Be Daring: 7 Tips for Mixing and Matching Earrings

Be Daring: 7 Tips for Mixing and Matching Earrings

Be Daring: 7 Tips for Mixing and Matching Earrings

Don't let your earrings be a fashion afterthought! Here are some tips for being creative and daring when mixing and matching your earrings.

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Earrings have been around just as long as people have had ears. Back then, they pierced ears with stones and plugs. Pirates even thought that earrings would protect them from the sea and help them with seasickness.

Thankfully, we no longer have to pierce our ears with stones and plugs anymore. Now, we have all sorts of earrings we can wear with anything. Sometimes, though, the amount of options we have makes it even harder to decide what to wear.

When you want to mix and match your earrings, it takes a little bit of boldness. Get started with your earring mixing, and you'll never want to wear boring earrings again.

Tips for Mixing and Matching Your Earrings

The science of color can be a difficult thing to grasp. When you're looking at your jewelry, you probably don't think as in-depth as considering the ways that color works. 

When in doubt, think of the color wheel. Complimentary colors always go great together. When you're mixing and matching your earring styles, you have a little more to think about than just color.

Which styles will work the best for you? What kind of look are you trying to go for? Thinking about these questions when you're mixing and matching your earrings will give you a direction to head in.

1. Have an Ear Party

One trending hashtag right now is #earparty. Yeah, like a party for your ears.

More than ever before, earrings don't belong just on your bottom lobe anymore. Multiple piercings are very much in style.

If you don't have multiple piercings, the ultimate daring thing to do is go out there and get them. You can get acquainted with the different cartilage piercings and see which ones tickle your fancy the most.

The tragus is a common piercing to get and doesn't draw too much attention to your ears if you're looking for an easy place to start. If you don't want to go for it and actually get a piercing, you can add an ear cuff to your look. You don't have to get your ear pierced to wear it, and it contributes to your entire ear party vibe.

2. Mismatch

When you think of your earrings, you might think you need to match perfectly on both sides. While this is traditionally the case, if you're looking to mix and match, you're here to break the rules.

A fun way to wear mismatched earrings on each side is to wear one stud on one ear and one drop earring on the other ear. The set can match, or you can just choose two similar-looking earrings. That way, you're playing with asymmetry.

Just make sure that whichever mismatched pair you choose isn't too mismatched. You want the earrings to complement each other and have at least one element in common. That way, it looks like you intentionally coordinated your mismatch instead of just waking up and accidentally putting in the wrong earrings.

3. Your Other Jewelry Should Be Simple

If you're going big and bold by mixing and matching your earrings, keep the other jewelry that you're wearing more toned down. You probably don't want to mix and match your bracelets and other jewelry as well, because it might make your entire outfit look cluttered.

Instead, keep it to one or two pieces of other jewelry that match the mixed earrings you're wearing. 

Pay attention to one element and let your other jewelry play that element up in your earrings. For example, if your earrings are green, then your necklace or bracelet can be green also. If they're geometrically shaped, keep on theme with that with your other pieces.

4. Don't Worry About the Hardware

Most earrings are going to come with either silver or gold hardware. That means the backings, edges, or other parts of the earrings. When you're going for one solid, cohesive look, you're probably not going to want to mix and match your hardware.

But since you are trying to mix it up, don't get too hung up on what color the hardware is. Putting gold and silver together can actually be a striking combo, even if it was one that you might have initially considered avoiding.

5. Just One Hoop

Because mismatched earrings are becoming such a trend, stores are actually selling earrings as singles. One ear is your statement ear, and the other ear is more simple.

A large hoop on one side perfectly nails this trend, which has actually been around since the '90s. Keep the hoop fairly thin, because if it's too chunky, you'll look very mismatched. A stud on the other ear will pull the look together, making sure that it matches well with the hoop.

6. Don't Lose Your Sense of Style

This trend is intended to make your ears into a statement piece, but not to make you do something that's not true to your own sense of style. If you think you're breaking a rule and you don't like it, don't break the rule.

But if a set of earrings is really calling your name and you like the way they look mismatched - go for it. 

7. Ear Chain

Another trend that plays off the mismatched style is the ear chain. It typically cuffs to a part of your ear, and then the other part is an earring you can attach to your ear as usual.

This way, you'll have a chain on your ear on one side and your normal earrings on the other side. It's a safe, fun way to play with the mismatched trend.

Mix and Match Your Style

When you've found a little bit of boldness from matching your earrings, you'll be able to apply that to the rest of your style as well.

Why stop at just earrings? With some confidence, you can mix and match and create outfits that you never thought of wearing before and land you all kinds of compliments. Let your mixinista out, and let your sense of style shine.

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