Adjustable Chains and 10 Other New Jewelry Trends to Watch out For

Adjustable Chains and 10 Other New Jewelry Trends to Watch out For

Adjustable Chains and 9 Other New Jewelry Trends to Watch out For

What are the new jewelry trends to look for in 2019? From adjustable chains to dainty layers, the options are as creative as you. Click here for the top 10 trends of today.

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Despite the overall dampening of the retail business, the appetite for jewelry is stronger than ever. It's hard to pin the exact reason for the rising interest in jewelry, but the fashion industry, in general, is as healthy as it can be. For the average fashionista out there, it's a great time to shine.

Fashion trends are super creative and diverse right now. New jewelry trends for 2018 are especially fun and resonate with lots of different personalities. If you're looking for a way to make your outfit pop, then there's a lot to work with.

If you need some help deciding which types of trendy jewelry to shop for we've made a list of all the hot styles. Set the trends yourself with our top 10 list!

1. Asymmetrical Baubles

At first glance, asymmetric baubles might look silly, not high-fashion, or possibly broken. In reality, asymmetrical baubles are some of the most interesting and glamorous necklaces out there. 2018 has been all about these necklaces.

We just saw these head-turners recently reappear on the fall 2018 runways. 2019 will certainly feature them heavily. If you don't think you can pull off an asymmetrical look, don't sweat it. All you need is one really creative piece that will go great against any solid backdrop.

Asymmetrical earrings with asymmetrical bauble necklaces are like TLC says: "Crazy, Sexy, Cool." And, do you want to know the key to pulling it off? Confidence. Seriously, just go with what looks good and play within the color wheel's pallets.

2. Bigger Earrings

Not only are asymmetrical earrings in this year, so are big, extravagant earrings. Celebs everywhere are rocking big hoops, for example. Those really took off during the 90s, but they seem to return every few years as hot items.

Chandelier earrings are also great choices for adding size to your ears. Tassels make for a great alternative if your ears hurt from too much swinging. Wearing these big, full earrings that take up lots of space work best with shoulderless tops.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. Rubbing and getting caught on fabrics
  2. Showcasing the earrings

Don't forget to use complementary textures when wearing big earrings. Your odd pairing of a beaded necklace with crystalline earrings will be even more obvious with larger pieces.

3. Clever Pearls

Yes, the infamous "mature woman" jewelry. You don't need to be over 40 to clutch pearls and rock pearl clutches. In fact, the reason why this trend is so hot is that younger women are in love with its age-defying qualities.

The pearlescent glow against any healthy skin tone is going to light up the room. Black Tahitian pearls and the iconic Akoyan Japanese white pearls are two that never go out of style. This year, though, we're seeing a lot more of the Pink Freshwater Pearls, which are a newer type of pearl.

If you want extravagant, though, go for the Golden South Sea Pearls. These rare beauties look almost like pieces of perfectly round gold. Expect to pay a pretty penny for these, but you'll definitely get a lot of mileage out of them. A good compromise would be solitary pearl earrings.

4. Layered Necklaces

This year's new jewelry trends lean more towards big, impactful pieces. Layered necklaces are great because you can determine how big you want to go. This trend is all about mixing necklaces for various necklines.

For example, you could start with a chocker, add a delicate chain with a small charm, finish with a longer chain with a locket. You could switch this up to where the chocker is lower profile, the middle chain is a thick serpentine, and long delicate chains follow.

This jewelry trend is so much fun to put together. Expect to be buying a lot more necklaces, charms, and pendants because of it.

5. Mixing Ring Fingers

Let's take another page out of the "wearing multiples of jewelry" catalog. This year we're seeing more celebrities with atypical ring combos. You don't have to be rich and famous to pull this look off, either.

Rather than filling up your fingers with gold and diamond rings, start incorporating more stones and rough gems. This is a look that can be really powerful. In fact, there is a lot written about different meanings behind each ring finger.

Not to get too serious about wearing rings, though, you can still look fun and cute with just a simple pinky ring to match your toe ring. Hey, you can have fun and still be classy.

6. Adjustable Chains

This timeless classic necklace is back (did it ever go out of style, really?). We love this style because of just how flexible it is. You can pair an adjustable chain necklace with evening dresses or fun summer beachwear. The trailing half of the adjustable chain going down the back of a backless top or bikini is a hot look.

Take, for example, this Italian sterling silver Milano piece. Something so elegant, yet simple and not too sophisticated for casual attire. Oh, and let's not forget that with adjustable chains, you can easily layer necklaces with only one chain. Talk about winning at the fashion game.

Pendants are a hot trend too right now. We love little lightweight pendants with multiple thin silver chains or the large pendant/chain combo.

7. Acrylic and Lucite

As we briefly mentioned earlier in the big earrings category, these materials are making waves in the fashion world. We're not talking that blatantly metal or plastic-looking jewelry, but high-end acrylic and lucite pieces. Those big lucite earrings that are trending go for hundreds, actually.

The metallic sheen of lucite is almost futuristic in some colors. As for the acrylic earrings we're seeing, it seems like subtle and darker colors are the way to go. Tread carefully when picking out very bright acrylics or you may look a bit cartoonish.

