Choosing the Ultimate Prom Jewelry Pieces for Your Little Princess

Choosing the Ultimate Prom Jewelry Pieces for Your Little Princess

Choosing Prom Jewelry Pieces for Your Little Princess

You've got the perfect dress, now for the finishing touches. Here's how to choose prom jewelry that will make your daughter feel like the belle of the ball.

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Attending prom is a special time for your daughter.

She wants to look and feel her best, and the right prom jewelry will accent the gorgeous dress she chooses to wear for the evening.

Finding the perfect jewelry pieces to complement her dress is a daunting task. It's the small details that make prom even more memorable.

Keep reading to learn how to choose the best prom jewelry this season to complete your daughter's entire look for one of the best nights of her life!

1. Prom Jewelry for Strapless Dresses

Let's say you go shopping with your daughter to find a dress for prom.

The dress she decides to purchase is a lovely strapless number. The strapless aspect of the dress will make choosing jewelry a lot easier because you have the entire neckline to dress up.

Strapless dresses that do not have a lot of detailing will be the perfect canvas to show off a larger statement necklace. Statement necklaces that hit the neck at just the right length are a great idea.

You'll need to test out a few different necklace lengths to pick the best one. Necklaces come in a variety of lengths - from 14" to 40" or more, so it's important to understand how different lengths will affect the look of the ensemble. We love this look with a strapless dress. 

2. A Dress Full of Embellishment

If you choose a dress that has a lot going on the bodice, it's a good idea to keep things simple in the jewelry department.

You don't want to overdo your daughter's look for the evening. Keep things classic and stick with a simple sterling silver heart pendant necklace that is both sweet and sophisticated.

The overall focus of the look will be on the bodice that captures everyone's attention with such embellished detailing. You should avoid anything overwhelming and choose dainty necklaces and earrings to create a polished appearance.

Decorative bodices look best with pieces that are neutral, too.

3. Statement Earrings or Simple Studs?

When it comes to earrings, you'll also need to help your daughter decide whether or not to wear statement earrings.

If she chooses to pull her hair up for the night, she may want to consider donning a pair of chandelier earrings to bring attention to her face.

Roma Designer Jewelry carries a wide range of earrings for the occasion. Hammered drop dangle earrings in sterling silver would stand out. Of course, you need to evaluate the type of earrings to wear to complement the design and pattern of your dress.

If you wear a dress with one single color, you can mix up your earrings and find ones that add a pop of vibrancy. For example, if your dress is solid white, you can add a fierce pair of red coral multi-strand dangle earrings to stand out from the rest of the girls attending the prom.

If your dress has a lot of color or pattern, you should wear a classic pair of pearl earrings or studs. If your daughter wears a statement necklace, she should add a simple pair of studs to complete the trendy look.

4. Will a Bracelet Look Good?

Another option to accessorize your daughter's prom look is to wear bracelets.

She will be wearing a corsage on one arm and will have room on the other to stack some gorgeous bracelets.

As for colors, if her dress is cool toned, meaning it has blues or violets, silver bracelets look divine. If her dress contains colors that are warm, which include pinks and yellows, she should consider wearing gold accent pieces on her arm.

Bracelets are definitely optional, as some girls find them bothersome to wear all night long. However, they do add just a touch of glamour to the entire prom look when worn appropriately.

5. Does She Need a Ring?

Yet another piece of prom jewelry to decide on is if your beautiful daughter wishes to wear a ring or multiple rings.

Some rings can be extravagant while others are low-key. It would also be a wonderful tradition if you pass down a ring to your daughter for her to celebrate her prom experience with a token of your love.

Rings can take many shapes. From oval to square to ones containing diamonds or Swarovski crystals, there are quite a few designs to think about when it comes to rings.

Rings with intricate details are suited for simple dresses. Any amount of sparkle is appropriate for prom, but make sure not to over-accessorize with statement necklaces or earrings!

6. Stay True to Her Style

One final tip for picking out the best jewelry to accompany your daughter's dress for prom this season is to make sure she feels good wearing what she has on.

Every single item of prom jewelry that your daughter chooses to accessorize her dress with needs to not only look flattering but be comfortable, too. Who wants to wear a large ring that gets in the way of dancing or eating?

The night will last a few hours long, so the jewelry she wears must be lightweight and easy to put on for photos and dancing. Statement pieces can become heavy at times, so stowing it away in her purse could be helpful as the night progresses.

It's also important to note that your daughter needs to look like herself for her prom night. Every girl has their own individual taste when it comes to style and fashion, so let her bubbly personality shine through her outfit.

When the look is a reflection of who your daughter is, then you know you've chosen the right pieces for her to cherish on prom night.

Looking for More Jewelry to Accessorize Your Look This Year?

We hope this article gives you some tips for finding the perfect prom jewelry for your daughter.

The prom is such an important time in her life. While at the dance, she is making memories that will last forever, and we understand how much time and effort goes into the process of choosing how to style her look.

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