The Cost Is Never Too Much: 6 Timeless Jewelry Pieces Worth the Large Price Tag

The Cost Is Never Too Much: 6 Timeless Jewelry Pieces Worth the Large Price Tag

6 Timeless Jewelry Pieces Worth the Large Price Tag

Do you want a piece of jewelry but are thwarted by the high price tag? Timeless jewelry is never too expensive. Here are 6 jewelry pieces worth the splurging.

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Classic luxury jewelry is a good investment.

The projected growth of demand for diamonds is 1-4% through 2030. This outstrips the projected growth of the supply of 0-1%. You can't go wrong investing in diamonds. 

Pearls are another good classic jewelry investment. 

Are you worried about the high price tag of that timeless piece of jewelry you're eyeing? Some things are worth the high price. 

...and in this article, we'll give you some insider secrets on how to build a timeless jewelry collection without breaking the bank. 

Take a look at these timeless jewelry pieces that are worth the splurge. 

1. Diamond Earrings

One of the most classic and timeless pieces of women's jewelry is a set of diamond earrings. Diamonds are a statement piece. A diamond represents purity and love which is why they're in most engagement rings. 

Diamond earrings are a perfect anniversary gift for the woman you love. When shopping for diamonds, look for the four C's:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat 

A flawless diamond is colorless. Diamonds are graded on a scale of D to Z. A D-grade diamond is colorless. The stones are graded under precise lighting conditions that allow comparison to master stones. 

Clarity is the evaluation of flaws within the diamond and the blemishes on the outside. There are 6 categories on the clarity scale, some with subcategories. 

The cut determines the sparkle a diamond has. Seven components are involved in grading the cut, including brightness, fire, and scintillation. 

Carat is the weight of the diamond. Each carat is 200 milligrams. 

Giving her a diamond shows how strong and durable your love is, much like the diamond itself. 

Budget-Conscious Alternative: CZ stud earrings. When you purchase high-quality cubic zirconia stud earrings in sterling silver, you got the look of diamonds earrings, at a fraction of the cost. 

2. Diamond Necklace

Does your loved-one prefer a necklace? You can't go wrong with a classic diamond pendant necklace. Nothing is more elegant than a diamond pendant on a chain.

And no woman would turn down a diamond necklace with matching diamond earrings. 

The diamond pendant shouldn't reach farther down than the collarbone. An adjustable chain is appropriate. Since you're splurging on luxury, aim for a diamond that's 1 or less in color and S12 in clarity. 

A diamond necklace is a perfect accessory for your little black dress and your next formal affair. 

Budget-Conscious Alternative: CZ pendant necklace. Similar to the CZ stud earrings, the purchase of a high-quality cubic zirconia sterling silver pendant, gives you the look of diamonds, at a fraction of the cost. 

3. Pearl Earrings

Pearls are another timeless piece of jewelry. Do some research before you buy since there are different types of pearls. 

All retail pearls in jewelry stores are "cultured pearls," unless otherwise labeled. This means they come from an oyster farm.

A tiny piece of shell is inserted into the oyster. The oyster deals with the irritant by secreting a coating around it. Over time, this coating becomes the pearl.

To see if a pearl is real, rub it gently across the front of your tooth. Avoid the edge of your tooth so as not to scratch the pearl. If the pearl is real, it feels gritty. 

A jewelry dealer should always tell you if the pearls are imitation. 

The classic white Akoya pearl has rose, cream, and silver overtones. 

Freshwater pearls come in a wide range of natural colors. These range from white to pink and even lavender. A high-quality white pearl should have varying tones of color.

Tahitian pearls are the only pearls that are organically black. They come from the black lip oyster of French Polynesia and Tahiti. They range in color from dark green to black. 

A true black pearl is rare. A classic stud is an elegant choice, but don't be afraid of a hoop or dangle pearl earring. Always buy from a reputable dealer with a solid return policy. 

4. Pearl Necklace

A beautiful pearl necklace lends an air of sophistication to any outfit. The classic white string of pearls is a solid choice for a woman's first strand. But pearls with shades of pink and lavender are fun and perfect for spring. 

Keshi pearls are from both freshwater or saltwater mollusks. These beautiful pearls are irregularly shaped and look like small poppy seeds. They're made when the pearl rejects the implanted piece of shell. 

Adding a single strand of pearls to a casual outfit works too. 

Pearl necklaces come in single or multi-strands.  

5. A Long Necklace

Another timeless, must-have piece for your jewelry collection is a long, elegant necklace. The long necklace dresses up a casual outfit. Wearing a long necklace elongates your neck. 

A necklace that's 20-24 inches goes well with evening wear and high necklines. This length necklace sits on the bust or an inch or two below. 

A rope necklace is 36-42 inches. You'll wrap this necklace a few times depending on where you want it to sit, typically on or below the center of your bustline. The rope necklace is perfect for evening wear or an elegant business suit. 

If you're shorter than 5'4", avoid necklaces that are too long. Opt for a length that sits on the collarbone or slightly below. 

6. Signature Bangles

Not everyone likes a bracelet on her arm. But there are lots of gorgeous classic statement bracelets. From pendants to diamond tennis bracelets, go for the look that suits you best. 

Many bracelets are made for stacking but don't overdo it. Some bracelets are iconic classic signature pieces. They can be as simple as a cuff that comes with a screwdriver for opening and closing the bracelet. 

Many of these simple gold bracelets sell for $6,000 or more but they'll never go out of style. 

Everyone Needs Timeless Jewelry Pieces 

The great thing about timeless jewelry is it always stays in style. Women will always wear diamonds and pearls because they're elegant and sophisticated. 

You can't go wrong investing in diamonds and pearls either. They're precious gemstones that hold their value. Pass your precious luxury jewelry to the next generation as a timeless memento.

Give your daughter her first strand of pearls for her 16th birthday.  

Whatever your jewelry preference, there's always a diamond or pearl that suits your style. Choose a little luxury next time you need a new piece of jewelry. Go with one of these classic pieces, and you'll have it forever. 

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