How Adjustable Length Chains are Disrupting the Jewelry Industry

For decades now, the jewelry industry has only really offered fixed-length necklaces and chains. With the perfection of a new technology in Italy ūüáģūüáĻ, the ability to make infinitely adjustable length chains just became a reality.¬†

Learn more about how adjustable chains are disrupting the jewelry industry.

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Do you ever feel like your jewelry is never exactly the way you want it?

Take necklaces, for example. It's hard enough to find a necklace that looks good and goes with your night out outfit. Then, you have to find another chain that works with work outfits, dresses, church, and family outings.

Finding the right chain isn't only exhausting - it's expensive as well!

There is an answer, however, that will save you time and money. Thanks to new advancements in Italy, we're now able to make adjustable length chains that are revolutionizing the industry.

It seems bold to claim that an adjustable necklace chain is going to disrupt and revolutionize jewelry, but we have the numbers to back it up.

Before we talk about the necklace itself, we need to lay some groundwork for the discussion.

Money Talks

In the United States alone, 30.49 million women say they've bought fine jewelry in the past twelve months. The statistical breakdowns of types of jewelry sales tend to focus on categories such as diamond, gold, fashion, etc.

Total jewelry sales in the United States are at all-time highs. In 2014, sales reached 68.1 billion dollars and continue to climb. What do the sales volume and the total number of women buying jewelry tell us?

While there isn't a particular statistical number that lists the number of necklaces sold, there are certain assumptions that we can make based on the available data.

Let's say that of the 30.49 million women that bought jewelry last year, only 10% of them bought a necklace chain. That amounts to 3.49 million women. Ten percent of jewelry sales comes out to almost seven billion dollars.

This is a rather low estimate, and the numbers are still staggering. The reason that we say this is a low estimate is that necklaces are one of the most popular pieces and are an accent piece to most outfits.

Most women own multiple necklaces, leading to the potential of multiple purchases throughout the year. The seven billion dollar figure that we arrived at earlier is potentially a low estimate.

Socio-Economic Factors

The dirty secret of the corporate world is that appearance matters. Of course, performance is a determining factor, but studies show that the way someone dresses and presents themselves alters the opinion others have in regards to the quality of work they put forth.

Most of the justification for this stems from the idea that if someone works towards their appearance, they "care more". There are many problems with this idea though. As mentioned earlier, the cost of jewelry is prohibitive for many.

Households that make between 15 and 50 thousand dollars a year spend less than upper-class households. This shouldn't come as a surprise, as people that make more money have more disposable income.

The dilemma for women in lower income brackets is that upward mobility is difficult when there's an emphasis placed on appearance. Should jewelry play any role in determining the value of someone's work performance? Of course not. Does it? The sad but realistic answer is yes.

How The Adjustable Necklace Chain Is Going To Disrupt The Jewelry Industry

First, there are staggering financial benefits of adjustable necklace chains. Instead of buying multiple necklaces to go with each outfit based off of length, you only need one.

If the average chain cost the consumer $60, and you buy one of ours instead of five fixed chains, you'll save between $240 to $270. Our adjustable chains tend to last longer than traditional chains as well due to advances in technology.

Those in lower socio-economic groups are able to afford our adjustable necklace chain and not have to worry about purchasing more jewelry than necessary. $240 dollars is a large amount of money for most households.

Adjustable chains taking up part of the market would force the jewelry industry to adjust. Instead of creating fixed pieces, they'd create flexible necklaces, rings, and other adjustable jewelry that allows women to save time and money.

As discussed earlier, many women feel the need to buy chains with different materials. Instead of purchasing five gold fixed length chains, you can get one of our gold adjustable chains.

The same holds true for our silver adjustable necklace chain or rose gold adjustable necklace chain. Imagine buying one chain for each material instead of five. For rose gold, silver, and gold, you'd save between $720 and $810.

The jewelry industry is already beginning to make adjustments in anticipation of the adjustable movement. We're already beginning to see adjustable rings and adjustable chains for pendants.

Of course, once the industry makes these changes, they will flood the market with expensive options that will again price out the average consumer. That's why buying them now is the best option.

You Can Look Great And Save Money!

Obviously, every company wants to make money. The drive for profit isn't a bad thing. It creates innovation and solves problems that many people face in their daily lives. The problem, however, is that sometimes the drive for profit goes too far.

Are you tired of an industry selling you the same thing but in different sizes to improve their sales? We are too. This is why we're proud of our adjustable necklace chain. We feel that our product will revolutionize the market and give everyone access to quality jewelry.

If you would like to take advantage of this new breakthrough, check out our product page and see what we have to offer. You'll save money and look amazing. That's a win-win if ever there were one.

