Romantic Jewelry That'll Make You Dazzle on Your Next Date

Romantic Jewelry That'll Make You Dazzle on Your Next Date

Romantic Jewelry That'll Make You Dazzle on Your Next Date

Looking your best is important, especially when you're going on a date! Take a look at this romantic jewelry that'll make you dazzle on your next date.

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Ah, the first date debate. How do you choose the perfect outfit that says all the right things at the same time?

You want to go for a look that's understated, but not too plain. Something that's sexy, but still has class. There's a fine line to walk when choosing the best first date outfit, but just remember that a little restraint goes a long way. 

One of the best places to start is with romantic jewelry - then build the rest of your outfit around that. Here are some of the perfect pieces for a first date:

Why is First Date Jewelry Important?

It's no secret that dating in today's world can be a daunting prospect. Your first date is undoubtedly the most important as it's your chance to make and leave the best first impression you can.

What you choose to wear, in terms of clothes and jewelry says so much about you. More so than you may realize. Jewelry is an accessory that can convey a number of specific messages. 

Garish, tacky, and in-your-face jewelry may convey the wrong message. Whereas too little jewelry or none at all could also portray the wrong thing. Your best bet is to meet somewhere in the middle, and if you're still in doubt, keep in mind that ''less is more'' always applies when it comes to first date jewelry. 

Here are a few jewelry choosing tips to keep in mind: 

  • Go for balance - remember that a mismatch of accessories could confuse and overwhelm your date 
  • Use jewelry to accentuate your best features i.e. use earrings to draw attention to your eyes or a necklace to your décolletage 
  • Portray a snippet of your personality - try not to keep things too plain, a hint at your personality is a great conversation starter 
  • Remember to have fun - you should wear what feels comfortable and what allows you to feel most like yourself 
  • Choose jewelry that best fits your date venue - let the location of your date dictate your overall outfit and jewelry choices 

Finally, remember that if you choose an outfit and jewelry pieces that don't suit your personality, your date will be able to pick up on this. 

Ultimately, this could translate to you feeling uncomfortable, which will have a negative effect on your overall mood and energy. 

6 Chic Romantic Jewelry Ideas

Now that you are armed with a few pro tips on how to choose your first date jewelry, here is a little more inspiration on pieces to choose from:

1. An Elegant Necklace 

You really can't go wrong when pairing a beautiful, elegant necklace with your first date outfit. 

Go for something striking, yet understated. A simple pendant necklace in gold or silver is perfect. Otherwise, dainty, layered gold chains are also a sexy yet mature adornment. 

2. A Statement Watch 

If you prefer to keep your jewelry simple, a great way to up the ante with your first date outfit is with a chic designer-look watch. A high-quality watch oozes sophistication, and it's an accessory that your date is sure to notice. 

Go for something striking, yet simple. Rose gold and leather is a beautiful combination, otherwise plain gold or silver is timelessly classic.

3. The Perfect Pair of Stud Earrings

Stud earrings are another timeless jewelry addition to your first date attire. But if you're going for diamonds or pearls, try to keep it low-key. Anything that is oversized or a little too sparkly can translate to gaudy. 

Simple diamond or pearl studs are a great way to draw attention to your face and eyes. They are also feminine and elegant - which says all the right things about you from the get-go.

4. Simple Gold Hoops 

The humble sterling silver hoop earring should be a firm staple in your jewelry collection as they are super versatile and go with nearly any outfit. 

Simple gold (or silver) hoop earrings are the perfect addition to a first outfit as they draw just enough attention to the face and shoulders. 

5. A Gold Bracelet 

If you want your date to notice slender, elegant wrists and hands, then a simple gold bracelet is the best addition to your first date attire. 

Go for a single gold band if you aren't a fan of stacking bracelets and distracting the conversation with your jingles! Otherwise, chainlink, rope, and woven metal bracelets are also chic, yet eyecatching.

6. A Ring Stack 

Ring stacking is all the rage at the moment- but remember the sentiment ''less is more''? If you're a fan of this trend, stick to small, dainty rings that are easily stackable and don't detract your date's attention. 

Remember These Jewelry No-No's 

As previously mentioned, there's a fine line between wearing statement jewelry that says that right thing and statement jewelry that's just distracting.

Some things to avoid when choosing your first date jewelry include: 

  • Avoid big, brightly colored bracelets that clang together - this may draw your date's attention for the wrong reasons 
  • Avoid dark or overly studded choker necklaces
  • Try to keep your necklace layering simple and uncomplicated - tangled necklaces could make you look messy 
  • Avoid layers of pearl necklaces at all costs
  • Avoid necklaces or bracelets made from plastic that may look cheap or tacky 
  • Do not wear a brooch of any kind - especially if it draws attention to your chest area

By choosing the right type of jewelry that truly befits who you are will ultimately translate the right message. And your date will be able to pick up on this. Comfort is key, but don't forgo style either!

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