What is the Meaning Behind the Abalone Stone?

What is the Meaning Behind the Abalone Stone?

What is the Meaning Behind the Abalone Stone?

If you have abalone jewelry, then you may be interested to have a better understanding of what the meaning behind abalone stone is. Here's a breakdown.

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There are at least 8 different species of abalone found across the world.

It's been harvested by Native Americans as well as by Asian peoples off the coast of California. Today, environmental issues have made impacted the number of abalones. But that hasn't stopped people seeking them out for their shells.

The abalone stone is the highly sought-after shell of the abalone creature. It contains both beauty and healing energy properties. Keep reading to find out how you can benefit from owning a piece of abalone shell.

What is Abalone?

Also known as abalone shell and oyster shell, the abalone is where Mother of Pearl is found. They reside in South Africa, where they're considered very valuable. They can also be found in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and on the west coast of North America.

The abalone is the exoskeleton of a sea creature. Similar to sea snails, clams, and oysters, they're considered a mollusk. Their predators are other marine species that hunt on the side of the cliffs and rocks the mollusk's cling to.

Abalone differs from similar species. They have flat, one-sided shells that are shaped like an ear.

This shape is what earns them the nickname the Ses Ears. They also have tentacles and feet.

An abalone shell is also more durable than its cousin species. Because microscopic calcium carbonate tends to build upon its outside, the added protein layers protect them from shattering.

Inside the shell is where the beauty is found. Bight blues, blacks, browns, and turquoises come together to create a stunning piece of jewelry. They don't even require polishing to bring the colors out.

The History of the Abalone Stone

In North America, abalone was used by the Native population for various purposes.

Beyond being an important source of meat, they also used the shells to create bowls and fishing accessories. They were used to fashion jewelry and other decorations. Perhaps more importantly, abalone stone could be used for bartering and trading goods.

Abalone has also been found in important archeological sites around the world. This includes California's Northern Chanel Islands and the Blombos Cave located in South Africa.

In these places, abalone was used in artwork, making musical instruments, jewelry, as well as decorative bowls. It's physical and energy healing benefits may have contributed to this wide-use.

Meaning of the Abalone Stone

The abalone stone has various meanings. We've broken these down by their properties below.


Abalone is thought to stimulate and enhance physic development in individuals. That includes making your intuition stronger.


Beyond the physical protection that abalone stone brings, it also offers spiritual protection. It will protect you against the hurtful words, actions, and thoughts of others.

When you feel like you're life isn't going in the right direction, abalone helps to center and anchor you. You can better understand the events of your life and see them in a new light.


Because it has positive effects on emotional stability and openness, it can bring more tranquility in your relationships with others. It allows you to stay centered when dealing with highly emotional situations.

Abalone stone is known to help people connect. That means a better connection with significant others. It leads to dedication in working through struggles - especially in regard to faithfulness and keeping the spark alive.


Abalone provides courage to its wearer.

It will help you face change with strength. You will also notice that you're less resistant to changes. That's especially true in regard to relationships.

Emotional Control and Balance

Abalone has a connection to the ocean. As such, it's related to the emotional tides we all face. That allows it to bring you stability during the ups and downs you experience.

Likewise, challenging experiences may be calmed by abalone. It can bring you peace in facing an emotional situation that has caused instability in your past or present.

But it can also make you more open to feeling your emotions. Beyond that, it can help you better express how you're feeling and why you feel that way.

Better able to express yourself, you'll notice you can cooperate and collaborate with others more easily.


If you struggle with understanding the feelings of others, abalone can inspire more caring and sympathy. It reminds you to react according to the situation at hand, with more love in words and actions.


The abalone stone is related to the family. In this way, it can fortify ties with relatives. It can also make you bond on a deeper level.

Physical Health Benefits of Abalone Stone

Abalone offers more than healing energy. It also has benefits for your physical health.

Abalone can be used to improve heart health and strengthen your muscles. In fact, it can strengthen the overall structure of the body. These effects can also be observed in the ability to relieve joint disorders such as arthritis.

It has a positive effect on the immune system. By allowing the body to absorb proteins more easily, it's considered a digestive aid.

Abalone can also benefit your bone. That's especially true in regard to the spinal column and small cracks in your skeletal structure.

If you have a deficiency in vitamins D and A, abalone will help you absorb those better. It can also treat skin disease, rashes, as well as allergic reactions.

How to Make Abalone Stone More Powerful

To hone in on the energy of your surrounding environment, combine abalone with lapis lazuli. This will help you make your immediate atmosphere more calm and stable.

When combined with amber, abalone is perfect for new mothers. It provides support physically, mentally, and emotionally. It helps women come to terms with being mothers.

For relaxation and an increased sense of calm, pair with other stones like moonstone, Hiddenite, aragonite, Picasso stone, calcite, and blue chalcedony.

Other Powerful Gems and Stones

Abalone stone doesn't just make for a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry, it also has healing properties. These extend from the healing of your life events as well as physical healing properties. It can also be made more powerful by pairing with other powerful gems and stones.

To learn more about these powerful stones and gems, check out our blog.

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