A Common Accessorizing Dilemma: You have the perfect pendant and chain for your outfit, but the pendant falls below the neckline of your blouse instead of where you want it - just above. You need it to be just 1/4 inch higher, but how?

Perfect pendant length

Or you're wearing the gown with a little more decolletage than usual and that gorgeous pendant should be 2 + 5/8ths inches lower than you can get it on the chain it came with. What do you do?

Why can't you place that pendant EXACTLY where you want it every time?

Well, don't despair - because with a newly patented adjusting technology coming out of Italy, your pent-up pendant frustration has met its match! 


The Perfect Length Every Time?

(What'll they think of next?)

Adjustable Chain

The new technology is found inside a small adjusting gasket that's part of the clasp on what appears to be your average finely-made Italian chain. 

The new adjusting gasket is an industry game-changer. 

It allows the chain to be pulled through and set at the PERFECT length - shorter or longer - depending on the neckline, size, shape, or outfit of the wearer.

"Close enough" is a thing of the past. It's time to get the exact look and length you want every time!


Replace 5 Chains with 1...

You no longer need to own 3, 4, or 5 different length chains, you only need ONE!

Not only that, you control where you want the chain or pendant to fall on your neckline. It’s a better fix than any common, predetermined length of chain or even a chain extender. 

Common Necklace Lengths

So, it's not only practical, it's also economical!

Adjustable chains can go from 14" to 20" while others go from 14" all the way up to 30" or even 35"!

The 14" to 24" option is popular because 24" can fit over *most* heads without needing to fumble at all with a clasp. 

Adjustable chains are so practical and make incredible gifts, too! There are a variety of styles and adjustable lengths to choose from, so individual style still has its place!


Why Didn't I Think of That?

It's easy to see why adjustable chains have the entire jewelry industry buzzing! 

Not only do women LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these adjustable chains, but they are turning an industry on its head.

In classic "why didn't I think of that" fashion, consumers are flocking to the adjustable technology the minute they see it in action, and traditional chain manufacturers are trying to figure out how to adapt. 


How Does it Work? 

Magic! Just kidding, but it sure does seem that way. 

Inside the adjusting gasket, there is a specially formulated, patented silicone polymer that has been specially fitted for the chain. This is where the magic happens. The gasket allows the chain to be set at the EXACT length you want, and once set, it stays in place until changed the next time. Who said science and fashion can't get along!


How Hard is it to Adjust?

It's really quite simple. Once you shorten the chain the first time, you'll "get it."

Shortening or lengthening after that will become second nature. 

Adjustable Chain GasketCan it really be that simple? 

Yes. But for those who need a little more coaching, here's the REALLY detailed version of the adjusting instructions!

1. Hold the end of the chain near the charm/tab in one hand. 

2. Hold the adjusting ball (attached near the clasp) securely in the other hand. 

3. Keeping the ball hand steady, firmly and slowly pull the heart hand away from the ball hand. 

4. If the chain is still not moving through the adjusting ball, pull a little harder as the first time may require a little more force. 

5. Simply pull the chain the opposite direction to reverse the process and add the length back. 


Buying Tips to Consider:

Follow these tips and tricks to get the ideal adjustable chain…

  • Buy "Made in Italy." China is very good at making look-a-likes, but the quality simply isn't there. Make sure you get¬†an Italian-made adjustable.¬†
  • Purchase¬†Sterling SIlver or Gold.Again, quality counts here. Brass with flash plating is an imitation that will break or look cheap.¬†
  • Get a Chain that‚Äôs at least¬†1mm ‚Äď 2mm in Thickness, that way it will¬†LAST!¬†(the thickness depends on the type of pendant you want to hang from it - tiny pendants get a tiny chain, bigger pendants need a thicker chain)
  • Make sure you buy a chain with¬†a Lobster Clasp¬†and not a Spring Ring. Spring Ring clasps are cheap and prone to breaking.¬†
  • Make sure you¬†hold the ball and chain properly¬†when pulling, otherwise you‚Äôll¬†ruin the adjusting mechanism. Always pull the chain straight through the gasket, not at an angle.¬†


What's the most popular style?

The Milano Twist is lightweight enough to be worn comfortably every day but still has the strength to accommodate small to medium-sized pendants. 

It's currently the most popular adjustable chain in the U.S.

Milano Twist Adjustable Chain



Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  How can I put a pendant on this chain?

A:  In addition to the sliding element, there is also a regular lobster claw clasp that allows the chain to be used with pendants as well. 

Q: Will this chain tarnish?

A: Depends on what you buy. A sterling silver chain that has been finished with a thick rhodium plating that will prevent tarnish with normal use. Gold is always a good option. Avoid cheap metals like brass that are flash coated in silver or gold. 

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