Lucites are basically great in any shade, but, ironically, celebrities are rocking the pastels and super bright metallics. The material does lend itself to be a more sophisticated look, of course. Whichever type you choose, you'll be stealing some looks on the streets.

8. Stone Earrings

These earrings seem to always be trending during the colder months. There's just something about seeing a beautiful raw or polished stone next to long hair and fabrics. This year the iconic Tiger's Eye and Jade stones are coming out to play.

There's a lot of opportunity for self-expression in stones. You could reach for the bright red carnelian stone for your energetic, passionate side. There are also a bit more obscure and uniquely beautiful stones out there. Consider these picks for custom-made earrings:

  • Pietersite
  • Moldavite
  • Botswanan Agate
  • Jasper
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Hematite
  • Labradorite
  • Mookaite

All of these stones can be found cheaply online or at stone wholesalers. Simply pick out a nice piece that you like, take it to a custom jeweler and ask, them to turn it into earrings. Ask them to keep the shape natural or oval, as perfectly sphere stone earrings like these kinda lose their charm.

9. Retro, Vintage Jewelry

Technically, vintage jewelry never went out of style, it just took a nap. Celebrities are constantly bringing back retro and vintage looks. There's a healthy fashion blog community dedicated to vintage styles. We can't say which specific era of vintage pieces is trending, but we do notice lots of classic jewelry pieces that most women have owned at one point.

These are statement pieces. Vintage looks must be the accent to an otherwise standard outfit. Big, bold brooches, pearl necklaces, women's leather belts with the big buckles, and big headbands that are fun to play with.

Try not to mix multiple eras in the same outfit. It's not because some fashion historian is going to point you out in a crowd. For the most part, different eras lean heavily on particular textures or materials, which can be hard to pair.

10. Anklets

We want to end this list on a very light-hearted and often sexy note. We don't know why anklets were cast away and forgotten at the beginning of the 2000s. Well, we do know that's how fashion works, but anklets deserve another chance.

Apparently, the fashion world agrees, and we're seeing so much more creativity this time. It's not just about the thin, dainty gold chains or bohemian styles relegated to festival or beachwear. Anklets can be worn with a variety of outfits and not look silly.

It's really nice to see the big gemstones and pendants accent dresses and pants, too. Remember to size your anklets appropriately, having them too loose or bunched up is not fun. Be careful wearing anklets when going out to the beach, the sand can literally steal it off you without you knowing it.

That also means that the beach is the biggest fan of Mariah Carey's "Heartbreaker," too.

Quick Jewelry Care Tips

As you're buying all this new jewelry, it's important to take care of them and keep them looking flawless. The last thing you want is for your new jewelry to expire before the year is over.

Here are a few simple tips to keep them looking new:

Clean Your Jewelry Before You Go

As you're getting ready to go out, you should take this time to clean your jewelry. Some people prefer to do it after they go out, but that's not always going to work. Coming home late, drunk, or both means cleaning is the last thing on your mind.

You don't need a lot of time to clean your jewelry. Start with a simple wipe with a microfiber cloth. This will get a lot of the surface oils, lotions, and perfumes off, which you don't want to mix with jewelry cleaner. After a good rub down, depending on the material, you'll want to soak or dampen your cloth to get any dirt off.

Don't start cleaning anything unless you know exactly what it's made out of and you've followed the appropriate directions for cleaning it.

Store Jewelry in a Dry, Cool Place

This is rule number one for preserving the life of your jewelry. As long as your jewelry stays clean and dry, you don't have to worry about tarnishing it. When metals aren't cared for and come in contact with moisture, they can corrode and oxidize. Gold-plated jewelry can even chip if not cared for.

When metal jewelry oxidizes, it can start leaving residue on your skin. That ugly green ring is the tell-tale sign of jewelry that needs to be cleaned. Also, overexposure to extreme heat can damage your jewelry and might lead to permanent color changes. Unless you're going for that patina look, it's best to never leave jewelry in your car.

Finally, besides the convenience of knowing where all your new jewelry is located, take time organizing your jewelry. Tangled up necklaces is not fun and it could potentially pop beads, pearls, or charms off. Don't hang beaded necklaces up, instead lay them flat.

Hanging up big necklaces can put stress on the threading or chains over time, leading to messy breaks. Pearls, in particular, are often strung on delicate, soft, silk threads so always lay these flat in a case with padded, soft interiors.

Shop New Jewelry Trends

Did this list inspire you to go out and update your jewelry collection? There's still plenty of days left in the year to put on a fashion show for everyone around you. Don't be afraid to try something new in your wardrobe. Pair one of these new jewelry trends with something you don't wear often.

You feel like a new person just trying on new jewelry, especially if it's something outside your normal range. Buying new jewelry doesn't need to be an expensive experience, either. We have plenty of hot pieces that are affordable.

If you're looking for the best deals on jewelry, take a look at our clearance section. You'll find timeless jewelry pieces as well as trending items on sale. Check back at our shop every day, we reward our shopaholics with the best discounts on unexpected big-ticket items all the time.

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