Office Flair: 5 Tips on Wearing Office Fashion Jewelry

Office Flair: 5 Tips on Wearing Office Fashion Jewelry

Office Flair: 5 Tips on Wearing Office Fashion Jewelry

When you're in an office environment, making a statement can still be classy. These tips on rocking fashion jewelry at the office will make you stand out.

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Companies often put together policies for what's appropriate at work when it comes to jewelry, but that has very little to do with style. When you're trying to find your own style with looking good at work, finding the right fashion jewelry is as important as knowing when to wear it. You can be classy while also making a statement.

Here are five tips to ensure that you wear your jewelry for maximum effect.

1. Know When To Make a Statement

When you've got a big meeting coming up or are heading up a presentation, you might want to wear a series piece do jewelry. You can assert your presence and manage the room when people see the kind of piece that you're wearing. 

Statement earrings are a powerful thing when paired with a powerful suit or a black ensemble. If you're being introduced to higher-ups and want to make an impression, they'll notice you're looking powerful, whether they say it or not.

Making a statement in office attire is hard, as so much of it is about being subtle and subdued. Your jewelry is your best bet when you need to say something different than you normally would. 

If you normally keep things calm with just a single ring on each hand or small and subtle earrings, use big moments as a chance to make a statement. 

2. If All Else Fails, Keep it Simple

If you're not sure what to do and you've got something up, keep it simple. A thin chain with a small stone can say a lot. Depending on the color of the gem and how it shines, you could be making a bigger statement than if you'd worn a giant brooch.

Follow your feeling for the day. If you don't feel like drawing too much attention to yourself, don't feel like you need to. Wearing something to the office that you enjoy for its simplicity can feel good and still get other people to notice it.

Simple is a good contrast if you're wearing a flashy outfit. Even small earrings or dainty jewelry still catches the eyes of others. It helps you feel like yourself without distracting from the business at hand.

If conservative dress is the preferred style at your office, you can get away with just about anything simple. If it's small, even better. You can wear your favorite little pieces of jewelry without ever raising an eyebrow.

3. Don't Show Off

One thing you never want to do in a work setting is to show off. If you've been recently promoted or got a raise, it's natural to want to buy a piece of jewelry to celebrate and reward yourself. A job well done deserves something like a piece of jewelry but it's not always worth the hassle.

When you show off, it can be upsetting to your co-workers. If they feel jealous about your promotion or your recent raise, they might not want to see you showing it off with jewelry. It can be distracting and make it hard to relate to your coworkers.

Since your main objective is to feel good when you take the time to look good, make sure you don't flash things in everyone's face. If your fiance just proposed to you and bought you a nice ring, then you might want to show off to a few people but stay humble.

4. Vintage is Always in Style

When you're looking for new pieces of jewelry, vintage pieces are always in style. Even if you're looking for something new, you can get vintage cuts that make a new piece look like it's been around for a while. Vintage jewelry can be cheaper than new pieces and it's much easier to fill out your jewelry box with a tight budget.

Vintage jewelry sometimes gets just as much attention as a new piece. On top of that, you get to tell a story when anyone asks about it. Even if you don't know where it came from or anything about its background, you can tell the story of where you got it and when.

Vintage jewelry is fun to collect when you go out of town. You can attach each piece to what you did and have a fun story to tell when anyone comments on it. You find the most interesting pieces in vintage shops.

5. Ask Your Colleagues

If you're concerned with what's appropriate for your office or what would work for you, why not ask around? Find someone whose style you appreciate and see what they have to say. If they wear the kind of jewelry that you like, ask if you can copy them for a bit.

They might be happy to be your style advisor.

If you have a nice collection of older pieces, you can trade with them or even go shopping together. When you find anyone whose style matches yours, use them as a sounding board for what looks good.

This is especially good if they've worked in the office longer than you. They'll have all kinds of tips to offer to help you understand what's going to work for you. If they give you a tip that you're scared to try, push yourself to try something new whether it's going trendy or making a bold statement.

Fashion Jewelry Can Define a Style

The great thing about fashion jewelry is that it can turn a monochrome outfit into a complete style or accent a very flamboyant dress. In an office environment, it works to your advantage to have lots of jewelry options for every occasion.

If you want your jewelry to be your personal brand, check out our guide to making it happen.


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