What to Wear to a Holiday Party: A Helpful Guide

What to Wear to a Holiday Party: A Helpful Guide

What to Wear to a Holiday Party: A Helpful Guide

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It's the time of year again, and chances are you have a few invitations to holiday parties. There are all types of holiday events, from the annual office party to a get-together with your closest friends.

When planning your holiday party outfits, you want to project a professional image of yourself — and knowing what not to wear can help you avoid an embarrassing and potentially career-limiting mistake.

What to wear to a holiday party depends on several factors like the location of the event itself. You also want to make sure you pick the right jewelry to complete your outfit. Choosing the right accessories can take your look to the next level.

Keep reading to discover how to dress your best while still looking festive for the season.

What Type of Party Is It?

The outfit you wear to your friend's holiday party likely isn't going to be the one that you wear to the office holiday party.

For a house party, you can stick with a more casual look. But what if you're going to a holiday party for work? If your coworkers and boss are going to be there, you want to look professional.

Once you have your outfit planned, you need to coordinate your look with the right jewelry. The right accessories can help accentuate your outfit and make it pop, making you the real star of the holiday party.

Outfits and Jewelry for a Casual Party

Let's say you received an invitation to a good friend's holiday party. It's at their house, and the dress code is casual.

Textured pants like sequins or velvet are perfect for a casual party. Plus, velvet is great for keeping you warm on chilly winter evenings. Go for black, burgundy, or dark green.

Pair textured pants with a cozy sweater in dark or neutral colors. Keep it simple with black shoes, boots, or heels.

The Best Casual Jewelry

Since textured clothing tends to stand out, you want to play down your jewelry. That doesn't mean you should skip it altogether. Choose pieces that enhance your look rather than compete with it. 

Simple jewelry can help enhance an outfit and make you look posh and polished.

A pendant necklace is a perfect choice for v-neck sweaters and pairs well with a dark or neutral fabric. For turtlenecks or cowl-neck sweaters, choose sterling silver dangle earrings and a coordinating bracelet.

Styles for a Formal Party

When many women think of a formal outfit, the little black dress comes to mind. And the LBD is still a great choice if you want to look classy and professional. But there are also some variations to the LBD perfect for the holidays.

If you want to be extra festive, consider wearing a velvet dress in holiday colors like burgundy or green. A black velvet dress looks elegant and also goes with any jewelry.

You can also pair black slacks with a velvet blazer for a pop of color and texture. Remember to keep your shoes simple but still winter-appropriate.

Jewelry for a Formal Party

If you plan on wearing a dress, enhance your look with a pair of dangle earrings. This style adds flair while still being classy.

If the event is at a fancy restaurant, you can't go wrong with a black dress and heels. To make your outfit pop, wear a bracelet that adds a little bit of color and pizazz.

Instead of a bracelet, you can also play up your look with a statement necklace. This type of accessory enhances a simple outfit like a black dress. The key is to look elegant without going overboard so stick to one or two pieces of jewelry.

What to Wear to a Holiday Party for Work

It's that time of year again, and your office is holding an annual holiday party. You might be wondering if you can skip it and stay home instead. But the truth is that the office holiday party can benefit you and your company culture. 

But what do you wear to a holiday party for work? That depends on your office dress code. If it's business casual, you can get away with a nice pair of black slacks and a glittery top.

Black or gold sequins are perfect for this time of year but stick with subtle, luxe styles. A simple but elegant dress also works well here. In general, think of what you usually wear to work but with a few classy touches.

The Jewelry That Works Best for the Office Party

When you dress for a holiday party for work, simple jewelry with a little bit of glitter and glam looks best. You want your jewelry to compliment your outfit, not clash with it.

You can dress up a plain black dress with a statement necklace that gives your look a pop of color. If you want part of your outfit to be the statement piece, stick to subtle jewelry like stud earrings or rope bracelets.

Why You Should Skip the Costume Jewelry

Unless you're attending an ugly sweater party, you should skip the cheap costume jewelry.

You're an adult, and you want to project a particular image of yourself. By choosing elegant pieces over cheap jewelry, you look refined and put-together. But that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your jewelry.

If you're feeling girly go with pearls or rose gold pieces that have a pinkish tint. If you love to stand out and you want your jewelry to do the same, look for higher-end statement necklaces.

Want your jewelry to transition from day to night? Versatile adjustable length chains work with any neckline or style.

Ready to Celebrate the Holidays in Style?

Once you have your invitation and your outfit planned for the event, you need to take the final step. Choosing the right jewelry to go with your outfit enhances your look. It's sure to make you stand out at any holiday party.

In the end, deciding what to wear to a holiday party depends on how well you know the host, the type of party it is, and the location. You don't want to be under or overdressed, so feel free to contact your host and ask about the dress code.

Investing in higher-end jewelry instead of cheap, costume pieces can make all the difference. And luxury jewelry doesn't have to be expensive, either.

Not sure where to start? Check out our pendants that go perfectly with a winter wardrobe.


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