What is the Meaning of Moonstones?

What is the Meaning of Moonstones?

What is the Meaning of Moonstones?

The meaning of moonstones can be varied depending on culture and region. Click here to learn all about the symbolism in this unique stone.

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People around the world recognize the properties and meaning of moonstone. Some people wear moonstone because it's a beautiful stone. Others recognize the power and benefits it can bring into your life.

Some cultures see moonstone as a representation of the yin, or feminine energy.

Others see the moonstone as bringing the soothing energy from the moon -- the reason why we call it "moonstone." Moonstone holds an other-worldly and celestial element, like the moon itself.

Still, others use the stone to bring peace, relaxation, and balance into their life.

If you want to know more about moonstone, continue reading to learn about the meaning of moonstones.

Moonstone Origins

Moonstone is most prevalent in India and Sri Lanka but is abundant all over the world. That's why the Greeks and Romans were some of the first to discover the power of moonstone, believing it was a gift from the moon goddess.

Since moonstone grows abundantly in India, we can trace its use back to ancient India. India knew the feminine and sensual properties of moonstone, which is why moonstone was a gift to newly wedded couples.

India's moon god, Chandra, would also wear the moonstone on his forehead.

Moonstone then traveled to Europe. French goldsmith Rene Lalique created amazing moonstone jewelry during the Art Nouveau period. This is why it's common to wear moonstone as jewelry pieces.

Today, people use moonstone as jewelry, a healing gem, and during meditation. Moonstone is also Florida's state stone.

Meaning of Moonstones

When you hold moonstone, you experience a unique type of energy. Rather than feeling energized and lively, you feel calm and collected. This is because moonstone belongs to the mother moon.

The Romans and Greeks believed moonstone had lunar properties. They thought that moonstone's powers came from the moon itself and that its iridescent sheen came from beams of moonlight.

After this discovery, moonstone's powers and popularity extended to various countries and cultures.

Moonstone is nourishing and makes you feel at peace with yourself. This is why many gem healers associate moonstone with the healing powers of water and why some sailors carry moonstone on their voyages.

Moonstone is also known for its feminine energy, also called the yin. This is why moonstone also represents sensuality. Some people use it to improve their romantic life.

Moonstone is also used to represent fertility, which is why women who want to conceive receive it as a gift.

Moonstone Properties

Moonstone is famous for its iridescence. The stone is clear, white, or gray but it shines with a wide array of colors. These include yellow, orange, green, and pink.

The different moonstone colors signify different meanings.

Moonstone that's more white with less iridescence signifies the motherly energy rather than feminine or sensual energy. Holding this type of moonstone helps you feel at peace.

Healers tend to think the clearest moonstone gems are the most powerful.

Healers also look for moonstone with a blue sheen. This is the sensual and feminine moonstone used to enhance your love life, bring balance to the yin and the yang, and increase fertility.

Rainbow moonstone also signifies feminine energy and fertility.

Blue moonstone is also a powerful healer, relaxing you in times of pain and distress.

How to Use Moonstone as Jewelry

You can buy a standalone moonstone crystal, but moonstone is the most powerful when worn on the skin. This is why moonstone jewelry is so popular.

Wearing moonstone activates healing and enhances feelings of love and relaxation.

Moonstone is recommended for women. By wearing moonstone, women can exercise the feminine energy that will guide them with love and fertility.

Moonstone pendants are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry. The pendants can lie near your heart so you'll feel inner peace. Moonstone rings are also popular. Wear a ring on each hand for balance.

Since each moonstone is unique and comes in a variety of forms, use different pieces for various types of jewelry. You'll reap more of the benefits of moonstone this way.

How to Use Moonstone as a Healing Gem

Along with wearing moonstone as a jewelry piece, you can gain more healing powers when using moonstone as a healing gem.

Most people use moonstone with their decor. Moonstone offers more than a decorative piece. It brings healing and calming energy to your home and office.

When used in the office, moonstone brings balance, concentration, relaxation, and strength. Moonstone also encourages teamwork. Keep moonstone at the northwest or west regions in your office.

Moonstone can also help strengthen a relationship or a marriage. Keep moonstone at the southwest region in your home or bedroom.

Using Moonstone to Meditate


You can also integrate moonstone into your daily meditation. Moonstone's relaxing properties will help you sink into a deeper meditation.

Moonstone brings balance, helping you reflect on your yang and encouraging you to find a balance in your life.

It's best you meditate with moonstone outside at nighttime underneath the moon. It helps if you have a garden or an altar outside. You should hold the crystal in your left hand at all times.

Are you not into meditating but want a powerful moonstone crystal? Keep your moonstone gems, pendants, and jewelry outside at night. The moonlight will help energize the crystal.

How to Care for Moonstone

The last thing you want is to damage your moonstone. Moonstone is prone to scratching and breakage. Always keep your moonstone jewelry in a felt-lined jewelry box.

Clean your stone often. Use warm, soapy water only. You can also use a non-acid based jewelry cleaner or dish detergent. Harsh cleaners can damage the stone. Before wearing, buff your moonstone jewelry with a soft cloth.

The sun's rays can damage moonstone. Refrain from wearing moonstone during the day and save your moonstone jewelry for nighttime wear.

If you find your moonstone damaged beyond DIY repair, take your moonstone jewelry to a repair shop or a jeweler.

Buy Moonstone Jewelry Today

Moonstone is a lovely stone that boasts many healing powers.

The meaning of moonstones has its roots in history. Moonstone signifies balance, relaxation, feminine energy, love, and fertility. Wear moonstone as jewelry to keep your life stress-free and balanced.

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