Keeping It Simple: How Simple Jewelry Can Make Your Look Pop

Keeping It Simple: How Simple Jewelry Can Make Your Look Pop

Keeping It Simple: How Simple Jewelry Can Make Your Look Pop

Not all decoration has to be intense and elaborate. Simple jewelry, when styled correctly, can serve to improve your entire appearance.

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Wearing jewelry, both for adornment and for ceremonial purposes dates back to time immemorial. From pieces that hold a special meaning to the wearer, to pieces people wear just for fun, the art of wearing jewelry is still an active part of most individual's lives.

Simple jewelry, however, is a versatile staple that has lasted through the ages. These minimalist pieces will help keep your look current and classy, without going too over the top.

In this article, we'll talk about how to wear some simple jewelry pieces to make your outfit look glam. Whether it's for the office or for a night out, staple simple jewelry is the way to go.

Read on for more information about minimalist designs.

The Staple of Simple Jewelry: The Pendant

A pendant is one of the most recognizable forms of simple jewelry. And no wonder. They're versatile, and they make for fantastic and potentially meaningful gifts.

A simple pendant without much adornment is a perfect way to jazz up any outfit choice. Whether you're headed for drinks with friends or to a night at the opera, a pendant can add just a little bit of extra glam.

Pendants with a simple cubic zirconia, or a faith-based pendant, are both perfect ways to give your outfit a little bit of something extra, while still maintaining the minimalism.

The only time you should veer away from a pendant is if you are wearing a dress with a competing neckline. A busy neckline can detract from the simplicity of the pendant, and you'll want the neckline to do all of the talking.

Otherwise, a pendant is perfect for literally any occasion you can think of.


Bangles are incredibly important in Indian culture, and if you do wear a bangle to an Indian cultural function, you should be aware of this before you do.

But outside of the world of India, bangles are perfect to add a little bit of something extra to your outfit. A simple bangle, with or without a little bit of bling, can be paired with almost any outfit. It's perfect for a casual look, the office or for going out.

If you want to make your bangle "pop," opt for one with a little bit of sparkle on it. That way, you'll be sure your wrist looks fantastic when it catches the light.

Chain Bracelet

A chain bracelet is perfect for those who like the understated look. These bracelets can have beads or simply be crafted from a chain of metals. You'll clasp it around your wrist, and they look great and minimalistic when worn alone.

The beauty of the chain bracelet is that you can "stack" them against other bracelets. For example, if you're wearing a nice bangle, you can add that to your chain bracelet to build on it. But if you want to keep things really minimal, wearing it alone is perfect.

For a little bit of something extra, try a chain bracelet with several chains on it.


Rings can be extra blingy and can be a status symbol in some circles. But some people prefer to wear understated rings, which add to any outfit.

Wear a simple stacked ring to add something extra to your fingers without going overboard. This works well in any setting, and if you want to add a more dramatic ring for a night out, they pair well together.

If you're someone who wants something that's a little bit sparkly, try adding a ring with a simple single gemstone. This gives you that shimmer you crave without making your hand look like it's weighed down by your ring.


Stud earrings are your best bet for a simple, minimalist look. And the best part about stud earrings is that if you have multiple piercings in your ears, you can add them as you see fit. This elevates your look without detracting from the minimal nature of the earring in the first place.

For an earring that adds a touch of glam while still remaining simplistic, try a halo earring or one with a single gemstone. These earrings are easily stackable, meaning they look great with other earrings next to them.

A simple stud earring can be worn in any hole on your ear. You can also wear one on your cartilage if you've got extra ear piercings. Wearing a stud in another ear piercing gives you that tiny bit of edge, while also keeping things simplistic.

It shows off your personality without forcing you to wear something dramatic.

Wearing Simple Jewelry

Simple jewelry is great for any occasion, but at the end of the day, you should always wear jewelry that makes you feel like you. However, some offices and other organizations may have rules that specify you must wear simple jewelry, and that's where some of these rules come in.

You can pair simple jewelry with more dramatic jewelry for a more glam look for a wedding, party or another event. But remember, don't wear more than one statement item at a time. If you wear a statement necklace, for example, avoid big dangly earrings as they'll end up competing for the attention.

But simple jewelry is fantastic because it puts all eyes on you.

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