9 Tips on Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

9 Tips on Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

9 Tips on Caring for Roman Glass Jewelry

Have you recently added roman glass jewelry to your beloved jewelry collection? Read here for nine foolproof tips on caring for your roman glass jewelry.

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Do you own any Roman glass jewelry in your collection? Are you a fan of luxury and timeless pieces?

Roman glass is a glass existing since the Roman empire. People found this type of glass through archaeological excavation in Mediterranean countries.

Roman glass is a fragile piece. It went through many processes to turn into a beautiful jewel. With this, it needs proper care every time.

Want to ensure your roman glass jewelry retains its luster? Continue reading and find out nine tips on how you can take care of your Roman glass jewelry.

1. Keep It Dry

All authentic Roman glass jewelry that exists today is a thousand years old, or even more! The color of the Roman glass is the result of soil, weather, and pressure preservation. Thus, creating a beautiful patina on the surface and making the glass a delicate piece of jewelry.

Roman glass is sensitive to liquid. Fragments with patina are vulnerable when they contact any liquid. It can cause discoloration and cloudiness.

The shade of Roman glass jewelry can change and lose its opalescent quality. With this, remember to take your roman glass jewelry off when you take a shower, swim, or wash your hands. Doing this can prevent your jewelry from discoloration.

2. Store It Somewhere Dry

Keep your Roman glass jewelry where it’s not humid. The moisture can cause damage to your jewelry if not taken care of right away.

You can use a zip bag to store your silver jewelry with roman glass fragments. However, ensure to wipe the inside of the bag before using it. Don’t let any air get inside because it can create moisture.

Don’t expose your zip bag to direct sunlight. It can cause moisture inside the bag, too. In this situation, you need to keep in mind not to wear your jewelry in humid places.

3. No Using of Hands

Roman glass isn’t only sensitive to liquid. Oil can also damage its quality.
You apply moisturizer, lotion, and other skincare to keep the skin hydrated. Your body may produce excess oil when exposed to heat.

The hands secrete oil, too. The oil can affect the chemical elements of the Roman glass once in contact. It can change its color and turn cloudy, same with water.

With this, avoid touching the gem with your bare hands. Use a jewelry cloth if you want to wipe the glass.

4. Handle It With Care

Roman glass is a delicate piece; Hence, it’s vital to handle it with care. Once the glass gets damaged, you can never repair it.

As mentioned, every glass that exists today is a thousand years old. It’s prone to immediate breaking when dropped or hit on a hard surface. A light bump can create a scratch on the Roman glass.

5. No to Chemicals

Don’t let chemical-containing materials like lotions, perfume, and hairspray near your jewelry. Like water, it can create discoloration to the glass.

The shade and shine of the glass can change. Your Roman glass jewelry can turn into a regular glass if not maintained.

Apply your lotion and your perfume first, and allow it to dry on your skin before wearing your jewelry. It ensures it won’t get in contact with the chemicals.

6. Use a Jewelry Cleaner

One of the jewelry guides is to use appropriate cleaners for your silver jewelry. There are proper materials you can use to clean your jewelry.

Use jewelry or dry polishing cloth to clean the silver. Wear gloves appropriate for cleaning jewels.

Prevent the cloth from making contact with the glass because it can create a scratch. Don’t use towels, tissue, or any other wiping material for your jewelry. The microfibers from these materials can scrape metal, too.

7. Cleaning Your Silver Jewelry

Another jeweler guide, Roman glass jewelry doesn't need cleaning. You only need to clean the silver. Cleaning the chain, clasp, or ring prevents the materials from tarnishing.

It also prevents the silver jewelry from oxidizing. Oxidation can cause green discoloration on your skin. Wiping the silver ensures that this won't happen to you.

However, it's best not to use chemicals when cleaning your silver. The materials can corrode and tarnish your jewelry. It’s best to use a dry polishing cloth.

8. Wear It on Gathering

Wearing Roman glass jewelry is a new trend, often reserved for special events.

It’s best to wear your silver necklaces on special occasions such as dinner dates. Wearing your Roman glass jewelry at gatherings gives the attention it deserves. People will express their adoration for the jewel when you make it the highlight of your outfit.

Avoid wearing your Roman glass jewelry if you’re out doing physical activities. It’s prone to damages and scratches from sweat and bumps when you do activities. Not only will it damage your fine pieces, but it can also be dangerous.

9. Treat It Like a Gem

Creating Roman glass jewelry requires a high amount of effort and determination. Roman glass jewelers can only excavate these pieces from the land of Israel. It means you can’t create this kind of piece now nor find it anywhere.

Taking care of Roman glass jewelry requires that same effort and commitment. Clean it as much as possible but ensure to use a careful hand. Keep it somewhere safe where it won’t get soaked.

9 Crucial Tips to Caring for Your Roman Glass Jewelry

Here are nine tips on how you can take care of your Roman glass jewelry. Roman glass jewelry is irreplaceable and even harder to replicate. Use this guide to keep your jewelry looking brand new and shiny!

Are you looking to build your jewelry collection? Do you want to upgrade your cheap retail pieces to timeless luxury jewelry? Contact us today to learn more about Roman glass jewelry and start building a more exclusive collection!

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