9 Modest Jewelry Ideas to Wear with Funeral Attire

9 Modest Jewelry Ideas to Wear with Funeral Attire

9 Modest Jewelry Ideas to Wear with Funeral Attire

It's perfectly appropriate to wear modest jewelry to a funeral. Here's what jewelry you should wear with your funeral attire.

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2.4 million funerals take place in the US each year. 

The traditional funeral has given way to an array of memorial types. It is not uncommon for loved ones to hold celebrations of life on the beach or green and woodland funerals.

As funerals change, so does funeral attire. Traditional black outfits are giving way to subtle tones, and some simple accessories are acceptable. Most funerals, however, respect the lives of those who are no longer with us with conservative styles.

If you are attending a funeral or memorial service, here are some jewelry ideas that can keep you looking simple and elegant without embarrassment.

Funeral Dress

If you are attending a traditional funeral, you will want to wear something conservative. Avoid low necklines or high hemlines. You do not want to wear anything too short, sexy, or revealing.

If you are a close friend or family member, black is appropriate. If you are not, however, any subtle, neutral color will work fine. Consider navy, brown, or gray.

It is important, however, to consider the tradition of the deceased's family. In Hindu culture, for example, white is the color to wear to funerals. Black is considered disrespectful.

Similarly, red is the color of happiness in Chinese culture. It should not be worn to a funeral, even as an accessory.

Be sure to keep your shoes simple and polished. Avoid any bright colors or wild patterns. A cocktail party look is not appropriate for funerals or memorial services.

If you will be attending an outdoor funeral, a simple blazer, sweater, or hat will add to the respectfulness of your look. You may also want to bring along an umbrella and some hankies in case it rains, or if someone near you is crying.

If you will be attending something outdoors in the summer, your outfit should be lightweight and comfortable but conservative. Remember that you will be standing for a long time, so footwear should be comfortable. Plain sunglasses are appropriate, but avoid anything too flashy.

For most funerals, your look should be polished and classic. And consider wearing waterproof mascara. Your makeup and jewelry should be simple.

1. A Pearl Necklace

You will want to avoid any showy or flashy jewelry pieces at a funeral. Instead, opt for elegant and subtle pieces.

Pearl necklaces are demure, sophisticated, and glamorous. There are shorter, more conservative options as well as longer, more modern ones.

Either way, pearls are simple and stylish. They show that you take pride in your appearance without drawing attention to yourself.

2. Diamond Studs

You will want to avoid any jewelry that swings or clinks when you move. Diamond studs make you look radiant without telling the world "please look at me." Their shine and brilliance are classic.

3. Tennis Bracelets

While trendy jewelry is fun, it may not be welcome at a traditional funeral. 

A tennis bracelet contains precious diamonds or gems and is connected with a thin, precious metal chain. It can be gold, platinum, or silver. A tennis bracelet is a simple, elegant choice for a memorial service.

4. Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets in silver or gold are appropriate for a funeral, especially in warmer weather outdoors. While simple gemstones or artful designs will work, you should steer clear of bright colors and charms.

5. Gold Hoop Earrings

Small gold hoop earrings will add precious elegance to dark colors. The touch of feminity looks great when paired with a short gold necklace with one precious stone. Be sure that your earrings are not too large, or you will look too casual for the occasion.

6. Pendant Necklaces

A pendant necklace will work at a funeral as long as you keep the design simple. Consider a bar pendant, filigree coins, or a locket. Precious metals work best.

You do not need a low-cut neckline to show off pendant necklaces. In fact, something sheer with a conservative collar will complete the sophisticated look.

7. Cuff Links

At a traditional funeral, men will also want to wear conservative styles, such as button-down shirts and ties. A blazer is appropriate much of the time.

Cuff links add elegance on formal occasions. Black cuff links at a funeral are both traditional and respectful.

8. Gemstone Earrings 

Small gemstone earrings of ruby, sapphire, and emerald are appropriate for women as long as they are conservative. If you are wearing all black, they can add a little color to your outfit without adding flash.

It is no longer necessary for gemstones to be genuine. Rhinestones will work fine if they are clean and sparkling.

9. Something To Remember the Deceased By

There is an exception to the rule of conservative jewelry at a funeral. You may choose to wear something that signifies your appreciation for the tastes of the deceased.

You may, for example, wear a cat-shaped brooch if the deceased was a cat-lover. If he was an avid golfer, a golf pin might be appropriate.

At all times, you will want to remember that the point of a funeral is to remember the one who as passed, and not to draw attention to yourself. Anything that says "I am here to be respectful and honor a life" will demonstrate class and dignity.

Jewelry to Complement Funeral Attire

Most funeral attire should be modest, conservative, and simple. Any jewelry that accompanies it should be equally conservative. You may, however, remember those who have passed with pieces that would have pleased them.

For more lovely jewelry ideas, read our blog today. 


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