Building a Personal Brand: 5 Ways You Can Build Your Brand Through Fashion

Building a Personal Brand: 5 Ways You Can Build Your Brand Through Fashion

Building a Personal Brand: 5 Ways You Can Build Your Fashion Brand

Though brands may often be associated with businesses, building a personal brand has become just as important. Here are 5 ways to start building a fashion brand.

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“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.”

- Margaret Thatcher

Your personal brand is who you're presenting to the world and the impression you give off. It's not about creating a false persona - It's an intentional way of telling people what you stand for without having to say it.

One way of 'not saying it' is to become intentional with your fashion choices. A well-curated look will boost your confidence and manage the impressions you give off.

Keep reading discover how to use your personal style for building a personal brand.

How to Start Building a Personal Brand

When people hear the word 'personal brand' it's thought of in the context of a profession. It's the impression you give off to others. It's being yourself on purpose.

You want to build your platform from who you already are. Otherwise, you could find yourself trying to fit a character. Consider influential public figures like Beyonce, Michelle Obama, or Ariana Huffington. What you know of them are their brands. When they don't seem rehearsed or unnatural its because their brand is an extension of who they are.

Start with 3-5 emotional words that describe who you are. Are you perky, professional, or adventurous? Use your favorite search engine to find images and colors that are associated with these words.

If you have trouble with this, write down the impression you'd like to give off. From there, look at people that embody these traits. Use the parts you like about them in your own style.

How to Use Your Style to Compliment Your Personal Brand

Before someone ever gets to know you, they're first going to take a look. This is a pretty botched quote from Jim Rohn but it holds true. It takes mere seconds to form a first opinion. These moments are crucial for holding the attention of potential clients or partners.

1. Be Authentic

One of the most important parts of building a personal brand is being authentic. Now more than ever consumers want to be able to trust the brands they do business with. More than 90% of customers want the brand they interact with to be transparent.

Lacking authenticity will drive people away from you.

A well-curated wardrobe should reflect this. You don't want to look like you wandered out of the house in someone else's clothes. Take the list you made before and acquire pieces that fit.

Starting out, you may have the urge to mimic others. This is fine if you remain mindful that you're working toward finding your personal style.

Are you a fashion minimalist at heart? Do you prefer a pair of sunglasses for every outfit? No matter the style, a few well-chosen pieces can help you express who you truly are.

2. Be Mindful of Fit

Ill-fitting clothing is a sure way to give off the wrong impression. Is your dress too tight? You'll make people wonder what exactly you're selling. Is it too loose? You're sure to look rushed and unprepared.

Even if your brand is 'sexy' or 'casual', you can still give the wrong impression. You want your outfits to compliment you. Your new shirt isn't getting the deal, you are. You are the show.

Clothing is made based on size averages. This is why a size 10 isn't a size 10 everywhere. Most clothing can be custom tailored to your figure.

When you are comfortable in the clothes you wear, you are more confident. A good fit will help secure in people's minds who you are and what you stand for.

3. Be Well Groomed

Your hair is as much a part of your look as your outfit. The same would go for makeup if you chose to wear it. If you are more minimalist in the beauty category, find 3-4 quick hairstyles that are easy to do but complementing to your features. For makeup, have a routine you can move through quickly but that offers great results. 

If your style is bold and in-your-face, make sure it fits your brand. A signature look can go a long way to how people see you.

4. Be Mindful of Colors

Colors have different meanings depending on the culture you hail from. For example, in the west white is the color of purity. In some Asian countries, white is the color of mourning.

Colors also look different on different people. This is because your personal skin tone is complemented by the colors you wear. Warm skin tones look best in warm tones like red, orange, and yellow.

Cooler skin tones tend to look better in cooler shades like blue, purple, and green. Neutral skin tones can wear either.

The right color palette will make your clothes sing on you. The wrong colors can make you look sallow or washed out.

This is also why some look best with gold jewelry while others look best in silver and platinum.

The way to tell your personal shade is to check out the veins on the inside of your elbow. If your veins are blue, you have a cool skin tone. If they are green, you are a warm color person. If you can't see them, chances are you are neutral.

5. Be Consistent

Equally crucial to authenticity is consistency. It is the best way to get your personal brand across. When you continue to show up for people, they begin to recognize you for the value you create. 

A "uniform" can help with this. A uniform is a go-to style for different occasions. Select pieces that are well made and neutral. This will form the foundation of your look. You can then layer different parts around it.

For example, your work outfit can be a grey or blue pantsuit with a colorful shirt. For casual outings, try a uniform of a neutral tank, shorts, and wedges. Having a uniform will take the stress out of dressing well. It will also allow you to highlight unique clothing items like leopard print shoes.

Things to Remember

Whether you're trying or not, you are building a personal brand. If you're always on time, and nice to be around, this is how people view you. The opposite is also true. Adding intention to this will solidify you in the mind of others.

Consistency with your brand helps to build the brand. People will learn to think of your style as charming, well-groomed, eclectic, or professional. Being comfortable in what you wear will make you more confident and help you to market yourself. 

A personal brand is your reputation. Without authenticity, years of work can vanish in a second.

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