Amazing First Date Tips for Women

Amazing First Date Tips for Women

Amazing First Date Tips for Women

Your first date is very important as it marks the start of a special journey. Here are amazing first date ever tips for women.

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Did you know that the average woman will have two long-term relationships, have her heart broken twice, and kiss 15 men before meeting the one?

Dating is a nerve-racking and exciting experience, all rolled into one. The best thing you can do on a first date is to be yourself and look incredible. 

Do you have a date lined up that you want to prepare yourself for? Keep reading to find out the best tips for your first date ever and how you can impress your man.

7 First Date Tips for Women 

When it comes to first date tips, everybody thinks they have the answers. If you're nervous and have tried talking to your friends and family about it, you'll probably have received a ton of first date advice. But how do you know which advice to follow? 

1. Mentally Pump Yourself Up

First date nerves are natural, but the best thing you can do is mentally prepare and pump yourself up before the date. Some women choose to prepare by thinking of conversation topics or by doing more research on your date.

Calming your nerves is essential so put on some good tunes while you get ready or invite a friend to come round before the date and help you relax. You might even choose to meditate before the date, to help clear your mind. 

2. Dress to Impress

Dressing to impress on a first date is all about making them think "WOW!" but it's also about finding an outfit that you feel comfortable in. You could pick out a few outfits and try them on to see which one looks best. Or get a second opinion and ask your friends which outfit to wear for the date.

Remember that your outfit should be appropriate for the date and something that is a good representation of you. For example, if you're going on a dinner date opt for a classy dress, and if you're going on an adventure date wear a pair of jeans and a cute top. 

3. Accessorize to Show Your Personality

Unfortunately, dressing to impress is only half to battle. You also need to accessorize your outfit with gorgeous jewelry. If you're going on a dinner date, why not add a sparkly statement necklace? 

Not sure what jewelry to complement your outfit with or which jewelry is appropriate for which date? Don't worry, we've got you covered in this guide on the best first date jewelry. Just as your outfit will speak volumes about your personality, so will your accessories, so choose them carefully.

4. Give Them a Warm Greeting

Chances are that both you and your date are nervous at the beginning, so the best way to put everyone at ease is by giving him a warm greeting. Make sure you use eye contact and smile as you greet him.

It is suitable to say hello and give him a hug on a first date. Maybe even a kiss on the cheek, if you feel like it's appropriate.

Or if you don't feel comfortable hugging a stranger, you might choose to take them a little ice-breaker gift to show that you're excited to spend time with them. A bottle of wine is a great gift if you're going to his place for a dinner date. Alternatively, during your research on him, you might find that his favorite hobby is reading and buy him a book. 

5. Let the Conversation Flow

Even if you prepared all your questions before the date, it doesn't mean you need to ask them all. During the date, it's better to ask and respond to questions and let the conversation flow. Don't just fire out all your questions and forget to speak about yourself.

Find a natural flow in the conversation and just be yourself. If the first date goes well, you'll have plenty of time to ask each other anything you want to know. 

Make sure you provide answers and anecdotes that reflect you as a person. If you're more fun-loving and care-free, don't be afraid to let that show. 

6. Offer to Split the Bill

Women often feel that if a man offers to pay for the date it's a signal that he is attracted to her. But don't let this stop you from offering to split the bill of the date. Splitting the bill is a way to show each other that you're equal.

If he insists on paying the bill, you, of course, can thank him and offer to get the next one. This cheeky assumption can be fun for both you and him, it'll show that you want a second date, if that's what he wants too.

7. Ask About a Second Date

When the end of the night is nearing, the conversation has been flowing well, and you don't want it to end, ask about a second date if you haven't already. Men love a confident woman, so asking him for a second date is a sure-fire way to get one.

If you don't want to be so bold, why not hint at the suggestion of a second date? Such as offering to split the bill, or by saying how much fun you had. 

Say Goodbye to Awkward Silences and Failed Dates With Our Best First Date Ever Tips

Dating can be even scarier if you've never done it before, so if you're going on your first date ever and want to impress, follow our tips and advice. Even if you've been in the dating game before, first dates can still be scary, so make sure you always look and feel sexy and confident.

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