Why Cheap Jewelry Can Actually Cost You More

Why Cheap Jewelry Can Actually Cost You More

Why Cheap Jewelry Can Actually Cost You More

Cheap jewelry and costume jewelry can seem like an affordable fix, but it can actually cost you more. Here's what you should know about buying cheap jewelry.

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7% of the total American population consider their spending on jewelry as a major expense. Jewelry is a key fashion statement especially among women of all ages. You will certainly look more glamorous if you can accessorize that beautiful dress with a stunning piece of jewelry to boot.

Most people assume that good quality jewelry must cost you an arm and a leg. This assumption is overrated. You can always go for affordable but quality jewelry.

But, you also need to know that cheap can be costly in the end. If you are considering buying cheap jewelry in place of more expensive but affordable pieces you need to consider a few important pointers.

Cheap jewelry and costume jewelry can seem like an affordable fix, but it can actually cost you more. Here's what you should know about buying cheap jewelry.

Cheap (Usually) Means Low Quality

Do you ever wonder how stores with such low-cost jewelry break even? Well, it is because the pieces of jewelry they sell are low quality and cost less. Most of the gemstones you will find in cheap jewelry stores are amazing on the surface but will eventually disappoint you.

If you plan on buying a cheap gemstone, you are better advised that they tend to have an inferior color. They also tend to break easily when bumped. You may need to consider these important observations before settling for that cheap jewelry option.

The Risk of Imitations Is high

Your naked eye will not realize this, but most of the diamond jewelry you find in cheap jewelry stores is an imitation. This is not meant to burst the bubble but is impossible to get a genuine diamond at the price that most of these cheap jewelry stores quote. What you will most likely buy is some fake stone.

Some shrewd jewelry makers will include small pieces of a real diamond in between normal metal droplets. Because of the excitement you derive from buying such jewelry cheaply, you rarely undertake due diligence. You only learn later that cheap is expensive when your cheap piece of jewelry begins to discolor.

Do not fall for fake jewelry when you can buy affordable yet genuine jewelry.

Cheap Jewelry Equals Shaky Prongs

If you have ever gone out window shopping for rings, you know that prongs are the backbone of a strong ring. Unfortunately, when you go out seeking to buy a piece of cheap jewelry, you tend to sacrifice such nitty-gritty at the altar of cheaper prices. Such cheap pieces of jewelry have weak prongs that are easily damaged sooner rather than later.

In a ring, such prongs hold the stone in place. You know what happens in the event that these prongs get weaker with time.

Stop buying cheap jewelry if you want a lasting solution to shaky prongs. There is a range of fairly priced options you can consider if in need of quality rings.

Watch out for Lower Karat Gold

Have you ever sort for a gold necklace, a ring or bracelet and marveled at how cheap they are in specific jewelry stores? Well, it is because they were of a lower karat gold standard than the seller purported. You may wonder what is cheap jewelry made off, it is actually made of lower standards of the purported expensive stone.

In the United States, most of the cheap jewelry sold as gold does not even attain the standard regulation of 10 karats. If you are keen about your health and the various allergies, you must always stick to wearing jewelry that is between 14 and 18 karats. Also, cheap gold-coated jewelry may not be the best solution for your fashion needs.

Be Keen on the Hazardous Components in Cheap Jewelry

Imagine achieving a temporal stunning look at the expense of long-term chronic disease. Terrible right? This is what buying cheap jewelry will most likely lead to. Lead jewelry is an observable example of the negative consequences of buying cheap jewelry.

Be Aware of the Dangers of lead Jewelry

If you are considering buying fancy earrings to accessorize your look, you need to focus on quality and not cost. Most of the low-priced earrings and other cheap jewelry are not lead compliant. Your guess is as good as mine on the consequences that this jewelry has on your health in the long term.

Before you decide to settle for that cheap jewelry, you must reflect on the risk of organ damage that leads causes. Your decision to settle for costume jewelry will get you into health-related trouble sooner than you can imagine.

Be Keen on the Hazardous Components Before Buying Cheap Jewelry

Buying cheap jewelry increases your risk of developing skin complications such as contact dermatitis. Stop buying cheap jewelry if you are keen on avoiding instances of dry blisters on your skin and excessive itching.

You will not appreciate the low-cost budget you used to buy such jewelry if you end up spending extra in medical expenses.

The Risk of Cadmium in Costume Jewelry

Take a moment and think about the role that your kidneys play in your body. Now imagine experiencing fatal kidney failure due to an avoidable action. Most cheap jewelry has a high level of cadmium, which has the potential to lead to kidney failure in the medium-term.

The cadmium component in most of the jewelry is also cacogenic. The dangers of cheap jewelry include cancer and other chronic illnesses, which should be a concern for you. Stop buying cheap jewelry without considering the long-term implications that these accessories have on your health.

Buying Cheap Jewelry Can Be Toxic

When refereeing to jewelry, it is agreeable that cheap is noxious based on the many negative implications that buying cheap jewelry has on your health. Why would you want to end up with all these negative consequences when there is genuine jewelry that will not be too costly?

If you do not want to buy a bracelet or a necklace often due to damage or discoloration, you need to stop buying cheap jewelry. Also, do not forget the negative effects cheap pieces of jewelry may have on your health.

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