The Sassiest Sterling Silver Accessories to Rock This Season

The Sassiest Sterling Silver Accessories to Rock This Season

The Sassiest Sterling Silver Accessories to Rock This Season

If you are looking for the prettiest sterling silver jewelry to rock this season, then we've got the best picks lined up. Click here to find your new favorite!

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The right jewelry can make or break an outfit. Just take a look at any of your favorite style icons — they wouldn't be caught dead without fabulous accessories to complete their look.

If you're ready to upgrade your jewelry collection, it's time to look at silver accessories. Not only is silver flattering on everybody, but it's a timeless look that can be worn at any time of the year.

Wondering what sterling accessories you should be looking at? We've got you covered! Keep reading to know our picks for silver jewelry to rock this season. 

1. Silver Hoops

We'll be the first to say it: hoop earrings will never go out of style. They're like a great pair of jeans or an iconic white T-shirt. Hoop earrings have a fascinating history and have evolved to become one of the most universally adored accessories.

They're the perfect option if you're in a hurry and looking for a simple style boost. Although most people are familiar with golden hoops, it's time that silver hoops got some love too. This silver accessory combines the classic style of hoops with a modern twist. 

Hoop earrings can be worn with anything, they can make a simple outfit look more refined or they can take a bold outfit and balance it out. No matter how you wear them, you're sure to impress. 

2. Multi-Strand Necklace 

If you're on the hunt for a fun necklace, the multi-strand necklace is for you. These are exactly what you think they are: multiple necklaces all in one.

These are ideal if you want the appearance of wearing many delicate necklaces without the trouble of putting on and taking off so many necklaces.

Sterling silver multi-strand necklaces are perfect for an elegant occasion. They have a particular aura of luxury that will have people wondering, 'Where did you get that from?' Pair it with your favorite red dress or opulent maxi dress for a complete look that will have you ready for the ball.

3. Statement Rings

Unless they're for proposing, rings tend to be forgotten about. We believe that rings are the key to unlocking an outfit's full potential. You may not notice when people aren't using rings, but it's striking when someone has their hands adorned in these dazzling accessories. 

You can stick to a classic sterling silver ring or you can take it to the next level by finding your birthstone and looking for a silver band. Silver accessories don't need to stick to an antiquated design. You can find silver jewelry that is innovative yet sophisticated. 

Statement rings are a great way to add bold jewelry without overpowering the rest of the outfit. Think of interesting patterns, stones, and sizes that will take your hands from ordinary to extraordinary. Feel free to stack rings to curate a 'designer hand' or keep it simple with one or two rings.

4. Oval Earrings

Looking for a simple way to upgrade your wardrobe? Consider sterling silver oval earrings. As you can see, these are no ordinary oval earrings — you've got a stunning abalone in the front and detailed sterling on the back. 

This is what we mean when we say that timeless jewelry doesn't have to be boring! Oval earrings pair great with vintage outfits, so if you've been dying to wear your 50s dress or 80s blazer, now is the time. 

5. Stunning Anklet

We know, we know — anklets? Yes, the fashion accessory that was all the rage in the 90s. But, hear us out, we think anklets are making a comeback.

Of course, it isn't as huge as record players or mom jeans, but it's important to give anklets some credit. They're the perfect item to resurrect from nostalgic fashion. Not only do you provide the option to accessorize a less utilized part of the body, but some designs will genuinely complete a look.

Complete your summer outfit with a charm anklet, and be sure to wear some sandals so you can start influencing others to get in on this trend. 

6. Head-Turning Bracelets

Similar to anklets, bracelets don't seem to be the first thing you think of when someone mentions jewelry. All the love tends to be reserved for earrings and necklaces.

However, just like anklets or rings, bracelets are an underutilized way to express yourself through what you wear.

Just like these other sterling silver accessories, the right bracelet will give you a vintage essence that is hard to beat. Wear them on their own for a sophisticated look or stack them with other bracelets to give off an eccentric vibe. The best part of fashion is experimenting and discovering what you love, so shoot for the stars. 

7. Flower Pendant/Brooch

If we're talking vintage with a modern twist, we'd be remiss to forget about brooches.

While they may seem like something more appropriate for your grandmother, rest assured that you'll be making a great fashion statement if you consider adding these to your outfit. 

How do you wear a brooch? You can clip it to an old dress or add it to a denim jacket that needs some flair. Regardless of how you choose to accessorize, just know you'll stand out in a crowd (but in the best way).

Must-Have Sterling Silver Accessories

As the world of fashion evolves, so do the accessories. Keeping up with all the trends can be overwhelming and that's why it's important to create your own. If you love silver accessories, now is the time to start finding your new favorites to rock this season.

No matter what your style is, you can find silver accessories that will take an ordinary outfit and transform it into something that is completely you

Ready to find your next favorite accessory? Be sure to check out our new products!

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