7 Simple Ways to Spice up Silver Necklaces

7 Simple Ways to Spice up Silver Necklaces

7 Simple Ways to Spice up Silver Necklaces

Do you have silver necklaces that sit in your wardrobe day after day? Read here for seven simple ways to spice up your favorite silver necklaces.

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We all have a box of silver jewelry that we are not sure when to wear or how to style. 

Silver is beautiful, versatile, and deserves to be worn. In fact, wearing your silver jewelry is one of the best ways to keep it clean. The friction generated from wear prevents tarnishing and keeps silver's shine.  

So get out your silver necklaces because this is your official jewelry guide to styling silver.

Keep reading to learn seven simple ways to style your silver necklaces to get the most use out of your silver pieces.

1. Compliment Your Outfit

If you want your silver jewelry to stand out, you want to consider the color of your outfit. Although silver can be worn with just about any color, silver has a lighter hue and stands out against darker colors. 

Silver is the most reflective element and when polished, it has a brilliant light and airy color. It also reflects 95% of the light spectrum, making it exceptionally shiny. This means that lighter clothes may wash out silver pieces.

Try wearing navy blue, deep purple, or dark red to really make a sterling silver necklace pop. 

2. Layer Up Your Silver Pieces

Layering your jewelry is just as much fun as layering your clothing. You can experiment with different lengths, textures, and shapes to let your style shine through.  

You can pair long and mid-length necklaces, layering up to a choker. This brings the focal point up to your face, framing it with your favorite pieces. With silver jewelry like bangles and bracelets, adding an assortment of pieces is a fun way to create some pleasant jingle-jangle as you move your arms and hands. 

Stacking your rings is a great way to layer silver pieces. You can use rings you'd typically wear on other fingers to create stackable sets.

Gather all your jewelry together and mix and match to find the style that suits you and doesn't feel overdone.

If you are unsure how to layer your necklaces, you can purchase layered sets ready to wear. 

3. Know How to Mix Metals 

This has always been something of a fashion faux pas - mixing silver and gold. But this has been overruled, and with the right combination, mixed metals look great together. 

We sometimes think of gold as superior, but ancient Egyptians considered silver more valuable than gold. 

You can mix different pieces that are made of silver, gold, or rose gold. However, choose one part of your body to combine metals and stick to that. Don't double down on mixing metals on different parts of your body like fingers, wrists, and neck. 

Try wearing a necklace with a silver chain and adding a gold pendant. You can also layer with different color chain necklaces with different lengths. Bangles and bracelets also look great with a variety of other metals styled together. 

Or you can buy beautiful necklaces that are already mixed with two or three metals. 

4. Use a Focal Point Piece 

There are certain pieces that you can wear that draws the eye and demands attention. Statement pieces, for instance, are usually great for starting a conversation. An unusual or antique pendant may have the same effect. 

Additionally, if you wear a bold piece such as a statement necklace, you want to consider more subtle earrings. You can also add a pendant to your favorite silver chain–just ensure that the chain is more delicate to allow the pendant to be the focal point. 

You will also want to ensure that your clothes don't distract from your focal point piece. 

5. Sometimes, Less Is More 

Layering and experimenting with different colored metals is fun, but knowing when to stop is also essential.

You don't want to look like you've emptied your entire jewelry box and mindlessly threw together all of your pieces. 

If you are wearing louder colors and your outfit is edgier, try wearing fewer pieces and more delicate sterling silver jewelry. On the other hand, if you want to load up on the jewelry, make sure your clothes are monotone to allow your jewelry to stand out.  

6. Invest In High-Quality Silver 

It can be tempting to buy jewelry that comes from fast-fashion establishments.

Sure the pieces can be cute, and they cost next to nothing, but they also last about one outing. Not only can "fast fashion jewelry" make you look tacky, they discolor very quickly. 

Additionally, the only way to mix metals with your jewelry is to ensure that they are of the highest quality gold and silver. Poor quality silver is usually apparent and even more pronounced next to poor quality gold.

A reputable jewelry company will only feature high-quality silver. 

7. Silver Necklaces For Every Occasion

Silver is very versatile and easy to style. There is a silver necklace to suit every occasion.

During the workweek, you want to tone down the flash and wear more dainty and delicate necklaces. For the evening, you can wear bolder pieces and pair them with other metals.

Finally, don't be afraid to throw in colored gemstones with your favorite silver necklace for formal occasions.

The Low Down on Styling Silver

Silver is timeless, and it deserves to be worn often. So the next time you pull out your silver necklaces, try mixing metals, complimenting your outfit, and layering with other pieces. In addition, investing in high-quality silver not only guarantees that your pieces last you a long time but that they never go out of style.  

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