A Buying Guide For Amber Pendants

A Buying Guide For Amber Pendants

A Buying Guide For Amber Pendants

Amber is a unique stone that can be used in a variety of jewelry styles. Here's your guide to buying amber pendants and why you definitely need one (or several).

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Pendants are a timeless accessory, representing family, tradition, spirit, wealth, and style. When most people think of a pendant, it's usually the most expensive gemstones or family heirlooms. Amber pendants, however, capture the best of both worlds.

Amber is made from simple tree resin, fossilized over time, trapping any impurities (or fossils) with it. The brilliant golden color is so iconic that the name is synonymous with energy and life. Amber is highly sought after by crystal and stone enthusiasts, as well as jewelry collectors. 

If you're interested in learning more about amber and jewelry made from it, keep reading. Here is everything you need to know!

The Allure of Amber

There is no denying the eye-catching qualities of amber. It's the way it captures light and diffuses it in a warm glow. Amber's relationship with ancient history also adds to its allure.

The natural and raw properties of amber appeals to environmentalists as well as spiritualists. Amber pendants are worn by all walks of life who are looking for guidance and energy support. For example, these are some of the metaphysical properties, according to experts:

  • Wisdom
  • Protection
  • Healing
  • Cleansing
  • Manifestation of Ideas
  • Confidence
  • Creativity

Talk to divination and metaphysical experts if you want to learn more about how amber pendants can bring balance to your life.

Amber Colors and Imperfections

The beauty of amber is not limited to yellows, oranges, and reds. This brilliant stone comes in rare and common forms. There are likewise normal golden examples and engineered pieces which are made to appear golden.

There are some unique ways for deciding the distinction between real examples and phony synthetics. Some amber pendants, for example, those with substantial clarity or distinctive markings, are exceptionally prized and can bring high costs, yet other examples with an alluring appearance and configuration might be appropriate for those on a lower spending who wish to own amber for common spiritual usage.

On top of clarity, there is an assortment of shades, extending from almost white to an exceptionally dim dark opaque. Albeit greatly uncommon, there are additionally blue, green, and cherry red examples. Be that as it may, these are exceptionally costly and elusive. Sunburst golden has little, sporadic brilliant sparkling spots ordinarily alluded to as "sun spots". See more examples in this article.


Anything that is trapped in amber as it is leaking from a tree is trapped forever. Unlike other materials, amber does not destroy any foreign objects stuck in its presence. Anyone who has seen the blockbuster movie Jurassic Park will be familiar with how great amber is for preserving specimens.

Inclusions don't always increase the value of an amber pendant, but if it is in the form of a complete insect or flower, they can be very expensive. Mosquitoes are the most common inclusion, followed by beetles, small flowers, and bacteria. Always be cautious when shopping for amber pendants with inclusions, as these are the most targeted by the synthetic market. 

Popular Amber Jewelry

Amber pendants aren't the only popular way to showcase this amazing piece of Earth. Common amber pieces are often incorporated into elaborate settings. Rings, brooches, earrings, bracelets, and even chokers are perfect complements for amber. Because their normally oblong and organic shape, amber stands out among all other gemstones.

For more examples of stunning amber jewelry, take a look here.

Finished and Unfinished Amber

There are two primary types of amber that you will come across, outside of the numerous inclusions and colors to choose from. Finished amber will be any pieces of amber that have been polished, modified, or shaped to resemble a gemstone. Finished amber jewelry will often incorporate small pieces to compliment bigger stones, as amber is really easy to carve.

Finished amber will generally have a better and more impressive clarity over unfinished pieces. The raw, unfinished amber is prized for its character and fossilized nature. Unfinished amber is very popular among divination practices because of its natural brilliance.

"Genuine" Amber

If you ever see amber labeled "genuine", this isn't referring to the authenticity necessarily. Genuine amber is made by melting lots of amber chips together to produce a larger piece. These pieces can become a beautiful, radiating chunk of amber that would otherwise be difficult to find in the wild.

You may see this sub-type of amber on large pendants or decorative display pieces that would otherwise not exist in the wild.

How to Separate the Real from Fake

Fake amber is, unfortunately, a problem among collectors and auctioneers. This scam is most commonly seen among large amber pieces. Amber that is larger than a silver dollar is extremely hard to find.

If you're looking for amber with inclusions, this is also a big target among counterfeiters. Any amber specimens with insects in them should be verified by the correct species. Sunburst amber should look imperfect, irregular, and vary in the brightness of spotting.

Fake inclusions and sunbursts will have even spacing and alignments that look almost too good to be true (that's because it is). If you want a shortcut to use for all amber pieces you come across, especially for higher value items, there is a simple test. If you drop real amber in salt water, it will float, while fake amber will always sink.

Buying Amber Pendants

Now that you know more about amber, it's time to go shopping! Since amber is such a popular and common item, it can be overwhelming to have such a large number of choices at your disposal. There are numerous rock stores, crystal shops, and spiritual stores in every city, not mention thousands of online dealers.

That's why it is important to shop with jewelry dealers that you can trust. Take a look at our offerings and see what people are raving about right now. While you're there, make sure you check out our clearance section to save big on our most popular items.

If you want luxury, affordability, and exclusive items like rare amber pieces, you have to shop Roma!

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