6 of the Best Rings to Give Your Girlfriend and How to Shop For Them

6 of the Best Rings to Give Your Girlfriend and How to Shop For Them

6 of the Best Rings to Give Your Girlfriend and How to Shop for Them

Whether you're making a promise or proposing marriage, a ring is a great gift for your partner. We reveal our 6 favorite rings to give your girlfriend in 2020.

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Choosing the right ring for your partner is difficult. The options are endless, making it nearly impossible to make a decision. However, the right rings to give your girlfriend or partner depends on who it is you're giving the ring to. 

Everyone has his or her own personal taste and preference. Knowing the person you're giving the ring to is the first step. The second step is purchasing the ring from a company that's reputable and offers high-quality products. 

But don't let those words fool you into thinking you have to spend your entire savings account to find the right ring. There are plenty of affordable high-quality unique rings available. If you're not sure where to begin, we're here to give you a helping hand.

Below is our guide on how to shop for the right ring and a list of some of our favorite options! Continue reading below to learn more. 

How to Shop for the Right Ring

Your first step when ring shopping is to think about who it is you are buying the ring for. The ring should compliment him or her and fit his or her taste over your own. This is true whether it's an engagement ring, promise ring, or even a just-because ring. 

Here are some basic things to consider when ring shopping for someone else. 

  • The type of metal
  • The type of stone
  • The ring setting

Remember that these are just a few factors to take into consideration to help get you started in the process. Try to pay attention to all the small details when selecting the right ring and take a look at our favorite picks. 

The Baltic Amber Collection

The Baltic Amber Collection has several different rings that all hold an Amber stone in the center. The Amber gemstone is a great pick for someone who loves the warm and earthy feel that this stone gives. Each stone has its own unique details, which makes for a special gift. 

Here are our two favorite rings from this collection. 

1. Teardrop Honey Amber

The Teardrop Honey Amber Ring is an adjustable ring with a teardrop-shaped amber stone in the center. It's centered in filigreed sterling silver. The sterling silver design details at the top and bottom of the stone are beautiful, adding to the design. 

Other than a smallholding on the top and bottom of the stone, the stone is left untouched by the sterling silver, giving it a free-standing look as it rests on the finger. 

2. Honey Amber Rose

The Honey Amber Rose Ring is a magnificent piece as a small, round amber stone rests in the center of a sterling silver rose. You won't find many pieces like this one as the amber stone acts as the colorful center of the flower. The sterling silver pedals have a texture to them that makes them look real. 

The ring is an overall stunning piece for anyone who loves roses or flowers in general. 

David Beck Bali 

The David Beck Bali Collection is made up of bold statement rings. These rings are sterling silver with a few gold touches on some options. Some of these rings have stones while others do not, but all have exquisite details in the sterling silver. 

Here are our two favorite rings from this collection. 

3. Freshwater Pearl Bali

If your friend or loved one has a beautiful set of pearls, then you'll want to add this ring to his or her collection. If he or she doesn't already have a set of pearls, then this is the perfect piece to start a pearl collection. The Freshwater Pearl Bali Ring features a marvelous pearl in the center of a Balinese sterling silver setting. 

The details in the sterling silver on the side of the ring are stunning and compliment the peal perfectly.  

4. Bali Square Sterling Silver

The Bali Square Sterling Silver Amethyst Ring with gold detail has some of the most amazing details displayed throughout the entire setting. The amethyst stone sits in the center of the ring, surrounded by gold balls with small silver mimics between. The rest of the ring is sterling silver with hearts and other designs. 

Roman Glass

The Roman Glass Collection has several elegant pieces. Many feature turquoise stones on the rings, creating the glass elements. If turquoise is a favorite of the person you're buying for, then the Roman Glass Collection is your best bet.

Here are our two favorite rings from this collection. 

5. Roman Glass with Leaf Filigree Detail

The Roman Glass Ring with Leaf Filigree Detail features a piece of 2000-year-old Roman glass. The glass is then centered in a sterling silver setting. The glass piece is frosted but still translucent and the silver is detailed splendidly with a beautiful leaf design. 

6. Kingman Turquoise 

The Kingman Turquoise Ring is unique in that each ring has a turquoise stone that varies in color. The stone is centered in a sterling silver setting with an amazing rope design. The rope circles the stone and falls down the sides of the ring as well. 

Find the Best Rings to Give Your Girlfriend! 

When searching for the perfect rings to give your girlfriend or significant other, it's essential to keep in mind what his or her own style is. You want to find something that you and he or she both love. Choosing a ring from this list is a sure way to do just that.

Browse through our sterling silver thumb rings or entire ring collection for more options!


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