5 Items of Everyday Jewelry for the Well-Dressed Woman

5 Items of Everyday Jewelry for the Well-Dressed Woman

5 Items of Everyday Jewelry for the Well-Dressed Woman

There are some things the modern woman just can't do without. Complete your stylish wardrobe with these everyday jewelry items that set you apart.

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Are you searching for the perfect pieces of jewelry to accent your wardrobe?

If you want to build your own personal brand as a well-dressed woman, it's important to choose your jewelry wisely.

If chosen correctly, your jewelry can help you stand out in a crowd. It can also help you make subtle statements and show off certain wardrobe pieces.

The good news is that you can start building your collection of everyday jewelry to do all of these things and more.

In this post, we'll discuss five essential jewelry pieces the modern woman shouldn't live without.

Read on to learn what you NEED in your collection...

1. A Stunning Pair of Studs Is Great For Everyday Jewelry

The wonderful thing about studs is that they suit every woman. This is the case regardless of face shape, hair color, and wardrobe preferences.

Studs can be small enough to be elegant and understated. But they can also be large and bold, accenting your wardrobe in just the right way.

Because studs come in all shapes and sizes, they are a perfect everyday jewelry essential for your collection.

You can't go wrong with a pair of diamond studs, naturally. But if you don't want to spend all of that money on diamonds, opt for the equally classy  Swarovski crystal or roman glass studs.

These types of studs will literally go with anything. They can jazz up any outfit that feels too casual.

They won't overwhelm formal attire, either.

Choose studs with crystal halos for added earlobe sparkle. Browse pairs that recall vintage times with wide bases and pearly finishes.

Whatever the case, choose a pair of studs you feel will give you the versatility you crave.

At Roma, we offer the kind of high-quality, gorgeous studs that every woman deserves. You'll love our delicate mystic quartz and other statement studs in sterling silver, rose gold, and more.

2. A Bracelet That Says Something

A single bracelet can transform any outfit, making it an everyday jewelry must-have.

Depending on your wardrobe, choose a bracelet that isn't just for special occasions, but can stand on its own.

Some ideas include cuff bracelets, known for their width, brightness, and cuff-like appearance.

You may want to consider thinner bracelets that stack in layers on your slender arm.

Or you may want to go for a diamond or crystal-studded bracelet that's perfect for showing off your elegant attire.

No matter what, choose a bracelet that says something about you. Go for something bright and eye-popping if that's the personal brand you want to create.

Or go for a rose gold vermeil or sterling silver bracelet if you want to say something about class and style.

3. Layered Necklaces

A lot of women assume that you have to have a certain neck to pull off layered necklaces.

But this couldn't be farther from the truth! Necklaces that layer are classy for every woman, and can take every outfit up a notch.

What's more, they add that bit of flirty fun or class that you may be struggling to find in blouses, pants, and heels.

You don't have to buy necklaces that have already been layered for you. Where's the fun in that?

When choosing your everyday jewelry classics, pick out necklaces that you can layer yourself. Some women like to choose dainty, thin-chained necklaces of varying lengths and colors for this.

Others opt for necklaces with pendants and other gems to make a bolder statement.

Make sure you try on the layered necklaces you've chosen to make sure you love the look.

If you're looking for the perfect necklaces to layer at Roma, check out our Italian Private Collection. These lovely necklaces are timelessly elegant with their delicate pendants, and ideal for pairing with thinner, layered chains.

4. That One Piece That Pops

Whether you're drawn to that rose gold cuff bracelet or that gorgeous designer necklace, choose a piece that really pops.

It's like choosing that handbag that can turn heads, or that pair of heels that add magic to whatever you're wearing.

You can do the same thing with jewelry.

For example, purchase a cocktail ring that you can flaunt at parties. Or bring home a bracelet with wild colors.

Don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Everyday jewelry does not mean that you have to be understated or unnoticed!

Looking for inspiration? Check out this red nautilus shell bracelet.

5. An Elegant Ring

You may not think that rings are for you, but you may change your mind after reading this post.

We use our hands for everything. That's why a lot of women go out and get their nails done.

Whether you're going out for dinner or typing away at your work computer, you can show off your lovely fingers with an elegant ring.

This should always be a component of every modern woman's everyday jewelry collection. This is because rings can add that touch of sparkle or shine you crave without requiring a bracelet or even earrings.

The most elegant rings are simple without being showy. Look for rings with cut glass centerpieces like those we have at Roma.

Or opt for rings with delicate banding.

Whatever the case, choose a ring you'd feel comfortable wearing in any situation. Ideally, pick the ring you won't want to ever take off!


Say goodbye to fixed-length necklaces and hello to endless possibilities an Italian-made adjustable length chain. This clever chain allows you to find the PERFECT LENGTH for every situation. 

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The Everyday Jewelry That Will Make You Shine

Selecting jewelry essentials is a serious task. It's important to select pieces that accent your current wardrobe.

But it's also key to start out with certain foundational pieces that will never let you down.

Make sure you have these five essentials in your jewelry box this year: a pair of timeless studs, a snappy bracelet, layered necklaces, and that one piece that says something about you.

And don't forget that elegant ring!

At Roma Designer Jewelry, we have a phenomenal story we want to share with every customer.

We are here to help all of our customers transform their personal style and feel gorgeous while doing it. We offer luxurious, elegant, and timeless jewelry pieces for every woman.

Browse our new arrivals today! Or mark your calendar for the next Costco designer show near you.

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