The History of Gemstones: What is Moonstone?

The History of Gemstones: What is Moonstone?

The History of Minerals: What is Moonstone?

What is moonstone? Everyone knows that it makes beautiful jewelry, but these wonderful gemstones have an amazing history as well. Read here to learn about them!

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Minerals are some of the most amazing things on earth. While we've all seen a rock before, an impressive and luminous stone can truly change your life.

This makes it a shame that people think exclusively about diamonds. While the diamond is a lovely and fascinating jewel, there is so much more worth seeing in the jewelry world.

One of the most lovely minerals on the earth is moonstone. With a shimmering and cloudy face, it delivers awe and wonders with every glance. But what is Moonstone? And what do we know about it? Read on to find out.

What Is Moonstone?

Scientifically, the moonstone gem is a part of the feldspar mineral group. Interestingly enough, this is one of the most common groups out there. About 45 percent of the Earth's crust is made up of Feldspars.

One of the most interesting traits of moonstone is something called adularescence. Adularescence is what gives the gem its almost transparent and hypnotic effect.

It works because the moonstone gem exists in a variety of incredibly thin layers. When exposed to light, that light is scattered as it moves between each of these layers.

That gives moonstone gems a brilliant aura that they've become famous for. As a matter of fact, when somebody asks "what is moonstone?" the first thing they hear about is often the beautiful appearance of a cut version of the gem.

Moonstone is also one of the June birthstones, along with incredibly rare gems like alexandrite. It's also popularly given on a thirteenth wedding anniversary.

But regardless of where you were born and whether or not you have a thirteenth wedding anniversary coming up, moonstone is a beautiful gem on a ring or in a classy chain.

Where Is Moonstone Found?

After asking "what is moonstone?" many want to learn where it is found. The gem is found in a wide variety of places. But before you get your mineral detector, it is worth being aware that it's more cost-effective to buy a cut stone than pay to have it cut.

Moonstone can be found in some parts of the United States. That being said, this doesn't apply to everywhere you would expect. For instance, while it is the state gemstone of Florida, you will not find any natural deposits of it there.

This is because it became the Florida gemstone due to the state's associations with the moon landing. The vessel that landed on the moon took off from the Kennedy Space Center in the state.

If you want to find Moonstone in the United States, you still can. The gem is commonly located in beautiful and sunny New Mexico.

In addition to the United States, it can be found in a pretty wide number of world locations. These include Brazil, India, Germany, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Myanmar, Mexico, and Tanzania.

The History of Moonstone

The cool thing about gems is that their history is almost as old as the world itself. But presumably, the history we're looking at is not of moonstones but of the human interaction with them.

This too is fascinating and unique. Because as long as people have laid their eyes on it, they've been asking "what is Moonstone?" There is just something mystical and unique about the gem's appearance.

The name "moonstone" is part of what suggests this. We see this as something that is unique to our Earth, yet could not have come from it. Indeed, a number of cultures have seen moonstone as a gem that comes from another world.

There are Hindu myths about moonstone that teach of the gem as being solidified beans of "moonlight." Romans had similar beliefs about moonstone.

Roman and Greek cultures both associated the gem with gods. Because of the way polytheism operated in these cultures, there were specific gods of the moon.

In Rome, this was the goddess, Luna. In Greece, it was the goddesses Selene, Artemis, and Hectate.

Of course, talk about the gem has changed in recent years. After the end of polytheistic and pagan customs in the West, it became a fashion piece. It was incredibly popular among designers of the Art Noveau movement.

It also became an incredibly popular gem during the 1960s and 1990s New Age movements. But throughout history, people have recognized its beauty and mystique.

Legends of Moonstone

On top of the beliefs of Romans and Greeks, there are a number of unique beliefs about the gem. These ideas mostly focus on the healing properties of it. After years of asking "what is Moonstone?" it was only natural for people to ask what it does.

While they are interesting, you should not treat these as medically valid. While feeling better can improve your health, you should not make moonstone the entirety of your healing regimen.

Always consult with a doctor regarding medical decisions and a jeweler regarding accessory choices.

People see moonstone as able to promote inner clarity. In addition, some view it as helpful for fertility issues.

Some see the gem as able to drive away the nightmares of children in promoting a balanced psychological state.

Once again, there's nothing wrong with feeling good while in possession of a moonstone. But leave decisions about your mental health to a therapist and see this as a beautiful and supplementary item.

Moonstone Today

Today, Moonstone is an incredibly popular piece of Jewelry. Having undergone late-20th-century revivals as a fashion piece, it remains popular as something beautiful and unique.

It can be popular in a wide variety of jewelry settings, ranging from earrings to pendants.

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