What are the Healing Properties of Amber?

What are the Healing Properties of Amber?

What are the Healing Properties of Amber?

Amber is a gorgeous gemstone that can be worn in a variety of ways. But did you know that it can actually make you feel better, too? Click here to learn about the healing properties of amber so you can look and feel your best.

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If you didn't already know, amber isn't actually a gemstone. Normally when we see this specimen in its natural form, it normally contains a type of insect such as a mosquito.

So, if it's not a gem then what is it? It's hardened sap from either a conifer or deciduous tree.

The sap acts as a resin to protect the tree from fungus infections and other types of harm. When the tree eventually dies, the sap remains. It hardens from the natural temperatures and pressures beneath the earth and plenty of years later, that's when it becomes amber.

But do you know of the healing properties of amber? Just like a tree, amber can protect us as well.

Without further ado, let's take a look!

Balances Emotions

Having trouble with a current friendship or romantic relationship? Amber can help you balance your emotions when it comes to those closest to you.

It'll assist you in developing more patience so you're able to understand the people you love better. You'll be able to keep your temper in check and won't lose it so easily.

That means you'll be able to handle your emotions better, creating a more mature demeanor. This'll make for healthier relationships.

Relieves Headaches

If you suffer from constant headaches, amber may be the solution you've been waiting for. Since we know it was created by trees to help protect them, it can do the same for you.

The interesting thing about amber is that it contains an electromagnetic quality. In other words, it can build up an electromagnetic charge. This makes it an effective healing tool.

To relieve your headache, place amber where your pain is the worst. Allow it to sit for a few minutes and in no time, you'll start feeling better.

Removes Negative Energy

Being surrounded by negative people all day can rub off on you. You feel your mood change and all of a sudden, you're depressing to be around.

To remove some of that negative energy, opt for amber. It helps reset your mindset so you get back your positive outlook on life again. All those bad influences will have no effect on you which in turn will reduce your stress.

You'll think clearer and your new positive attitude will rub off on others. To ensure your stress levels remain low, place amber around the house and office.

Eliminates Fear

Are your fears holding you back? Maybe you're afraid to travel because of unknown outcomes. Or, you don't want to go after a greater job opportunity in case it doesn't work out.

Sometimes, you have to take the leap of faith. Not everything will work out in your favor but at least you can say you tried.

Wearing or carrying a piece of amber will give you the confidence needed to achieve success in your life. Its warm presence gives off a sense of security and comfort.

And did we mention it attracts good luck as well? So go ahead and apply for that new job or book that flight to overseas. You might regret it later if you don't.

Reduces Stress

Everything happening in the world today affects everyone in different ways. If you're stressed or full of anxiety, you can rely on amber to calm you.

Its warm presence will seep into your emotions to not only help balance them but reduce stress. You'll soon start to feel its sunny demeanor pour over you and you'll start to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders disappear.

Your mind will be clear to help you make rational decisions while being able to let go of what's been distracting you.

What Makes Amber so Special?

Now that you've got a rundown of the healing properties of amber, let's take a look at why this resin is special.

It Comes in a Variety of Colors

Amber is also known as the stone of the sun. That's probably because of its sunny disposition and the different tones it comes in. Natural amber can range from yellow and orange to brown.

But it also comes in more vibrant colors such as blue, red, and green. While some of the amber in those variations are color treated, you can still find ones that are naturally colorful.

It's Natural

The reason why amber is so special is that it's a natural substance. It was created from trees that are over millions of years old now.

It takes a long time for amber to become what we know it as today. It's formed by the earth so it really is like having a piece of history. Not to mention you'll feel closer to nature.

What to Look for in Amber Jewelry

Unfortunately, there are some jewelry companies that'll pull the wool over your eyes claiming they have natural amber when really, they don't. They'll use imitations such as copal. It has the same look as natural amber but its texture and scent are different.

With real amber, it should feel warm to the touch because of its chemical composition. And when heated by the palms of your hands, it'll give off the scent of a pine tree. Imitations won't feel warm nor do they have to be warmed up to be smelled.

Wearing amber as jewelry is the best way to take advantage of its healing properties. That way, you'll always have it close to you.

To be sure you're getting your money's worth, choose Baltic amber. It's the oldest and therefore, the most valuable.

Healing Properties of Amber Explained

Amber Jewelry Collection

Amber is the warm, sunny natural substance that's great for jewelry. When you wear it, you'll instantly feel filled with positive energy that'll help you live a better life thanks to the healing properties of amber.

Valued by the Romans for those properties, we'll think you'll also love our Roman Glass Jewelry. Check out the collection today!


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