direct-to-consumer jewelers are experiencing record growth. Why are these online jewelers so popular? Is this where you should be making your next jewelry purchase?

A jeweler who is selling direct gives you many advantages as a consumer. Find out how you can update your jewelry collection with affordable luxury from a direct-to-consumer brand.

Lower Prices From Selling Direct

A major advantage when you buy from a brand that is selling direct is the price. You pay less with no middle-man. In 2017, the gross profit margin for jewelry stores was 42.6%. The standard markup for retail stores is double the price they paid.

Retail stores have to account for costs like rent and wages for their salespeople. When you buy direct, you avoid having these additional costs included in the price. You have more transparency in the pricing.

Brands can also offer you exclusive online discounts and promotions.

Get Trending Styles Faster

Some styles of jewelry are practically timeless. You also want to update your jewelry collection with the latest trends. You'll find these looks faster when you buy direct.

New jewelry pieces can appear on the brand's website before you find them in a retail store. Some brands even offer their direct clients special previews or early access.

Better Selection

A brand's online store often has more selection than you would find in a retail store. You can find a wider variety of jewelry with more sizes available.

Develop Your Personal Style

You can use a direct-to-consumer jeweler to develop your personal jewelry style. As your taste has evolved, you've probably tried out different styles and trends to see which ones fit you the best. Now you're upgrading your collection.

Look at the clothing styles in your wardrobe. You want jewelry that complements the clothes you prefer.

Think about the materials that attract you the most. The choices are almost limitless. You can choose from gold, silver, diamonds, gemstones, glass, seashells, and more. Each piece in your collection doesn't have to utilize the same materials. You want an overall look.

You can choose a jeweler who has a look that resonates with the style you want to develop. In addition, you can find a jeweler with a brand story that is compelling for you. Buying from a direct-to-consumer jeweler gives you the opportunity to connect more personally with the brand.

Fair Trade and Sustainable Jewelry

Finding affordable fair trade and sustainable jewelry is easier when you buy jewelry online. The fair trade movement ensures that people in developing countries who produce goods receive a fair wage for their work. When you buy fair trade, you know that the artisans who made your jewelry were paid a just wage.

Fair trade jewelry doesn't allow child workers or slave labor. It also helps ensure a safe and healthy working environment for the artisans.

Sustainability is another concern when buying jewelry. You can find sustainably sourced gemstones and other stones. Some jewelers offer pieces using recycled or "found" materials, like glass or wood.

If you can find fair trade or sustainable jewelry pieces in a retail store, the markup often makes them prohibitively expensive. The selling price for ethical jewelry is more affordable when you buy direct with no middle-man.

Genuine Craftsmanship

Selling direct lets the brand tell you the story of their jewelry. You can find genuine craftsmanship. You'll know about the designers and artisans who made each piece of jewelry.

Much of the so-called designer jewelry today comes from assembly lines in China. Some articles online even advise people hoping to sell jewelry to use these suppliers!

Avoid the assembly line and find a direct-to-consumer jeweler with originality and artisanship.

Personalized Experience

You may wonder about getting a personalized experience from an online storefront. You can still get personal service. In fact, you'll probably prefer the online experience.

When you buy jewelry online, you can look at pieces on your own terms. You can compare pieces and look for as long as you want. You don't have a salesperson pushing you to buy something you don't really want.

A direct-to-consumer jeweler will take note of the items you've purchased or looked at to suggest other jewelry pieces you might be interested in.

You have resources available to help you make an informed purchase. Client reviews are a good source of information. You can also contact the brand directly.


When you buy jewelry online, you benefit from the convenience of an online shopping experience. You can shop anytime from wherever you are. You avoid the hassles of finding parking, crowded stores, and long lines.

Shipping and Returns

Many online jewelers design their shipping and return policies to add to the convenience of your shopping experience. You can often benefit from free shipping on orders of a certain dollar amount or more. You usually have the option of expedited shipping as well.

Return policies vary, but most direct-to-consumer jewelers give you a time window for returns for any reason. You can buy with confidence knowing that you can change your mind after you receive an item and try it on.

You'll also be able to return a piece of jewelry in the unlikely event of a manufacturer defect or damage during shipping.

Choosing Your Online Jeweler

You have a growing number of direct-to-consumer jewelers to choose from. Look for a brand that will give you affordable luxury. You want collections that will help you develop your personal style. Finally, the brand should have a story that interests you.

Roma Designer Jewelry gives you value through selling direct. You get higher quality jewelry than you would find in most retail stores at a much lower price. Roma Designer Jewelry is sustainable, and true artisans make each item.

Check out our jewelry selection and start upgrading your collection today.


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