Tips for Finding Reputable Jewelers You Can Trust

Tips for Finding Reputable Jewelers You Can Trust

Tips for Finding Reputable Jewelers You Can Trust

Buying jewelry shouldn't be stressful and confusing. That's why you need a good jeweler to help you learn about the jewelry you intend to purchase. Click here for some tips for finding reputable jewelers that you can trust.

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What comes first - the jewelry or the jeweler?

In some cases, you saw an ad and know exactly what you want. In other cases, you don't know what you want and need a jeweler to help. That's why we're here.

Jewelry is a booming $35 billion a year industry in the U.S. but with nearly 900 jewelers closing their doors last year, who can you trust?

Finding reputable jewelers that care about your needs and not just their bottom line is tough. We're going to give you some tips on what to look for so you walk away with a beautiful piece of jewelry and a peace of mind.

What to Look for in Reputable Jewelers

Purchasing a piece of jewelry is more than picking it out and swiping your credit card. You'll have your piece forever. That's why having a relationship with the jeweler selling you the piece is important.

So, how do you find a jeweler that isn't looking for a quick sale and is selling you

They Have a Great Reputation

The first stop when finding a reputable jeweler is to ask around for recommendations. Did your brother recently propose to his girlfriend? Where did he shop for the ring? How was his experience? Would he shop with them again?

You trust your family and friends, so don't be afraid to reach out. But don't jump at the first name they throw at you. Do some research on the jeweler. Your friend/family member may not be looking for the same qualities in a jeweler that you are.

Likewise, if you've heard to stay away from a retailer, ask what they didn't like about their experience. Then, like everything else nowadays, read reviews!

Being established and credentialed is important. Too many jewelers have fraudulent practices and aren't around long. You want your jeweler to be around in a couple of years when it's time to buy another piece.

They Listen to You

People buy jewelry for different reasons. Some are looking for an engagement ring or wedding set. Others are looking for an heirloom piece to pass down to their children. Some are buying a pendant as a gift while you may be looking for a necklace for yourself.

The right jeweler will listen to what you want and not push for a more expensive piece that doesn't suit your needs. If you feel a jeweler is only in it for the commission, it's time to move on.

They're Knowledgeable

If a salesperson refuses to answer your questions or doesn't know an answer and won't look into it, something's wrong. A good jeweler will be open and honest about the buying process and about the jewelry they're selling.

A reputable jeweler won't only answer your jewelry questions, they'll educate you. You may not know the 4C's of diamonds, but they will and they'll share that knowledge with you!

They'll show you the gem under a gemological microscope and point out the flaws. If you're buying a diamond, they'll use a full-spectrum light or show you color grading stones to compare.

A reputable jeweler will also care about the precious metals. They won't hesitate to show you the stamp verifying the precious metal content (10K, 14K, 18K for gold or PLT for platinum).

They Offer More Than Selling

Trusted and established jewelers will have more than salespeople working for them. They also have an in-house gemologist who is an expert at knowing the ins and outs of the pieces.

They will also have a bench-jeweler who resizes and repairs jewelry. If they don't, ask them who they use for these services. If you feel comfortable at this stage, you may be willing to accept a third party handling these duties.

Some jewelers may have a designer on-hand to create custom pieces hassle-free. Ask if this is an option. You may not be in the market now, but you could be later.

They Offer a Wide Selection Including Trusted Brands

Regardless of what piece of jewelry you're buying, you want more than two or three options to choose from. A reputable jeweler will offer a wide array of different styles and price points.

If a jeweler sells collections from top jewelry designers like David Yurman, John Hardy, and Kendra Scott, you're in good hands. The top designers are usually careful about who sells their brand.

They Have Warranties and a Return Policy

Chain retailers will offer warranties on their jewelry but find out what the warranty covers. Pieces break or get damaged for many reasons. Make sure the warranty covers several variables. If not, can you buy an extended warranty that does cover the unexpected and unusual circumstance?

You may not realize that a piece isn't working for you until it's been a few weeks and you need to return or exchange it. What is their policy? This is very important when shopping online considering you can't feel the piece or try it on.

There's No Pressure

You should never feel pressured to buy anything you aren't comfortable with. You should be able to browse the showroom for as long as you like without pressure to look only at the most expensive cases.

A salesperson at a reputable jeweler will let you take your time and answer your questions hassle-free. They will be patient and helpful, not trying to seal the deal.

If you have any red flags or feel pressured or rushed in any way, it's time to find another jeweler.

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